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The Sky Bar at Sziget Festival

One of the coolest things at Sziget, and something I’d never seen before at a festival, was the Sky Bar. It was like a big arcade claw that lifted the whole bar 50 metres into the air over the festival site and giving a great view of the main stage.

Sziget Sky Bar

I was lucky enough to be up there when Outkast were doing their closing songs. We touched down just as they finished. Sweet.

What happens at the Sky Bar?

Glad you asked. Be a pretty short blog post if I didn’t start talking to myself, wouldn’t it.

We were given a number when we paid and as soon as we were good to go we had to go and find the corresponding seat.

We queued for about 30 minutes until we were the front of the next one to go. It was 2,500 HUF (£6.32) and for that price you got a cocktail once you were up in the sky too.

Once you’re sat down the bar staff will come and buckle you in securely. The barman will mix up your cocktail of choice from the list of six and you’re ready to go. Slowly the whole bar starts to lift into the sky. You suddenly realise it’s a lot higher than it looks. It’s getting colder, the air is clearer and suddenly you can see across the whole festival ground. Amazing!

Sziget Sky Bar

The chairs are spinny so if you’re brave, like me, you can turn and have a look around the view. If you’re a weed, like my friend, you can sit there still and hold onto the bar as if your life depended on it. You’re up in the sky for about ten minutes.

As soon as you start feeling comfortable it’s time to come down again and the bar will gradually come back down to earth.

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Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

They're doing a similar thing in London at the moment but with celebrity chef meals in the air. It's a little expensive for me unfortunately but look so, so much fun! x