13 Best Souvenirs from Spain to Remember Your Trip By

It’s one of the most popular destinations for us Brits, but not everyone knows all the amazing things to buy in Spain. So, my list of souvenirs from Spain will ensure you take a piece of this beautiful country back home.

What Spanish souvenirs to buy?

Spain is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations with many different regions each with their own histories and cultures. Therefore there are a plethora of souvenir options available to you to take home with you to remind you of your travels.

Whether you want to capture the drama of flamenco, celebrate the architecture of Antoni Gaudi, or take home some (if not all!) of the multiple food and drink delights Spain has to offer.

To help you make your mind up I’ve put together a list of the best souvenirs from Spain for you to peruse and decide which memento you want to have in your life!

13 top souvenirs from Spain to buy

These are easy to find, easy to pack and easy to enjoy back home, so make sure you make time on your trip to shop for these Spanish souvenirs.

1. Spanish tiles

‘Azulejos’ are a type of ceramic tile that are a famous part of Spanish architecture. 

You can find them on the facades of buildings, as decorative elements on walls and floors, and even as tabletops. Authentic azulejos are often hand-painted; it’s this craftsmanship that gives each tile its beauty. 

Spanish tiles are some of the best souvenirs from Spain

You can find azulejos in various forms to take home as souvenirs, such as individual tiles, sets of decorative coasters, or even larger ceramic plaques. They make for beautiful decorations in homes and gardens and smaller tiles can even be framed and displayed as artwork. So if it’s art and ensign you love then azulejos could be the perfect artistic mementos of your visit to Spain.

2. Spanish fans

‘Abanico’ are handheld fans and are a symbol of Spanish culture, particularly in Andalucia. They are wonderfully decorated and can be made from materials like wood, lace, and fabric. Fans have been used in Spain for centuries and have become closely associated with traditional flamenco dancing.

Spanish fans are unique souvenirs to buy in Spain

Some of the designs feature flamenco dancers, bullfighting scenes, or Spanish landscapes whilst others may have more contemporary and abstract designs. There is so much choice in terms of colours and patterns that you are bound to find one that jumps out at you and speaks to your own personal taste.

For some, you may not want to use them to keep cool but instead to view them as collectable items; their beauty and detailing can make them an interesting display piece for your home.

They are very popular and therefore are very easy to find all over Spain; street markets, craft shops, and souvenir stores often carry a wide selection. In cities like Seville, you can find specialised Abanico shops too if you really want to get something extra special.

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3. Flamenco dress from Spain

Flamenco is a famously passionate art form that is a huge part of Spanish culture. It encompasses music, dance and singing. It has deep historical and emotional significance and is a UNESCO-recognised cultural heritage and therefore a flamenco dress would absolutely be one of the best souvenirs from Spain to take home with you.

Spanish Flamenco Dress - what to buy in Spain

The traditional flamenco dress, known as a ‘traje de flamenca’ is a flamboyant and colourful dress that originated in Andalucia, the southern region of Spain, that women wear while dancing flamenco, and is characterised by their many ruffles and colours.

You can find ready-made flamenco dresses but many shops also offer custom-made options if you want to push the boat out and really get one of the best souvenirs from Spain! These can be tailored to your specific measurements and design preferences, ensuring a perfect fit and unique dress.

To find a traditional Spanish flamenco dress, you can explore specialised boutiques in cities like Seville and Madrid, as well as in Andalucian towns but dresses are also available in larger department stores and tourist areas. 

4. Local wine from Spain

Spain is one of the world’s top wine producers, and it’s known for its multiple wine regions. Each region offers different grape varieties and winemaking traditions. Some of the most famous wine regions include Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Priorat. Also, Spain is known for its fortified wines like sherry and the sweet wine ‘Pedro Ximénez’.

Local wine is one of the best souvenirs in Spain to take home

Each wine region in Spain has its own speciality. For example, Rioja (which I’m sure we’ve all heard of and perhaps even drank a lot of) is renowned for its oak-aged red wines, while Jerez is famous for its sherry production.

Not only is it wonderful to be drinking some of the world’s finest wine in the country that produces it whilst you’re there, but there’s no need for that to end as you can buy some to take home as a gift to your loved ones (and yourself). Rioja, bought from source, is easily one of the best souvenirs from Spain.

5. Spanish ham (jamon)

Spanish ham, especially Jamón Ibérico, is considered a delicacy. It’s made from acorn-fed Iberian pigs and aged for several years It’s a highly sought-after dry-cured culinary treat in Spain and makes for an excellent, albeit delicate, souvenir.

