Review: Framed Prints & Picture Magnets

It’s SO easy to print your photos these days, but who does it? I was determined to make the most of some of the many great photos I’ve taken on my trips this year, that I’ve printed and framed them with Canvas Discount. Here’s how… 

print photos

The Canvas Discount website is so easy to use. Just prepare the photos you want to use beforehand, have them in an easy to find folder, and then you can drag and drop onto the website. Easy as that! 

The hardest part of the whole process is thinking about whether you want framed prints, magnets, snow globes, bags, mugs, towels, throws or any of the other amazing ways to display your photos.

After that you just need to select, upload, approve, and pay. Then it’s just a few days wait for them to arrive.

If you’re in the UK, you can use, and in the US, Same same!

DISCOUNT CODE: My readers can get a 15% discount at – just enter the code VICKYFLIPFLOP15 when you checkout.

Choosing your design

I went for these four photos of us in Jordan for my office. After uploading I just selected 20x20cm photos, the walnut frames, and no finish. Easy! 

printing photos

The whole process was very quick. I took about an hour over my order, but most of that was for looking at all the options on site, and choosing between my photos. 

I thought they’d look really good together and now that they’ve arrived, I know that they do! 

The frames feel and look like high quality, the colours and perfect, and I’m really happy with how they look together. It took five days from ordering to delivery, and no charge for delivery either!

print photos for holiday

I thought the cost of the pictures, and all the photo gifts, was very reasonable – especially considering they’re bespoke.

Before you order

Select your photos and edit them if you need beforehand, and rename them. Make a separate folder to store them in on your desktop, otherwise you’ll be fumbling around on your computer looking for the unnamed and organised files – annoying for everyone!

ordering photo gifts online

Also, use the highest res you have. That means don’t use any images that were sent to you on social media! All these images have been compressed to use less space, so the quality won’t be as high when it comes to using them – leading to blurry images.

Use the original files to get the highest quality photos when they arrive.

My images 

I printed the four image framed series for my office, and then two images for our lounge. They’re all 20×20 and I’m really happy with them. They’re colourful and classy, and all remind me of happy times, which is exactly what photos are meant to do, right? 

print photos online

I also printed some magnets, as my son loves to play with them. I thought he’d enjoy getting to move pictures of mummy and daddy from the fridge to the radiator and back again, and I was right! 

printing magnet images

I’ve got my eye on the snow globe images for Christmas presents. Another fun, tactile gift that I think a toddler would enjoy!

Printing photos is a great way to preserve those cherished memories. Unlike digital images that can get lost in the depths of a hard drive or cloud storage, printed photos offer a tangible connection to the past. They’re a visual timeline, letting us relive special moments and share them with loved ones.

I love having these pictures in my office now.

About is an online platform that specialises in turning digital photos into custom canvas prints, offering a smorgasbord of personalised photo products. They provide a user-friendly interface for customers to upload their images, choose from various size and style options, and customise their prints with effects, frames, and text.

great way to print your photos

With competitive pricing and frequent promotions, caters to budget-conscious shoppers seeking high-quality canvas prints. They promise fast turnaround times and worldwide shipping, ensuring that customers can transform their favourite photos into beautiful wall art or gifts.

15% off 

You can get 15% off at – just enter the code VICKYFLIPFLOP15 when you checkout.

Have fun choosing your framed prints, and your magnets and snow globes!

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