A Few Tips for Travelling on the Cheap

One of my specialities in life is finding cheap deals in anything that I do, so that I can do more. As well as going through a phase of entering endless travel competitions – where I won trips to Tanzania, Amsterdam and Sharm el Sheikh – I also like to keep an eye out for discounts and vouchers to save money. One of the keys to finding the top travel deals is knowing the best websites to make your cheap travels quicker to find…

Search around

Never go with the first deal you come across. Use price comparison sites, but if you go direct to the seller and cut out the middleman you can often save a lot of money. Remember to make notes as you search so you can always go back to that great deal you found three hours ago. Make sure you bookmark pages too.


MyVoucherCodes is a great website that collates all the best deals in travel, shops, restaurants, utilities, mobiles and more, ‘saving you money every day’. They have pages for other businesses too, such as lastminute.com, where you can see all the latest and greatest deals displayed easily in one place.


Their Wednesday top 20 deals email always gets me thinking. They have the most incredible deals available with loads of money off, so if you’re looking for a last minute holiday on the cheap, they’re a great place to try. Definitely more for holidays than long-term travellers though.


This is my favourite site when I’m looking for accommodation. There’s a huge amount to choose from around the world – although none in Cuba randomly – and the search function is well thought out so you can get plenty of choice for what you need in seconds.

Sign up to newsletters

Once you’ve found a website with good deals, even if they don’t have anything you particularly fancy there and then, sign up to the newsletter. Subscribers often get special deals in return for their loyalty and are the first to know about any competitions and upcoming deals.

Delete your cookies

Computer cookies are like markers that get left behind by sites as you browse the internet. Companies use these to collect information on you and to target online advertising. They can also use it to charge you more when it comes to booking. For example, you want to book a flight with your friend from London to Paris. You go on the site and check the price before you ask your friend. You check again when your friend says yes. Then you check again as she wants to change the date. You wait a few days then search again. The flight company knows that you have checked a few times thanks to the cookies that have been dropped. You’re now totally invested in the purchase, so they put the price up as at this point you’re almost definitely going to book. Cheeky hey?

If you notice a price has gone up, make sure to clear your browsing history and delete cookies.

Anyone got a favourite website or method of travelling on the cheap to share? 

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  1. by Exploring Morocco on December 10, 2012  5:08 pm Reply

    Very informative articles. I like traveling myself, and finding cheap and affordable places is very important especially if you have a fixed budget. You can also try to go traveling as a group, i think that would minimize the expenses a little bit.

    • by Vicky on January 12, 2013  6:50 pm Reply

      Yeah, group travel is a great idea for certain places. I went on a group trip to the Serengeti – it was brilliant!

  2. by David on December 10, 2012  11:14 pm Reply

    Hello Vicky, Thanks for the tip on myvouchercodes.co.uk. I had never heard of these guys before and will definitely be adding them to my list of sites to check before booking anything. Thanks!


    • by Vicky on January 12, 2013  6:49 pm Reply

      No worries David – happy to help :)

  3. by Chinese business visa on December 20, 2012  5:36 am Reply

    Booking.com is new for me! Some times the budget can be out even you have planned every thing very well.

  4. by Scott Thorley on January 15, 2013  4:14 pm Reply

    Hey Vicky. You say you won a few travel competitions. What were the sources of these competitions? And how did you find them?

    • by Vicky on January 16, 2013  9:41 pm Reply

      Good question Scott. I won the trip to Zanzibar through a Facebook photo competition, the Amsterdam trip was pure luck on a simple RT comp on Twitter and the trip to Egypt was from a travel event I went to in the evening. My name got pulled out of a hat first. Lucky, lucky!

  5. by Jo (The Blond) on February 6, 2013  2:23 pm Reply

    Good advice about the cookies - had no idea about it!

    • by Vicky on February 8, 2013  11:34 pm Reply

      Yeah, it's really sneaky isn't it? Spread the word!

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