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Vietnam Travel Tips

Almost a year ago now I decided to sit on a beach on the island of Phu Quoc and sweat it out to pass on my top Vietnam Travel Tips, via video.

Until now, those friendly words of advice have been buried under a mountain of work, but, you’ll be pleased to know, with a few hours to kill on my recent inbound and outbound Florida flights, I’ve dredged them up to help out with your Vietnam trip planning.

Vietnam Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Vietnam

My travel tips for Vietnam haven’t come lightly though. I’ve spent over six weeks there, have written 15 posts on this blog, and right now Google deems my two-week Vietnam itinerary so good I’m at number one if you search ‘two-weeks in Vietnam’ or similar. I’m also pretty high for my post on things to do in Vietnam – thanks to the bloggers I’ve featured.

So yeah, I like to think I know Vietnam, as much as you can after cycling through it from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, and visiting twice. Here goes…

My Vietnam Travel Tips


(Just hover over the bar and move the player to get to where you want to go)

Airports (0:32)

Money (1:37)

Costs (2:07, bit more at 14:20)

Hotels (2:45)

Traffic (3:10)

Overnight Trains (3:48)

Mopeds (4:06)

People (4:49)

Westerners (6:00)

Women (6:34)

Family Life (7:28)

Karaoke (7:56)

Language (8:35)

Tourism (9:44)

Food (10:23)

Booze (11:54)

Shopping (12:47)

Beauty (13:26)

Where to Go (14:57)

Wi-Fi (17:00)

I hope you find the video useful – if you have any questions at all, just let me know below!

Oh, and this is the Intrepid Cycling Tour I did with Chi, if you want to see what I’m chatting about.

Check the prices for your Vietnam trains, buses, flights and ferries here… 

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Vietnam Travel Tips

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Vietnam Travel Tips

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Vietnam Travel Tips Vietnam Travel Tips

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