Stylish Items Every Traveller Should Bring on their Next Getaway

Travelling can be incredibly fun and exciting, but often, not as great for style. It can be tricky to navigate luggage requirements, especially when travelling alone, so you often have to keep your fashionable pieces at home to avoid any issues with your baggage. However, you don’t need to sacrifice looking good for efficient travelling—it’s possible to do both!

Coming up with stylish travel outfits all comes down to the staples and essentials you bring along, ideally ones that are versatile and allow for variety in your limited holiday wardrobe. Here are some stylish items every traveller should bring on their next getaway:


A trusty pair of shades is a must-have for a holiday, no matter where in the world you’re heading to. They come in all styles and colours and quickly elevate any outfit from casual to smart. Not only do they make a great fashion statement, but they’re also crucial for sun protection.

Spending a lot of time sightseeing in a new place exposes you to the sun’s UV rays, which can damage the eyes if you aren’t wearing sunglasses with proper protection. You may be hesitant to wear shades while travelling, especially if you need vision correction to see and prefer not to wear contact lenses.

However, prescription sunglasses are a great solution that doesn’t sacrifice style, protection, and comfort. Top brands offer these shades, which come in tints, lens options, and shapes. A pair like the Arden Cedar supports a classic style and is equipped with an up-to-date prescription to keep you looking cool and seeing comfortably on holiday.

A shacket

You didn’t read that wrong. A shirt-jacket or shacket is a perfect piece to bring with you on holiday. Often, your style becomes compromised when travelling. You can’t bring every stylish piece you own, and sometimes the difference in temperature renders your most fabulous clothes useless.

Comfort and flexibility are essential for fashion and convenience when considering your travel outfits.

This is where the shacket comes in.

It’s similar to a denim jacket but is much more versatile and smarter-looking. It can be worn as a top layer over a shirt or tank top and stuffed into a bag. In colder climates, it can be worn under a jumper. It can even be stylish on its own, and you can roll up the sleeves or let them hang loose depending on the weather, destination, or your mood for the day. It’s a simple piece that can easily be worn in many travel conditions, making you look more dynamic and fun regardless of the location or occasion.

Lightweight trousers

Trousers are a crucial part of any outfit and can make or break the look if they aren’t the suitable material, silhouette, or proportion. However, you might keep them at home if they take up too much space and weight in your suitcase. 

Lightweight and simple trousers are the solution to your problem. These can help boost your look while keeping you comfortable during your holiday. You can wear them with a casual fit when walking around the city or pair them with a dressier top for classy dinners. They’re also great for a more modest vibe if you’d rather not look like you just came from the beach everywhere you go.

Trousers like the Aaren Travel Light Pants from Norse Projects showcase how stylish trousers can be, even if they’re made with travellers in mind. They don’t skimp on performance either, and they’re light and easy while still elevating your fashion.

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