Travelling with Kids: Unlocking Educational Adventures around the World

Nothing is more exciting than travelling with your kids around the world. Travel exposes them to entirely new adventures. Moreover, the world is full of exciting destinations to offer. Specifically, there are unlimited educational adventures you can choose for kids. You could take them for a wildlife-watching safari in Africa or go snorkelling in Hawaii. 

Alternatively, you can visit and learn about historical castles in Europe or space science in the US. When planning for educational adventures, consider the age of your kids. You need to target age-appropriate destinations. Additionally, target places with attractions that will make memories of them. Here are some of the places you can choose. 

Young father and two little kid boys feeding fishes and big brown pelicans in port of Islamorada, Florida Keys. Man and his sons, preschool children having fun with observing animals.

Visit medieval castles in Wales

In the entire world, Wales is home to the highest number of medieval castles. Surprisingly, the country has more than 400 castles to explore. Most of them were used as defensive structures but some were homes for nobles. In Wales, castles were used for a variety of other purposes. They were homes for kings and government administrative centers. There is much that kids can learn about historical castles in Wales. Visiting them will give your kids lasting memories. 

While they visit and enjoy adventures around the world, you don’t need to worry about your kid’s homework. However, you need to properly plan and ensure they carry their study tools. I recently traveled on an adventure and had some essays to write. I contacted Edubirdie to do my assignment as I enjoyed my travel. With good planning, the writing experts can do your kid’s assignment on time. When you hire a writer, you free your time and focus on your adventures. 

Learn about space science in Florida

The Kennedy Space Center, Florida is an exciting place to visit with children. There are several educational adventures you can choose from them. It is the place to meet renowned astronauts from the NASA team. If your kids are in STEM learning, this place has more than enough to offer. 

For instance, they can engage in a day of learning technology and engineering. Another exciting place to visit is the Visitor Complex. Here, they will get a close encounter with space shuttles. They might get lucky and view a rocket taking off. 

Mingle with the wildlife in Kenya

Kenya is known as the home of the big five. It is a country that offers great hospitality and memorable safaris. The big five include the hunting lion and leopard. The list also includes the African elephant and the buffalo. The aggressive rhino known for its fury is also on the list. As your kids mingle with the animals, they will learn about nature and its preservation. Above that, the country is multicultural and home to diverse climates. 

Learn about religion and culture in India

India is known as a highly religious and ethnically diverse country. In this nation, religion plays a critical role in binding society together. The major religion in the country is Hinduism and Buddhism. It is followed by Islam, and then Christianity. India is home to many cultural heritage sites. Your kids can visit a wide range of cultural activities and rituals. 

After mingling with culture and religion, a student can get many ideas for writing essays. They can write an entire research paper from the inspirations they get. There are many other educational adventures your kids can experience in India. The country is known to have 33 major gods. It has over 330 million other gods and goddesses. 

View the famous geographical features in Australia

Australia is a country of natural beauty and outstanding geographical attractions. Tourists visiting the country talk about its extensive beaches and high mountains. Furthermore, the country’s deserts are dotted with stunning stone formations. For instance, you could visit Uluru or the Pinnacles limestone formations. 

Your kids will get excited by the large rock caves, springs, and bays the country offers. Each geographical feature has a history of how it was formed. Above filling their eyes with excitement, there is a lot to learn in Australia. 

Learn about the pyramids and the great tombs of pharaohs in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its great pyramids and tombs of pharaohs. The Valley of the Kings is one of the most famous places in Egypt. The area is home to about 63 tombs dating from 1539 to 1075 BC. The valley is reserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Additionally, Egypt is home to 118 great pyramids. Your kids can learn about the outstanding structural features of the pyramids. Furthermore, they can learn about how pharaohs ruled the northern region of Africa. Egypt is also famous for its gods and goddesses. Your kids can learn about gods such as Osiris, Isis, and Horus. 

See the wonders of the underground river in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to the famous Puerto Princesa River. It runs underground for a distance of 8.2km before it empties into the sea. The entire length has been marked as a National Park covering 22,202 ha. The entire area features break-taking limestone and karst scenery. 

Beyond the river, the Philippines offers other amazing attractions for students. It has beaches, mountains, zoos, and lagoons. Your kids can learn about culture, food, and education. Although it is small, the country boasts more than 2,300 universities and colleges. 

Visit magnificent museums in California

California is not just known for its glamorous movie district of Hollywood. The state hosts nearly 3,000 museums. They exhibit crucial artistic, scientific, cultural, and historical artifacts. By visiting the museums, your kids will stay engaged and will be educated. If they love art, museums can be great places to get ideas for essays. You cannot make it to visit every museum in California. Choose the best 5 or 10 and let your kids enjoy the tour.  


Adventures help build confidence and motivation in kids. The tours make children feel fulfilled and they create lasting memories. When planning for adventures, choose destinations where your children can learn. There are many places you can visit with your children around the world. You can visit museums in the U.S., castles in Europe, or wildlife in Africa. Alternatively, they can learn about religion and culture in the Middle East or geographical formations in Australia. 

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