The Most Incredible Sweet Shop Ever: Sugar Candy Land

Hallelujah Willy Wonka is alive!

He’s gone off in his magic lift and set up this amazing sweet shop in Budapest. Sugar Candy Land knows how to respect the sweets – you don’t just go in with a paper bag and fill your boots here, oh no. They have counters filled with different kinds, a seated area to sit and enjoy them in a relaxed environment and the most amazing bathroom I’ve ever seen to wash up in afterwards.

Best sweet shop in the world

Best sweet shop, ever

I was drawn to the syrupy scent from the sun beaten pavements of Budapest, unknowingly stepping into the best sweet shop I’ve ever seen. I proved the worth of the analogy ‘like a kid in a sweet shop’ or some people might say, ‘like a bull in a china shop’. I was like a curious cat with a laser play toy as I tried to take in the rainbow of candy colours in front of me.

Best sweet shop in the world

I finally chose the Tejberizsekas as it’s a traditional Hungarian dessert. It was kind of like rice pudding but with all the delicacies I put on it, it was a very fatty one. I didn’t know what I was doing and just kept ordering sweets on sweets – I attempted fruit for a sense of health, but they were pickled in sugar, and absolutely delicious. I wolfed the lot down with a coffee – yes, it’s a coffee bar too – and promptly felt the sugar high.

Best sweet shop in the world

I sat at the bar stools and ogled the rest of the food while I digested the delicacies I’d already had.

Sweet shop in Budapest

Incredible candy shop

Budapest sweet shop

Sweets at Budapest

Counter at Candy Land

Sweet shop in Budapest

Cakes at Candy Land

Cake shop in Budapest

Candy shop in Budapest

The bathroom

Before you leave you should check out the bathroom. It’s genuinely the best one I’ve ever seen in all my years and I will definitely be replicating it, should I ever get a house.

sweet shop in Budapest

sugar candy land in budapest

art work at candy land in budapest

Aaaand more sweets and cake…

sweets in Budapest

Candy in Budapest

It took all my strength not to go back again the next day. And that means I’ve earned double portions next time I go in my eyes.

By the time I left I definitely felt like a bit of a Veruca Salt, although I did debate the extensive range of ice creams I spotted on the way out.

Could you stop at one sweet treat?

You’ll find Sugar Candy Land at Paulay Ede utca 48, 1061 Hungary, and it’s open until 10pm!

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  1. by Karen on October 17, 2014  3:11 am Reply

    I'm going to Budapest in January, thanks to your social media love of it all, and I will absolutely, definitely be going to this sweet shop. I love it!

    • by Vicky on October 17, 2014  3:25 am Reply

      Ooo bring me some sweets back then ;)

    • by Rylee on September 24, 2017  1:42 am Reply

      Do u absolutely love it? Where is it?

  2. by Ivor on October 17, 2014  4:26 am Reply

    This sweet shop is just down the road from me!

    • by Vicky on October 17, 2014  4:38 am Reply

      Ooo lucky lucky, I'd be a right fatty if it was anywhere near me!

  3. by Brie on August 25, 2016  2:17 am Reply

    This is sooo incredibly cute and fun. I want to go to Budapest and I did not before seeing this post!

  4. by Brie C on September 1, 2016  2:13 am Reply

    I love your coverage of this candy shop sooo much that I actually emailed to find out more details and prices. I cannot go there now but I can bring some of the magic to me (hopefully). Kudos to the great info and photos!

    • by Vicky on September 7, 2016  1:24 pm Reply

      Ah I hope you get to go there one day. It really is an awesome place! So much yummy food and treats to try! :)

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