6 Best Travel Podcasts by Women

I’ve been having a little listen around for the best female travel podcasts in the podcasting world. When I was in India and Nepal I had a lot of time on public transport. I didn’t really want to read or watch anything, as I was too busy looking out the window, but I did want something to occupy my brain and take me away from my thoughts. And that’s where the female travel podcasts came in.

I’ve searched, I’ve listened, and here’s my list of the best travel podcasts for women out there.

Number 6 might surprise you…

Best Female Travel Podcasts Out There

Best Female Podcasts

1. She Explores

A nice, calm podcast by American Gale Straub. She interviews amazing adventurers – y’know ones who’ve canoed the Colorado River Basin solo and written a book about it, or skiers who skied upwards 72 peaks (is that right, is that possible?). Crazy adventurers that I absolutely cannot imagine emulating.

Female Travel podcasts

The adventures might be out of reach for a Jenny Average like me but the thoughts the women have on their achievements are just fascinating.

‘We have deeper reserves than we think’ – ski mountaineer Caroline Gleich.

Their depths of determination are totally inspiring – not really the idea of climbing an 8,000 foot mountain. Also loved hearing about how she proposed to her boyfriend at base camp. It fascinates me how people get through this stuff and the people Gale finds to interview are genuinely mind blowing.

Listen / subscribe to She Explores here

2. Women Who Travel

This female travel podcast comes from Conde Nast Traveller, presented by Meredith Carey and Lale Arikoglu. It’s the one for female travellers with money, lots of it. I’ve just listened to the one with Jessica Nabongo, who’s trying to be the first black woman to travel to every country in the world before she’s 30.

Female travel podcasts

She talks about her Logistics Manager for the trip, and the personal finances she’s had to put in. I can’t imagine how much an endeavour like this would cost. Her kinda travel sounds expensive!

Still interesting to hear about, but the kind of travel discussed in here isn’t quite within my realm of finances unfortunately.

Listen / subscribe to Women Who Travel here

3. JUMP with Travelling Jackie / Budget Minded Traveller

Another American female travel podcast, JUMP with Travelling Jackie, is filled with practical advice for planning trips. I’m not sure why it has two names. She’s a great interviewer and sounds like she’s really travelled, as well as her guests. I loved her advice on Patagonia – definitely need to make it out there one day.

Female travel podcast

She features weekly guests who are experts on their topic – people who’ve either made travel their life or who’ve had incredible adventures on their time away from work. She also brings her listeners in to join the conversation.

“Your source for the every day inspiration and practical tips that make international travel accessible to everyone.” – Travelling Jackie

Listen / subscribe to The Budget Minded Traveller podcast here

4. XX Will Travel: A Podcast for Independent Women Travellers

Americans Ines and Kathy interview people with long CVs, who’ve done cool stuff and travel the world.

Unfortunately, the podcast is over now, but there’s a whole backlog of cool podcasts featuring inspirational women. Definitely still worth listening to their historical podcasts.

Women podcasts on travel

Reasons for ending their podcast include the fact podcast production is hard. They say you have to get in early with podcasting, you have to have a lot of money behind you, and how much time a podcast takes to do. Not really want I want to hear (see podcast number 7) but interesting to hear their experience of 3 series of podcast production.

Past podcasts include: travelling sober, travelling as a comedian, where to travel to, and there’s a whole series on how to plan a trip.

5. Hike Like a Woman

The Hike Like a Woman podcast obviously celebrates women in hiking, and their outdoors life. The host, Rebecca Walsh, is a former USA army officer and served in Iraq. Her story is fascinating and weaves into the conversations she has with her guests.

Her podcast episode about helping women in Iraq is genuinely fascinating. She reads her diary from 2010 when she was out there, and the experience she’s had is totally unique.

Female podcasts

She’s now opened an outdoor shop in Wyoming, and so the episodes are coming every so often. Stay with her though, and there’s a great back catalogue for you to work your way through while we wait for her to come back.

The Hike Like a Woman podcast is hosted by Sarah, Christina and Jessica and as well as hiking, covers women travelling, mind tricks and help with everything you need to consider to plan your adventure.

6. So She Travels – my female travel podcast!

These female podcasters inspire me to be outside and see the world, but I think it’s natural to look for someone who’s like you for deeper inspiration. Someone you can listen to and think, well, ‘they’ve had a similar life to me, they’ve lived how I’ve lived and if they can do it, so can I’.

So, as a British woman who’s (mostly) travelled on a budget to over 70 countries between the ages of 22 and 33 I decided I wanted to join the female podcast realm.

I stepped on my first plane at 12 to Euro Disney and by the time I was 20 I’d only ever been to France (a few times) and Turkey (on a school trip). Not exactly ‘well travelled’ – our family holidays were in Devon. I loved them but it wasn’t until I was 22 I really started to be interested in the world, let alone explore it.

And would ya look at me now – I’ve been all over!

I wanted to create a female travel inspired podcast to inspire women like me to travel, and show them how it’s done. I wanted to chat with other ladies on a normal income, with a normal amount of holiday, who’ve done incredible things around the world.

Female travel podcast

There are SO many travel podcasts led by men – yet another male dominated industry – and as we’ve seen, there are of course some women doing their thing. But, I couldn’t find another British female talking travel with influential and inspirational women who’ve been there and done that, so, STEP RIGHT UP…


My podcast: So She Travels

Her insatiable curiosity meant she couldn’t stay in one place for long… so, she travels.

Listen / subscribe to So She Travels on iTunes here

Or on Spotify here

So She Travels Podcast

Podcasts for female travellers

I’m SO excited about this and it’s something I’ve been working on for quite a while now. To be honest, the confidence to get it out there has been the hardest part.

I’ve wanted to do it for over a year, I chatted with my first inspirational female traveller back in December, and next week, I’ll be releasing the first THREE episodes.

I’ll tell you more on Monday but just wanted to drop this subtle little bit too here for anyone who’s read this far.

I’m excited for the first episode on Tuesday!

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  1. Great list! I’m a huge podcast fan and so I’m adding most of these to my listening list – including yours! I actually host a travel podcast myself and would love for you to give it a listen and maybe add it to your list. It’s called Alpaca My Bags, and its hosted and written by me, and my producer is a woman too – so its completely women-led.

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