Best Breakfast in Panama City Beach? 9 Brunch Spots for YOU

Hungry for breakfast in Panama City Beach Florida? Enjoy a sunrise adventure uncovering the waterfront town’s top AM foodie spots with this guide the best brunch in PCB.

breakfast in panama city beach

If you’re thinking of visiting Panama City Beach, you’re probably aware of its white sandy beaches and year-round sun. But did you know that it’s also home to a buffet of breakfast splendours?

From sizzling bacon strips and stacks of pancakes to the more virtuous juices and smoothie bowls, I’ve scrambled together the best breakfasts in Panama City Beach. Remember, portions are huge. If you want to keep it light so you can try more restaurants in Panama City Beach as the day goes on, just get one between two!

Right, prepare to loosen that belt as we embark on a gastronomic journey that’ll start your day with a bang…

Top breakfasts in Panama City Beach

Rise and shine and make your way to one of these 9 Panama City Beach breakfast spots.

1. Best Panama City Beach breakfast place for… comfort food: Jesse’s Place

This bright and breezy family-owned joint on Thomas Drive is open seven days a week from 7am to 2pm. It cooks up all the classic American breakfast dishes, from biscuits and sausage gravy, to hog-filled burritos and corned beef hash.

Get there early to beat the crowd for a good breakfast PCB style – it’s a popular spot with the locals – and plan the rest of your day wisely; you may need to schedule in a lie-down after Jesse’s hearty fare.

2. Best breakfast in PCB for… crepes with a twist: Gypsea Crepes

If you’re wandering along the beachfront and get a waft of sweet pancakey goodness, that’s Gypsea Crepes calling you. But these come with a Japanese twist – literally. They’re cone-shaped showstoppers that blend the savoury and the sweet in perfect harmony.

From the sizzle of ‘The Sunny’ with its classic breakfast combo of egg, cheddar, and bacon, to a sweet, fruity fanfare topped with berries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce (to which you can even choose to add cheesecake), there’s no shortage of morning thrills here.

The tough part?

Choosing just one to kick start your day.

3. Best PCB breakfast place for… baked brilliance: Andy’s Flour Power

When it comes to the top breakfast in Panama City Beach Fl, Andy’s Flour Power is right up there. This home of heavenly baked delights and comforting café classics has a kind of charisma that you can taste.

Pick from the ‘Friends with Benedicts’ menu for one of several spins on the eggy brunch favourite, or surrender to the indulgence of their breakfast croissant, a handheld masterpiece of Swiss cheese, ham, egg, tomato, avocado, and garlic mayo.

Fresh, not fancy, is the mantra here. And of course, this being America, there’s bottomless coffee to wake you up. 

4. Best PCB breakfast place for… a health kick: Lotus Health Food Cafe & Juice Bar

If you’re looking for a Panama City Beach breakfast that’s a little more virtuous, the Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar is undoubtedly the place to go. This oasis of health and harmony was awarded the title of the city’s best vegetarian restaurant this year and any time spent relaxing in the tranquil Zen Garden in which it’s nestled is sure to leave you feeling… well, pretty zen.

Juices include the piquant V-12, a fiery combo of ginger and turmeric that’s sure to awaken your senses, while the Green Good smoothie with its medley of banana, avocado, kale and spirulina will no doubt leave you with a healthful glow.

Of course, there are plenty of bagels, burritos, and bowls to choose from too – so suit both vegans and meat eaters. 

5. Best PCB breakfast place for… a sweet tooth: Thomas Donut & Snack Shop

Hankering for something a little more saccharine?

This Panama City Beach institution offers the best morning joy money can buy in the form of its lip-smackingly delicious (but every so slightly naughty) donuts. From glazed to chocolate-kissed, or even fruit-filled (the key lime one is a revelation), resistance is futile.

But it’s not all sugar and spice at Thomas Donut & Snack Shop.

Thomas also serves up hearty savoury dishes, like smoked sausage and cheesy kolaches – cloud-like Czech pastries. It’s a symphony of flavours, guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. As you can tell from this list, eating is definitely one of the best things to do in Panama City Beach!

6. Best PCB breakfast place for… coffee lovers: The Pour

If you’re the type of person who needs a caffeine hit to function first thing in the morning, make a beeline for The Pour – ranked as one of Florida’s top places to eat. The coffee here is excellent, but knowing that every sip helps foster sustainable change in the local community makes it taste that little bit better.

If you’re feeling bold, swap your regular cup of Joe for the ‘secret’ Teddy Roosevelt latte, a sweet blend of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon. And grab a cinnamon bun if you can – they’re out of this world.

7. Best breakfast in Panama City Beach for…eastern flavours: Sunrise Cafe & Bakery

At Sunrise Cafe & Bakery, breakfast in Panama City Beach takes an unexpected twist. Traditional American favourites share the table with Eastern European specialities. Classic egg dishes and breakfast burritos coexist with pierogies, shuba (a layered salad with potatoes, egg and herring), and syrniki, a cheese pancake dusted with powdered sugar and accompanied by tangy sour cream.

It’s a gastronomic exploration, and with their fantastic coffee selection, your taste buds can tour the world before the day’s even begun.

8. Best PCB breakfast for… a stack of pancakes: The Pancakery of PCB

Friendship and flapjacks form the heart of The Pancakery, a gem in Panama City Beach’s breakfast crown. Born in the city of Destin and expanded to PCB in 2017, it’s now one of the Panhandle’s favourite breakfast spots, thanks to owners Ricky and Daryl’s commitment to serving up a morning feast.

Fancy something sweet? Try a stack of ‘Gone Bananas’ or ‘Strawberry Fields’ pancakes, bursting with fruity flavours.

For a savoury hit, the ‘Atomic Bomblette’ – an omelette loaded with jalapeños and all things spicy – brings a fiery flavour punch, while the ‘Crabcake Benedict’, a seafood spin on the classic eggy dish, offers a taste of the sea.

9. Best breakfast in PCB for… bread-based delights: Liza’s Kitchen

Liza’s Kitchen is a local favourite that prides itself on fresh, homemade fare. The jewel in its crown is the home-baked focaccia, that forms the basis of some of its top dishes, including ‘Eggs Liza’, a tasty marriage of roast beef and pimento cheese, and the famed ‘Hippie Chick’ sandwich, which is teeming with roasted chicken, goat’s cheese, and comes with a spicy mayo kick.

With bottomless coffee and a whole host of salads and veggie delights, you’re sure to be smitten.

The best breakfast in Panama City Beach

As the sun sets on our breakfast journey, it’s clear that Panama City Beach has more to offer than its beautiful beachfront. Its breakfast scene is as diverse as it is delicious, offering everything from hearty American classics to healthier fare and global gastronomy.

Whether you’re a pancake aficionado, a sandwich savant, or a donut devotee, your taste buds are in for a treat. So, set that alarm clock early and start your day right with the best breakfast in Panama City Beach. Enjoy!

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