How to Pack for Your Trip as a Minimalist

Your vacation or trip day is drawing near, and you still haven’t figured out how or what to pack for the days you’ll be leaving. Travellers and tourists love traveling light, but the only challenge is what essential things to pack. Packing light is a great way to ditch clutter and free up your luggage space as much as possible.

Packing your bag and suitcase is the best time to separate your needs from your wants. Minimalism is not only a style but also a way of being and making the most out of the little you have. Learn about the various minimalist tips you can apply to make packing less stressful and your trip more enjoyable:

1. Make a minimalist packing list

In most cases, what causes one to overpack is when they’re uncertain of what they’ll need and use. So, before packing for your trip, list what you’ll need and narrow it down to the most essential ones. Then, check out the list during packing to ensure you don’t forget anything.

You can keep the list on your phone’s notepad app or in minimalist wallets to avoid it becoming misplaced. Going through your list will familiarize you with minimalist packing. Having a list also reduces decision fatigue and packing stress.

2. Carry a backpack for personal items

Since the suitcase is mostly used to pack your clothes, you can use your backpack to pack your personal effects. Instead of using a duffel bag, messenger bag, or purse, pack all the personal items and three essential shoes in a backpack and place them in the plane’s luggage compartment. Examples of items you can carry in your backpack include toiletries, plus electronics such as a charger, camera, power bank, and phone.

If you’re not traveling by plane then you can carry things like an edc knife, scissors, or other items that would be classed as dangerous. 

Having these items in your backpack makes it easy to access them anytime and reduces your suitcase’s weight and space. 

3. Choose a minimalist luggage bag

Once you have listed everything, choose the right travel bag for your minimalist packing. Whether you’re using a suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag, here are four factors that make your luggage the right one for your trip:

  • Size: The larger the size, the more complex your packing will become. Consider choosing a small bag or luggage you’re comfortable carrying on your trip.
  • Weight: The overall weight of your luggage should be your main concern when choosing the right bag. An overweight suitcase may be difficult to carry and tire you when traveling. However, a lightweight bag requires less effort to carry around and is convenient for your trips. 
  • Organisation: Get a suitcase or luggage with many built-in pockets to save packing time and space. Organised luggage reduces stress from searching and unpacking every item to find something and allows you to pack fewer items required for the trip.
  • Manoeuvrable: A suitable suitcase or bag should be easy to maneuver wherever you go, whether at the airport or a bus station. It’s, therefore, suitable to use a suitcase with 360 spinner wheels to glide effortlessly.

An example of a suitable packing bag is the packing cubes that can be used to manage packing. They’re great for saving space and are lightweight, making your traveling experience more comfortable and enjoyable. In addition, by creating more space, you can pack other items you need while being a minimalist. 

4. Fold your clothes correctly

Clothes and shoes are the main priority when packing for your trip, and the ones that take up more space in a suitcase. Folding your clothes as though you’re putting them in your wardrobe uses a lot of suitcase space. Squeezing them in your suitcase is also not an ideal way to pack them for your trip, as they’ll get wrinkled and become unwearable. 

The best way to save space is by rolling, then packing your clothes. It keeps your clothes wrinkle-free and also prevents the misplacement of items. You can also pack your shoes, travel journal, and accessories with the available space. The goal is to pack light and with fewer items which can fit in the suitcase and luggage.

5. Choose neutral and light clothes

You’ll need to plan your outfits ahead of time to prevent last-minute rushes and overpacking. Packing many clothes would be a huge disappointment, only to realise that nothing goes together or doesn’t fit. Therefore, you must choose travel outfits as a complete set and not individually, especially if there’s a special event you’ll be attending.

When laying out the outfits you want to pack, choose neutral-coloured ones that go together with other outfits. Packing clothes with light fabrics is better than packing heavy ones as it reduces luggage weight and can be dressed in multiple layers. If necessary, you can wear heavy clothes on the travel day for comfort and minimise your luggage space and packed clothing.

How to pack for your trip as a minimalist

Packing for a trip, whether on a train, cruise, or plane can be tedious and stressful, especially if you haven’t prepared early enough. Being a minimalist packer involves packing early, listing the essential items, and using a lightweight bag to carry all your things. Maximising the minimal items you’ve packed makes your trip enjoyable and stress-free.

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