20 Reasons to Go To Canada for Trek America’s Mountie Trip

If you want to travel Canada, but you don’t have the friends / money / driving skills / wits / to do it alone, then I can strongly recommend the Mountie Tour with Trek America.

You’ll get a bunch of people to travel with, a set route decided from years of experience, and the safety and security of an internationally renowned company guiding the way. I went to Canada with Trek America last month and had an incredible time, I could probably think of 50 reasons why you should do the Mountie trip with them, but here are just 20 to persuade you.

So as well as the awesome friends, cool route and safety aspect, if you go to Canada with Trek America, you’ll also get the following…

1. Insider info on the best spots in Western Canada to take photos

Canada with Trek America

2. Time to explore incredible views like this

Canada Trek America Mountie

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3. The opportunity to walk in icy glacial waters

Canada Trek America Mountie

4. To meet instant lifelong friends

Group trip Canada

5. Expert lessons in S’mores making

Eating Smores Canada

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6. The chance to canoe one of the most famous lakes in the world

Canada Trek America Mountie

7. Some peaceful ‘me’ time staring at rivers

Canada Trek America Mountie

8. You’ll learn new skills (knifing a cork out)

Trek America Mountie

9. You’ll remember the value of team work

New skills Trek America

10. You get to drink Champagne on top of a waterfall

Canada Trek America Mountie

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11. You can say you’ve been to Canada

Mountie Trek America

12. The chance to camp at a saloon

Mountie Trip Trek America

13. This waterfall though…

Trek America

14. You get to ride in a helicopter! ($$)

Flying in a helicopter in canada

15. And hike a glacier to take pics of ice

Trek America Mountie

16. The views are just INCREDIBLE

Trek America Mountie Trip

17. SEE!

Exploring Canada

18. You will actually WANT to get up and walk to explore

Hiking in Canada

19. Your days are filled with AMAZING activities

Trek America plan

20. Epic sunsets, eh?

Canadian sunset

Canada with Trek America looks pretty awesome, right?

GIFTED: My place on the Trek America Mountie trip was in return for coverage on my blog and YouTube channel. The trip starts from £1020, plus flights, and is a great way to road trip across Canada without actually having to drive. Having the tour leaders and the group there totally made the experience, and I loved my first Trek. For more info on Canada, check out explore-canada.co.uk.

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    1. We went for 10 days / 9 nights – and then a night on the flight on the way back. It was amazing! Really showed me that I want to do more adventurous travel.

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