Spanish ham is one of the top food souvenirs from Spain

There are different varieties of Jamón Ibérico, which are categorised based on the pig’s diet, lifestyle, and ageing process. Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is considered the finest and most luxurious variety. The pigs are fed a diet of acorns, or bellota as they are known hence the name, which gives the ham a distinct, nutty flavour. These pigs also roam freely in oak forests, which contributes to the ham’s unique taste. It has a creamy texture, with marbled fat that melts in your mouth.

The fat content might not be great for your diet but it adds to its lusciousness! It also pairs well with other Spanish delicacies like Manchego cheese and olives.

It’s wise to check customs regulations and restrictions for importing food products, as there may be limitations on the quantity you can bring back. I wouldn’t want you getting arrested for ham of all things. The best souvenirs from Spain are little luxury items which can keep the tastes of your holiday going long after you’ve got back and this achieves exactly that.

6. Pottery and antiques from Spain

Spanish pottery is characterised by its joyous, swirling, colourful designs. You can find plates, bowls, mugs, and platters for everyday use, as well as decorative items like vases, tiles, and figurines that add a touch of Spanish culture to your home. Talavera pottery from Toledo is particularly well-respected and has made a name for itself for its beauty and excellency so adding that extra touch of class would really make for one of the best souvenirs from Spain.

Spain has a long tradition of ceramic and pottery production dating back to Roman times. The Moors, who ruled parts of Spain, greatly influenced the art form, and Spanish pottery makers have continued to evolve and create their own distinctive pieces.

antiques from Barcelona are great souvenirs from Spain

You could also browse Spain’s many antique stores to find unusual gift ideas (see above). They’re like treasure troves of historic Spain. You may have to sift through lots of random things but it can be well worth it to find that perfect, unique Spanish souvenir.

7. Leather bags, belts or wallets

Spanish leather products are known for their quality and craftsmanship. You can find leather goods like handbags, wallets, belts, and even shoes in a wide range of styles and colours.

leather goods from Spain

Spanish leather products are highly regarded for their quality and craftsmanship because the country has a long history of working with leather and has developed exceptional skills in tanning and crafting leather goods.

You can pick up Spanish leather goods in a variety of places, including specialised leather shops, department stores, and local markets. Major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville have renowned leather districts where you can explore a wide selection of leather items.

8. Saffron (azafrán)

Saffron is a crucial ingredient in Spanish cuisine, especially in dishes like paella. It is often referred to as “red gold” because of its high value due to how painstaking it is to harvest.

You only need a handful of it to flavour food, which is lucky as it can be quite expensive. But this makes it an easy souvenir from Spain to take back with you.

Saffron found in palella is a typical Spanish souvenir

Spanish saffron is primarily produced in the La Mancha region, particularly in the province of Albacete so look for any seal with this name on to be sure of getting one of the very best souvenirs from Spain.

Spanish saffron is often packaged in beautifully presented containers, such as glass vials or decorative tins. The beautiful packaging makes it an ideal souvenir or gift, and it’s also a testament to the quality of the saffron.

9. Spanish handmade jewellery

Traditional Spanish jewellery often features motifs inspired by the country’s history, culture, and regional influences, making it a meaningful souvenir.

Spain’s history includes Moorish influence, which is often reflected in jewellery designs with geometric patterns, filigree work, and Arabic calligraphy and can be crafted from a wide range of materials, including silver, gold, gemstones, pearls, and semi-precious stones. Handmade jewellery often involves a lot of love and care and detailed work, meaning each piece is of superior quality.

buy top souvenirs from el Corte Ingles

Cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Granada are known for their jewellery districts and artisan workshops so be sure to check such places out for a beautiful and wearable keepsake from your time in Spain. You can also head to El Corte Ingles (above) to find more jewellery on offer.

10. Turron from Spain

Turron is a traditional Spanish nougat that is particularly popular during the gift-giving season, especially around Christmas. It’s made with almonds, honey, sugar, and egg whites. Luckily you can buy it in bars so it’s incredibly easy to take home with you in your suitcase. 

Popular Spanish souvenirs include turron

As a small, easily packable and affordable treat it makes for a very convenient and tasty gift and therefore one of the best souvenirs from Spain for the holidays.

Whether you’re enjoying a piece of Turron with a cup of coffee or gifting it for the holidays, it’s nice to be able to provide a taste of Spain’s traditions to friends and family when you’re back at home.

11. Local crafts

Spain has a wealth of local crafts derived from its region’s traditions. For example, the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca, are known for their wickerwork craftsmanship. They make use of natural materials like reeds and palm leaves to create an array of products, including baskets, furniture, bags, and decorative items. If you want a souvenir which represents the islands, this could be it.

