HeleninWonderlust on Africa, Tours & Volunteering [PODCAST]

Ooo the difficult second episode. Is it like the difficult second album?

Not when I’ve got Helen in Wonderlust on board!

One of my favourite bloggers / women / friends / people Helen agreed to come on the So She Travels podcast to give us her advice on the best of all things Africa. She’s the founder and director of Rock My Adventure Tours – a small group tours company covering Africa – and a travel blogger at HeleninWonderlust.

Helen Davies on So She Travels

– Helen with her friends somewhere in Africa, check out her blog for more pics!

Basically I wanted to find out… 

How does a northern lass from Liverpool become a tour company founder and own a company with tours in over 10 African countries? And, where should we go in Africa?

Also covered…

Ethical volunteering

Small group tours

Solo Female Travel in Africa

Food and nightlife in Africa

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“The tours I run are very different from anywhere else you’ll find” – Helen

Helen in Wonderlust

– Helen in Kenya with the Masai Mara

Helen’s intro:

“My next guest is Helen Davies, founder of the successful small group tours at Rock My Adventure. She’s also a travel blogger at heleninwonderlust.

Helen’s love for Africa is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met. If you want to know the best places on the continent to visit, and how to do it, then read her blog. And if you want someone to experience it with, check out her tours.

I recently travelled with Helen to Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia and I can 100% confirm, she’s a great person to explore Africa with.

I first met Helen in a bar in Dublin. We were at a travel blogger conference, yep, I’m a travel blogger too – check out my work at vickyflipfloptravels.com – and she came up to me, a bit tipsy, telling me she loved my blog and thought we’d be good friends. Well, she was right.

Helen’s zest for life is catching and she’s one of my absolute favourite people. Her warmth and openness mean that she makes friends wherever she goes, and of course, her generosity meant that this whole 10-year African adventure of hers, started with a volunteering project.

We chatted over Skype about her tours, where to find the best food in Africa, how to choose an ethical volunteering project in a world of voluntourism and her intimate meeting with a hyena in Kenya. Listen to today’s So She Travels podcast for advice on female solo travel through Africa, what to expect from the nightlife and the toilets, and how everything Helen’s done in life has led to this journey.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments you can find me @vickyFlipFlop on all the social media and Helen at @HelenWonderlust.”

Helen in Wonderlust

– Helen’s been on over 40 safaris!

“Most people who come on my tours have never been to Africa before. They’re for people who wanna do a bit of a backpacker style trip and don’t wanna spend all their time trying to organise safaris and meet friends.”
– Helen

– Why does Helen love Africa so much?

– Where do her Rock My Adventure tours go?

– Where should Africa beginners go?

– Where’s the best food in Africa?

– How did she get started with Africa?

– How do you find an ethical volunteering project in Africa?

– Helen’s coolest adventures from 10 years visiting Africa.

– Animal safety, and an up close experience with a hyena in the bathroom.

– Top tips for safety in Africa for solo female travellers.     

– What to expect travelling Africa alone.

– Africa compared to South East Asia.

– What does Helen miss most about Africa?

– What’s the nightlife in Africa like?

Check out Helen’s blog at HeleninWonderlust.co.uk

So She Travels podcast

“The minute I was in the taxi going to where we were staying [in Zambia] I was like yep, I’ve made the right decision.

I was scared before I went but the second I touched down it just felt right being there. Every single day I had so many amazing experiences. From there my love of Africa grew.

The more I travelled the more. I discovered and the more I loved it.

The more places I travel the more places I wanna go, the more things I discover.” – Helen 

Rock My Adventure Tours

– Me, Helen and one of Helen’s tour leaders Jessi, at Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi

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