How to Look After Your Sunburn, Step by Step

Us Brits have a terrible reputation for getting sunburn on holiday. And this year the weather’s been so good here we haven’t actually even needed to leave the country to get out in the sun. However this is not ideal for our skin…

Either of these scenarios sound familiar?

First day of your hols: You want to make the most of the sun and get out immediately as soon as you arrive on holiday. Might’ve been a bit slap dash with the sun cream (if you put it on at all). Turns out the early morning flight and exhaustion of travel means you fall asleep under the soft lull of the sun. Aaaand you wake up with sunburn.


Last day of the trip: You want to maximise your holiday as much as possible, by sitting out in the sun. You have been out every day this week, so think lowering the SPF might be okay. An hour later you realise you have been caught out in the sun. Aaaand you’re sunburned.

– Post sponsored by Soleve Sunburn Relief

Soleve Sun Burn

No one sets out to get sunburnt, so ensure you follow good suncare advice so you can enjoy your holiday. Apply a high SPF sun cream regularly throughout the day, avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm and make sure you cover up if you are in the sun.

However, if you do get caught out, follow this 5-step simple plan after you have been out in the sunshine:

1. Cool off in the shower

Chlorine from swimming pools and salt water from the sea can magnify the sun’s rays and dehydrate skin. A cool shower after exposure to water and sun will help cool down the skin and wash off the sand and salt for the next step.

2. Stay hydrated

Sun burn

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water, so of course it’s vital to keep hydrated. The sun’s rays have a drying effect and the heat will cause sweating, causing you to lose even more water than usual. Keep yourself topped up with ice cold water to not only stay refreshed and hydrated in yourself, but in your skin too.

3. Moisturise

Apply an after-sun lotion or moisturising cream to help lock in layers of moisture into your skin after a drying day in the sun. If you have a minibar in your hotel room, or fridge in your holiday villa, try keeping your after-sun in there for a cooling, refreshing sensation when applying.

4. Avoid excessive exfoliating

If you missed a spot with the sun cream, some areas of your body may peel in time. However, tempting it may be, it’s important to let the skin peel naturally, and avoid body scrubs or exfoliation mitts that might aggravate the areas and cause soreness.

5. Have a backup plan in case of sunburn

Even if you follow careful sun care advice, wearing plenty of sunscreen and avoiding the sun at peak times, sunburn can still happen. Buy some Soleve Sunburn Relief in prep, and keep it in your travel first aid kit – just in case you do get sunburnt.

“Soleve is a unique combination of pain relieving ibuprofen, which takes the sting from mild to moderate sun burnt skin, and the soothing and rehydrating emollient isopropyl myristate to help lock in moisture, reduce skin tightness and minimise any further irritation from clothing. This easy-to-apply, silky smooth lotion should be used at the first sign of sunburn.”

– Soleve Sunburn Relief,

How to look after your sunburn

Obviously, the first step to looking after your sunburn is to not get it in the first place. Sunburn is really bad for your skin, really bad. Use well-accredited sun cream all over before you go out in the sun, and reapply regularly. I use Ultrasun, they’ve got a 30SPF sun cream with tan enhancer in – ticks every box.

Exposure to the sun’s rays can leave your skin feeling dry, lacklustre and most worryingly, damaged. Not a good look. Use protection to ensure your exposed skin can remain as hydrated, soft and healthy as possible, and keep your back up plan in your first aid kit.

Look after sun burn

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