Toledo is renowned for its historic sword-making. The city has a centuries-old tradition of crafting high-quality swords and blades. While modern regulations may restrict the sale of actual weapons, you can often find decorative and ornamental swords that are beautifully made and would certainly be an extra-ordinary souvenir to return with from a holiday!

you can find unique silk gift souvenirs in the Canary Islands

The island of La Palma in the Canary Islands is known for its silk production and wood carving. Locals craft wooden items, such as furniture, masks, and religious figures. The craft reflects the island’s identity and showcases the people’s talent. When selecting local crafts as souvenirs, it’s also nice to know that the handmade items are also a way to support local artists of the region you visit in Spain.

12. Gaudi-inspired items

Antoni Gaudí, the renowned Catalan architect, is known for his distinctive and imaginative architectural style, which is prominently featured in Barcelona. His designs are characterised by colourful mosaics and a unique blend of Gothic, Art Nouveau, and Modernisme styles. You can find various items featuring Gaudí-inspired mosaic designs, including coasters and decorative plates.

Gaudi gift ideas from Spain

Gaudí’s work has inspired numerous artists and you can find art pieces, prints, and posters that capture his wonderful works. These artworks often highlight iconic buildings such as the Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló – some of the best things to do in Barcelona.

The Sagrada Família, Gaudí’s magnum opus which is in the process of being completed, is one of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks. You can find a wide range of souvenirs related to the basilica, including miniature replicas, keyrings and ornaments. The best souvenirs from Spain enable you to take some of the magic home with you and any of these mementoes would do that.

If you’re visiting Barcelona, here are some other souvenir ideas from the Catalan capital.

13. Traditional Spanish instruments

If you’re a music enthusiast, you might consider bringing back a Spanish guitar, castanets, or other traditional instruments that are used in Spanish music and dance performances.

Spanish Guitar

The Spanish guitar, also known as the classical guitar, is one of the most iconic and beloved musical instruments associated with Spain. It has a warm, resonant sound that adds a gorgeous romance to a wide range of music from classical compositions to flamenco and traditional Spanish songs. Spanish guitars are available in various sizes and styles and you can choose between affordable student models or high-end, handcrafted guitars!

Spanish guitars are good souvenirs from Spain for music lovers


Castanets are the famous percussion instruments used in traditional flamenco performances. They are a fun and original Spanish souvenir for music and dance lovers!

In Spain, you can find traditional instruments in local music shops, especially in cities with strong musical traditions, such as Seville, Granada, and Madrid. It’s a great opportunity to fall in love with any and all of the different instruments before deciding which one to buy.

Whether you’re a musician or simply appreciate the art of music, either of these instruments belong amongst the best souvenirs from Spain.

What souvenirs to buy from Spain?

When choosing souvenirs from Spain, it’s a good idea to explore local markets, meet the craftspeople who have made the items, have a go at haggling with local stall holders, visit artisan shops on the search for a one-off piece and go to speciality stores to find authentic and original items that reflect the region you visit. This way, you can bring back a piece of Spanish soul back with you and make sure you’ve got yourself the very best souvenir from Spain.

Whether you choose a practical item for everyday use or a decorative piece to remember your visit, there are a whole host of colourful, artistic, tasty, wearable, souvenirs to take home with you to bask in the glory of your Spanish adventure.

Quicklist of the best souvenirs from Spain

  1. Spanish tiles
  2. Spanish fans
  3. Flamenco dress
  4. Local wine
  5. Spanish ham
  6. Pottery and antiques
  7. Leather goods
  8. Saffron
  9. Handmade jewellery
  10. Turron
  11. Local crafts
  12. Gaudi-inspired items
  13. Spanish instruments

What jewellery is Spain known for?

Spain has a long history of working with emeralds and therefore there are lots of beautiful emerald jewellery to be found in Spain. Flamenco-inspired jewellery is another popular type which features bold and colourful designs, while Filigree has delicate metalwork and the threading of fine metals like silver and gold. All make for wonderful souvenirs or gifts from Spain.

What food to bring back from Spain?

Spanish cuisine is much loved around the world and thus has lots of options for you to bring back. Some of the most travel-friendly include olive oil, olives, pate, jamon, honey, chocolate, horchata, Turron, wine, Spanish cheeses and spices.

Is Spain good for shopping?

Yes, Spain is known for its excellent shopping, from luxury brands and designer boutiques to artisan markets. Popular shopping destinations include iconic streets like Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona and Gran Vía in Madrid, as well as wonderful markets like El Rastro in Madrid. Spain is particularly known for its fashion, making it a great destination for shopaholics. You’ll be sure to find some of the best souvenirs from Spain!

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