Unique Places to Stay in Vietnam

There are some really cool and unique places to stay in Vietnam. Both times I’ve been I was on a super budget and so stayed in hostels and budget hotels, but next time, I’ll be splashing the cash (less than you think though!) and checking out some of the quirkier and more interesting accommodation in Vietnam.

I’ve been doing some research into cool hotels in Vietnam, from Halong Bay down to the island of Phu Quoc and everywhere in between.

It’s no secret that I love Vietnam, I’ve got loads of help and advice for Vietnam on my blog to help you plan your trip, but so far, I’ve never really looked at Vietnam accommodation – one of the most important things!

So here goes, a few cool ideas for where to stay in Vietnam for you.

1. Eco Lodges in Vietnam

Hammock in Phu Quoc

The eco lodges in Vietnam look amazing.

I’ve selected the best eco lodges in Vietnam for a post I wrote for the Expedia Hotel Edit. Take a look. My favourite of the lot though, just because I went when I was in Phu Quoc, is the Mango Bay Resort.

I went to visit for a drink at the bar and loved what I saw. Beautiful looking rooms, a really incredible setting right on the beach and a well stocked bar with comfy sofas. My friends even stayed here for their honeymoon.

Unique places to stay Vietnam

Having looked at a few other eco lodges in Vietnam, and checking out the reviews, it’s clear to see that the Vietnamese ones are some of the best priced and most impressively located anywhere in the world.

best eco lodges in vietnam

You can expect the world-renowned Asian service as standard, as well as huge rooms,  classy design and of course, being Vietnam, incredible food options in the on-site restaurants.

unique places to stay in vietnam
Unique places to stay in Vietnam

– Topas Eco Lodge

Make sure you look at the top 5 eco lodges on Expedia as researched, chosen and occasionally sampled by me.

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2. Vietnam Homestays

Home stays are a great option if you’re looking for a unique place to stay in Vietnam. It’s a popular thing to do in Mai Chau, which is where I did it, but you can also look in Hanoi, Hoi An and Da Nang too. 

Unique places to stay in Vietnam

– An Bang Homestay in Hoi An

Basically, you’ll be in part of someone’s home. Sometimes the lounge, occasionally a bedroom, but when I stayed we were in a raised wooden hut outside. We actually slept on mattresses on the floor, surrounded by mosquito nets – honestly it was better than it sounds. Also, they’ll make you a traditional home cooked dinner, and breakfast too. 

My lasting memory of my homestay in Vietnam was waking up to the sounds of the farmers outside, after a very comfortable night’s sleep.

Unique places to stay Vietnam

– Little View Homestay

It’s easy to choose the level of comfort you need when booking your Vietnam homestay, but trust me, going out of your comfort zone for just one night will be an interesting experience!

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More unique places to stay in Vietnam

How about looking at Vietnam’s VRBOs? 

VRBO has some great properties in Vietnam, from Vietnamese homes, to super plush villas, take a look at the VRBOs in Vietnam here. 

3. Vietnam’s super fancy hotels

Visiting Vietnam is the perfect opportunity to try a hotel or two normally out of your price range. The prices are decent here and with the exchange rate you’re a millionaire with around £45.

So act like one!

unique places to stay in Saigon

– The Reverie, Saigon

The Reverie Saigon is Vietnam’s only 6-star city hotel, located in Ho Chi Minh City. With lush design, and a kinda OTT entrance it’ll be a real treat to stay here. There are 286 rooms, all with super deep bath tubs, and you’ll only be a few steps away from the excitement of the centre of the city. 

Definitely one for the Instagram.

Inside the Saigon Reverie

– The Reverie, Saigon

Look out for the VinPearl, InterContinental and Sofitel chains in all the big cities too. You’re guaranteed a luxury experience in any of them. 

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4. Boat hotels in Vietnam

Unique places to stay Vietnam

– Emeraude Junk Boat, Halong Bay

One of the most iconic things to do in Vietnam is to stay on a boat hotel in Halong Bay. Thanks to the limestone mountains on the skyline it’s one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the world, in my opinion.

– Emeraude Junk Boat, Halong Bay

Also, sleeping on a Junk Boat (as they’re called) guarantees a good night’s sleep – thanks to the gentle lapping of the water. Check out the boat hotels on Expedia for more info. 

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5. Beach hotels in Vietnam

unique places to stay in Vietnam

– Vin Pearl in Nha Trang

Vietnam has some really beautiful beaches you just need to explore. My personal favourite is Oo Lang Beach on Phu Quoc, but you should also check out the hotels in Nha Trang and around Mui Ne – the surfer’s beach.

unique places to stay vietnam

– Hoi An Beach Resort

Just a little outside of the beautiful town of Hoi An you’ll find some amazing stretches of beach, and beautiful beachfront hotels too. Take a look at the beach hotels of Vietnam on Expedia to see the full collection. I mean, just imagine yourself lying on those loungers above – lush!

Have you ever stayed anywhere amazingly unique in Vietnam?
Let me know below! 


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