Discover the Breathtaking Beaches of Morocco

From the Mediterranean coast in the north, to the Atlantic shores in the west, Morocco boasts some of the most beautiful and diverse beaches in North Africa. With its stunning mixes of golden sands, turquoise waters, rugged coastlines, and picturesque seaside towns, Morocco’s beaches have something special to offer every type of traveller.

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1. Famous Agadir Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Morocco is Agadir Beach. Located near the city of Agadir on Morocco’s central Atlantic coast, this beach features over six miles of fine golden sand and a vibrant, lively atmosphere perfect for people-watching.

The beach is lined with resorts, restaurants, and cafés, and activities like jet skiing, surfing, and windsurfing are popular.

2. Tranquil Oualidia Beach

For those seeking a more peaceful beach escape in Morocco, Oualidia Beach is a tranquil paradise tucked away on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Enclosed by a beautiful lagoon and surrounded by lush vegetation, Oualidia feels worlds away from the bustle of Moroccan cities.

Visitors come to relax on the soft sands, kayak through the calm blue waters of the lagoon, or wander along Oualidia’s peaceful shores at sunset.

3. Spectacular Mirleft

Further north along the Atlantic coast lies Mirleft, a small seaside village known for splendid ocean views. Enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the water while relaxing at a beach café, or spend the day sunbathing on Plage Blanche, a remote and pristine sandy cove framed by rocky cliffs. The pace of life in Mirleft moves slowly, making it the perfect spot to unwind surrounded by untamed natural beauty.

4. Lovely Martil Beach

On the Mediterranean side of Morocco, Martil Beach offers another wonderful coastal getaway. Just a short ride from the city of Tetouan, Martil’s soft golden sands and crystal-clear shallow waters create ideal conditions for swimming and sunbathing. Beachside restaurants dish up the day’s catch while rustic seaside cafés serve mint tea and local pastries into the evenings.

5. Adventurous Legzira Beach

For the more adventurous beach-goer, Legzira Beach cannot be beaten. This rugged stretch of Morocco’s Atlantic shoreline hides one of the country’s most awe-inspiring secrets: dramatically tall arches and pillars of stone carved out by the pounding ocean over the ages.

Photographers flock here to capture the famous red rock arch at sunset when vibrant colours fill the sky. Beyond superb scenery, Legzira also offers excellent swimming below the cliffs in calm, protected coves.

6. Culture and Beauty in Asilah

For amazing beaches and rich culture, Morocco’s northern city of Asilah is a must-visit. Asilah boasts one of Morocco’s most beautiful medinas, with whitewashed buildings adorned with colourful murals and artwork.

Just outside the medina lies Las Cuevas Beach, named for the tiny caves dotting its cliff shores. Las Cuevas stuns with golden sand, crystal waters, and views of neighbouring Spanish hills across the Strait of Gibraltar.

7. Tamara Beach near Rabat

Another top beach choice for culture combined with coastal beauty is found just outside the imperial city of Rabat. Tamara Plage delights visitors with a laid-back vibe and ample space to enjoy 13km of oceanfront. Relax in the sun surrounded by windswept sand dunes, then head to Rabat to immerse yourself in ornate architecture and bustling souks.

An easy bus connects Tamara Plage and Rabat year-round.

8. Peaceful Saidia Beach

In northern Morocco near the border with Algeria, Saidia Beach provides a taste of laid-back Mediterranean life. Saidia has a small-town feel, coming most alive in the summer months when beachgoers arrive. Yet local character remains thanks to residents of a seaside kasbah just behind the sands. Saidia Beach offers ample room for leisurely days by the ocean in an unspoiled environment.

9. Secluded Sidi Kaouki

Finally, no list of top beaches in Morocco is complete without mention of Sidi Kaouki. Situated where the Atlantic meets the High Atlas Mountains, Sidi Kaouki Beach amazes with fine sand, palm trees, and excellent windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions. After your adventures in the ocean, explore Sidi Kaouki’s small seaside square, walk among the dunes, or organise local excursions on horseback for a fully immersive beach town experience.

Visit the beaches in Morocco

Spend your holiday encountering dramatic landscapes, intriguing culture, and Morocco’s captivating coastal beauty. With so many wonderful options to choose from, the hardest part is deciding which alluring stretch of Moroccan shoreline to visit first!

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