London Tourist: Street Art in Shoreditch

Street art with Insider LondonInsider London invited me and a special friend to go on their Street Art Tour around Shoreditch, obviously being a wannabe hipster I said, “yes please… next week?’

George and I joined around 10 others in Liverpool Street to start the walking tour with our awesome guide Kat, a graffiti and street art aficionado from Germany.

I don’t want to ruin the street art tour for anyone so I won’t give away any street names or precise details, but all these pics were taken around Brick Lane in Shoreditch, enjoy…

Awesome car park covered in street art

Leaving your name shows it’s not illegal. Anyone who tags somewhere that is illegal will be found out and charged a fortune for all their postings – the fee is huge.

Love this 60s inspired stuff

London street art tour

Paul Don Smith – the artist who did the Del Boy above – is everywhere. The fact he spends ages on his art and usually tags it too shows it’s legal.

Phlegm street art tour in London

Newbies, I learnt, are called Toys and often they’ll paint over beauts like this as they have no respect. It’s also a way of arguing as competitors paint over each others.

Awesome street art

Some of the pieces, like this one from street artist Phlegm, has loads of respect and has probably saved this building from any future development. Just look at it, it’s incredible!

amazing street art

Cool street art in shoreditch

These street artists are crazy, they’ll do whatever to create these huge images. Hanging off windowsills, ladders on ladders and ropes. I’d have loved to have seen them do this one.

elephant on street art tour

Credit crunch monster

Crunchy the Credit Crunch Monster – the unofficial monster of the credit crunch.

Girl at work on street art tour

Insider London Street Art Tour

Missing Street Art Tour LondonKat told us that the street artists often like to play a little game with us. This one says ‘Missing. Within 50 metres radius’ so you need to find it what’s actually missing.

I won’t ruin the surprise, but take a look around and let me know where and what you find.

This was a nice/sad story – this is a ‘Nina stencil’. The artist split up with his girlfriend and they had a child called Nina. He painted images of his daughter along her way to school to remind her that he still loved her.

Nina street art on the street art tour in londonKat was a great tour guide and invited us to debate who the street art really belonged to, why people like it/don’t like it and reasons for painting over it. To me, who knows nothing, it seemed like she knew loads about the scene and passed on all her knowledge to us.

After two hours I was ready for a pint, and seeing as Kat had told us how amazing the chips were at Poppie’s we had a bag of them too. We headed to The Ten Bells – the pub where Jack the Ripper used to pick up his victims, so Kat told us, to talk about what we’d seen.

In the week since I went on the tour my eyes have been opened to the frequency and vibrancy of the street art around London. I’m quite tempted to get out there myself and give it a go…

Insider London let me try this trip for free and it was awesome. You can do it for £20 by booking here.

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  1. by Helen on August 16, 2013  9:48 am Reply

    These pictures are lovely Vicky! I love seeing street art around! Wish it was in more places! Need to have a look round Manchester to see if I can find any!

  2. by Nicole on August 17, 2013  5:21 pm Reply

    London's street art is amazing! For a whole, LA had some awesome art along the LA river. It got covered up though. I don't know of we have the same level of appreciation for the art.

  3. by Annelie on August 24, 2013  9:19 pm Reply

    Brighton also has great street art...

  4. by Micamyx|Senyorita on September 5, 2013  11:07 pm Reply

    Amazing! I haven't been to this part of London, but I would love to check these out!

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