My SIMBA Hybrid Mattress Review

Choosing a mattress is difficult, but with a 200-night no quibble refund promise, the SIMBA Hybrid Pro Mattress is a great option – here’s why…

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After 7 years with our cheapo IKEA mattress, we were ready for a change. But which, of the many mattresses out there, would we change to?

There’s a lot of talk of the tech behind mattresses, but, what does it all mean, and all I really want to know is, will I get a better sleep?

I mean: 

  • How do you know it’s comfy?
  • How do you know it’s the right one for you? 
  • How do you know it’s comfy in a week / month / year?

Lying on a mattress for 10 minutes in a show room isn’t going to give enough of an idea I’m afraid. 

SIMBA, offer 200 nights exchange on their mattresses. Now that’s a good testing period don’t you think? 

We recently swapped our IKEA mattress for a luxury SIMBA Hybrid Mattress. It’s been over a month now – so, time for the review. 

SIMBA Hybrid Pro Mattress Review

My honest review of the SIMBA mattress, after a month of sleeping on it.

should you buy a SIMBA mattress

Our mattress before SIMBA

We had an IKEA mattress, with a double winter mattress protector over the top. It used to annoy me as it wasn’t quite big enough for our super king bed, so one of us was always sleeping on the ridge. No more! 

The SIMBA mattress feels lighter, comfier, even (weirdly) bigger than before. So that’s the review, in short.

In long…

My partner, Ben, is mega fussy about his sleeping environment. Can’t even tell you how many pillows he’s gone through since I’ve known him. He’s been known to spend £100+ on them. I enjoy his off cuts. 

Let’s see what he thinks of his new mattress… 

“I’m a side sleeper, and the memory foam on this mattress makes it so much easier to relax and then fall asleep. I’ve had some great sleeps since we got the mattress – would recommend!”

First night with the SIMBA mattress

The mattress arrives all rolled up and tightly bound in plastic. Let it out and those air pockets fill up allowing it to spring into action. My boyfriend did it by himself (what about the photos BEN!?) but at least that showed that one person can do it alone. He said it was easy to shoe horn out of the box. 

Big negative though

The mattress smelt so chemically, it gave me a headache. It took a week to go, and that was a week of taking the sheets off in the day and an open window. I washed the sheets the first two days too. 

Although, Ben couldn’t even smell it. 

I read online that some people suggest laying it down in a garage or similar to air, but we don’t have that luxury in our little terrace. I mean, I’m over it now, but it really did smell that first week.

Second week with the SIMBA mattress

Despite that stinky, stinky first introduction, I still liked it. It felt lighter and airier than our other mattress. What I imagine lying on a well sprung cloud would be like. 

I was going to sleep fast, and staying asleep too. I’m such a light sleeper these days (toddler!) that I need all the help and comfort I can get.

on the bed SIMBA

We went for a superking medium-firm mattress. 

SIMBA says they’re created using the data and feedback from more than 10 million sleepers – a pretty good pool of testers you’d think! 

The spiel and the science 

SIMBA mattresses combine body-contouring memory foam with a supportive layer of up to 2,500 conical pocket springs.

There are five layers in total: 

  1. A zip off hypoallergenic cover to help control temperature (washable). 
  2. A 2.5cm responsive ‘airflow comfort layer’ of open cell, cooling Simbatex foam. This, again, is to tackle overheating, while also boosting comfort. 
  3. Then, a 25mm layer of Simba’s patented cone-shaped springs. These springs offer support for weight distribution, to relieve any pressure points.
  4. Next, a 4.5cm reflex support layer of foam. 
  5. Then a 16cm high-density foam base with zoned support.

You can’t feel the springs by the way, thanks to the amount of them pushed together so tightly. 

I’ve read reviews saying that SIMBA mattresses are better for side and back sleepers, but I’m a front sleeper and have found the last month of sleep to be very comfortable.

Random plus point

SIMBA mattress review

My toddler son played with the SIMBA mattress box for about two weeks after delivery. He made a slide off the sofa, a tunnel in the lounge, which then turned into a music studio with his torch and keyboard, and drew all over it with felt tips.

He played with that box more than some of the expensive toys he’s had!

Maybe I should think about getting him a Simba single mattress, ready for his upcoming cot to bed transition!

Motion transfer 

Anyway, enough on the box, back to the mattress.

SIMBA say that their mattresses help to reduce motion transfer, so you can’t feel the other person moving about quite so much. Not sure Ben would agree with that one TBH – I’m a bit of a wriggler.

SIMBA have an official B Corp™ accreditation to prove their dedication to sustainability. All Simba mattresses are made in the UK in zero-waste factories using recyclable materials. They also offer an add on service to come and pick up your old mattress and dispose and recycle it.

SIMBA mattress review

Sleep has never been so important to me, with a toddler, two businesses, a busy social life and all those Whatsapp groups to keep up with. I need good value, deep, proper sleep, ideally as soon as my head hits the pillow.

simba mattress review

Thinking back over the last month, my sleep has definitely been better. Still got those early mornings with my toddler alarm clock shouting ‘mummyyyyy’ down the hallway, but while I’m actually in bed, my brain has shut off.

It’s definitely the comfiest mattress I’ve had – I guess that would be because I’ve always had ones that came with the bedroom before – in rentals, and travelling the world. Which now I feel kinda gross about actually!

This is the most premium mattress I’ve owned, by far.

I’m really enjoying the temperature-controlling Simbatek foam. It’s designed to absorb body heat and allow for better airflow, controlling your temperature so you don’t get too hot or cold. I’m definitely feeling that compared to the old mattress and mattress protectors, where I’d quickly get too hot at night.

Should you invest in a SIMBA mattress?

If you’re ready to buy a new mattress, read the reviews of the SIMBA mattress, and the Trust Pilot, and you’ll see that it’s a good investment. I’m really happy with the ease of setting up, and the comfort of our SIMBA hybrid. Once that smelly first week was over, I’ve really noticed better, deeper sleeps.

It’s a yes from me!

GIFTED: I was sent the SIMBA mattress in return for my thoughts and experience in this review.

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