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50+ Positive Affirmations for Self Love

If you need some positive affirmations for self love in your life, then read on. These self love affirmations will help you give your body and mind the love, respect and credit they deserve.

self love affirmations

Daily affirmations for self love are a great idea if you’re suffering from low self love right now. It can be hard to love your body and mind, especially recently with the world being turned upside down for many of us.

You need to acknowledge that your body and mind are your body and mind for life. Yes, we can change them slightly, and we’re always growing, but to love yourself right now, in this moment, is one of the most soul cleansing things you can do. Love yourself, and you will find the rest of your life will be easier.

But, I know it’s hard. I’ve struggled too.

It’s been said that loving yourself is one of the greatest acts of rebellion you can commit right now, and I want to help you rebel. I want to help you find your self love, encourage you to practice it, and to encourage it to travel and show up in every aspect on your life.

self love mantras

These affirmations for self love and healing are a great way to get started on your path to self love.

Many of us have spent years talking down to ourselves, believing any negativity we’ve let in, and most often, that we’ve directed at ourselves. We can’t keep going on like this, and it’s time to undo the negative thinking about ourselves.

Start practising these morning affirmations of self love regularly, and I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the results. You WILL feel better.

These are the best affirmations for self love you’ll find.

What is an affirmation for self love?

Repeating self love affirmations will give you the motivation and confidence to give your body and mind the love it deserves. The more you speak your wanted reality, the better the likelihood it will come true. Affirmations are backed by science and positive psychology, and only take a few minutes a day to practice.

An affirmation for self love is a positive statement that will help you to override your negative thoughts and feelings. Self love affirmations will reinforce positive thoughts and energy, and make for a great way to start the day. Affirmations for loving yourself will help you to actually love yourself, guaranteed!

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50+ Daily Affirmations for Self Love

Choose your favourites out of these powerful affirmations of self love, and say them to yourself every day. Ideally, in the mirror – making eye contact with yourself. You need to believe!

self love affirmations

1. I am ready for a new relationship with myself. 

2. I love and appreciate myself just as I am. 

3. I am always and forever ready for the life I know I deserve. 

4. I deserve to be peaceful and joyous. 

5. I deserve to feel beautiful. 

6. I deserve to acknowledge the beauty in me. 

7. I am ready to acknowledge the value of my creations, thoughts and knowledge. 

8. I deserve to be fulfilled. 

9. I deserve whatever I desire and my desires come to me naturally. 

10. I am a part of the magic that this Universe is. 

11. I am magic. Everything I need is already within me. 

12. I feel the unconditional love I have for myself move through every cell of my being.

13. I have complete and unconditional love for myself and others around me.

14. I am worthy of being loved and I am always enough. 

15. I am whole and complete. I am abundant and happy. 

16. It is safe for me to be just who I am. 

17. I am full of life and light. 

18. I have kindness, comfort and compassion within me. 

19. I have health, wealth and wisdom within me. 

20. I deserve the best, and I accept the best now. 

affirmations self love

21. I allow the most beautiful experiences to light up my life. 

22. I attract beautiful people and fantastic opportunities. 

23. I deserve all that is good and beautiful. 

24. I surround myself with people who bring out the best in me. 

25. I am open to the change that I know is for my highest good. 

26. I give and receive love freely. 

27. I have a beautiful mind, body and soul connection. 

28. I am so grateful for who I am and the life I live. 

29. I am worthy of love and prosperity. 

30. I love and appreciate my body, my senses and my mind.

31. I am grateful for all that my soul has guided me towards. 

32. I love and appreciate my self-expression. 

33. I am grateful for my ability to understand and forgive. 

34. I am constantly learning new things and letting go of what does not serve me anymore.

35. I am in tune with my emotions. They are always valid and always welcome into my life. 

36. I have complete understanding and compassion for my emotional being. 

37. I let go of all my limiting beliefs. 

38. I am limitless, and I can sense the excitement in me for my future. 

39. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey that this life is. 

40. Loving myself is easy. 

how to love yourself

41. I love the person I am becoming. 

42. I love the person I see in the mirror. I love the person I am. 

43. I deserve to be loved by myself and others around me. 

44. I am as unconditional with my love for myself, as the Universe and Nature are towards me. 

45. I am important and I am worthy. I am one of a kind, with unique talents to offer. 

46. I am here doing amazing things. 

47. I believe in my abilities and creative wisdom. 

48. I believe in my intuitive self. 

49. I am here to honor my life path. I am grateful to be alive. 

50. I am secure and safe. 

51. I forgive myself for all past times in which I did not fully love myself. 

52. I forgive and let go of the past with kindness. 

53. I am present in this moment. 

54. I now respect, love and accept myself wholly. 

55. This is my time to shine. It is always my time to shine.

self love affirmation

The best powerful affirmations for self love

How do you feel after reading each of those positive affirmations for self love carefully?

Pretty powerful stuff, hey?

The power of affirmations is hard to argue with.

If you have the right mindset in life, for what you’re about to face, it can help no end.

Have patience with yourself with these positive self love affirmations – it may take a while to undo all the negative messaging you’ve been bombarded with about your worthiness, and your right to self love, but now it’s up to you to practice and make self love a part of your life.

I hope you’ve managed to find a self love affirmation or two that’s resonated for you. Write it down, and keep it somewhere you can see it, and take it in. Start to repeat it – and enjoy the results!

how to practice self love

How to use these self love affirmations

studyTrusted Source says that self love affirmations work because of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change and adapt throughout life. So let’s take a look at the best way to make these positive affirmations for self love part of your psyche.

– Identify the source of your main issue with self love, and which feelings you want to eradicate. Is it related to what you’ve been told in the past, how you look, your actions, or other people’s feelings that have been projected onto you? Write this down.

– Use the list of powerful affirmations for self love as inspiration – read through and pick out the ones that resonate with your worry the most. You must truly believe, or want to believe, the statement.

– Choose your favourite two or three self love affirmations, and write them down. You can use the notes on your phone, or physically write them down on a piece of paper.

– Now you need to make a habit of practising these self love affirmations every day. You should take a few minutes, every day (maybe after brushing your teeth) to say them out loud in front of the mirror.

– Keep going until it becomes second nature. The more you recite and repeat them to yourself each day, the more you will believe them.

It’s easy to see how repetition works – just look at the many negative statements people tell themselves all the time, and how they start to believe them. Now flip that around!