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Listen to the first(!) episode of the So She Travels podcast to hear travel blogger Jayne Gorman’s journey from, ‘I wasn’t that interested in a big rock’ to recommending Uluru as one of the top 3 places to see in Australia. Three years living as an ex pat in the country seemed to have changed her mind!

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ME: “It seems fitting to launch my new podcast, So She Travels… with one of my most influential travel inspirations.

Nowadays I’m a full time travel blogger at  vickyflipfloptravels.com, but back in March 2011, when I first heard of my opening guest Jayne Gorman, I was a new content manager at HostelBookers with no idea what this whole travel blogging world would become, or my place in it.

I found Jayne online, somehow, and her awesome travel blog. The fact she had a blog as well as a super cool job which allowed her to travel placed her firmly up on a pedestal for me.

I wanted her life!

Somehow, through various events in London, press trips and online chats, we became great friends. She’s had an eclectic few years travelling around the world, mostly from Oz to the UK, so I wanted to chat to her about moving abroad, her ex pat life in Australia , working in the travel industry and her top tips for travelling solo when you’re in a relationship.

We recorded this just before Christmas, and just before the arrival of her gorgeous new baby, Miles. In her words, named after the miles he’s done in the womb, and her husband’s great grandfather. Oh we also chat about how she met said husband, Justin – definitely a modern love story (well, pre Tinder)

So, recorded from Miles’ nursery, here’s Jayne to tell us more about why she travels…”

So She Travels Podcast

– Tips and advice for getting a media job in the travel industry

– Leaving her job in travel, to travel

– Visiting Australia and using travel to get out your comfort zone

– Meeting her Australian husband on Twitter

– Living in Sydney and Melbourne – comparing to each other, and to England

– The best locations in Oz to visit

– Working Holiday Visa Advice

– Food in Australia

– Getting married in Thailand

– Top tips for solo travel when you’re in a relationship

– What does pregnancy mean for a travel lover?

– Where’s baby’s first holiday gonna be?

Jayne Gorman on So She Travels Podcast

Tips and advice for getting a job in the travel industry

How Jayne got an awesome job in social media, when social media jobs weren’t even really a thing. She thought outside the box and started her career in a job that allowed her to travel, rather than a job in travel. It turned out to be a great decision and gave her some international experience under her belt.

Leaving her job in travel, to travel

But then she left. She’d set up her own business, her travel blog, and wanted to pursue the amazing opportunities that came with it.

Visiting Australia and how travel pushes your comfort zone

Australia taught her a different side of her to challenge her own perception of herself. And so, she returned, to live the ‘ultimate travel experience’ with her Australian boyfriend. The freedom of forging a career in travel allowed her to do it.

The best locations in Oz to visit

And then three years in Oz allowed her to explore the country more than most. She gives her top 3 recommendations for where to visit in Oz.

Living in Sydney and Melbourne

And then of course, as we all do, we moved onto the comparisons. What’s Sydney like compared to Melbourne? What’s Australia like compared to England? What did you miss in Oz? What do you miss now? What’s the food like over there?

Pineapple Club Resort review

Working Holiday Visa Advice

And who KNEW you could use a Working Holiday Visa as a self employed person? Top tips from someone who has right here.

Getting married in Thailand

Jayne got married in Thailand, she had a destination wedding halfway between hers and her fiance’s homeland. How did that work out for her?

Top tips for solo travel when you’re in a relationship

Can solo travelling when you’re in a relationship make it stronger? Jayne has solo travelled since the start of their relationship. Listen to her top tips on why you should do whatever you want.

What does pregnancy mean for a travel lover?

And onto the next life stage. Pregnancy. At the time of recording Jayne was 8 months pregnant, by now he’s popped out and has opened his eyes to the world. Her latest and greatest challenge and adventure.

Where’s baby’s first holiday gonna be?

Jayne and Justin’s at the time unborn child has been to more places than I managed in my first 25 years. But, most importantly, when he’s out, where’s the baby’s first overseas adventure going to be?

Some of my favourite posts of Jayne’s

10 Good Things About Living in the UK (Yay, she’s back, and the biscuits are out!)

What it’s Like to Live in Melbourne Compared to Sydney (Australia is Jayne’s specialist subject)

Her Floating Breakfast Fail (very funny)

Caribbean FloatFit: The Most Fun You Can Have Working Out (this was a very funny day in Antigua!)

You Know You’re on a Greek Holiday When… (so true!)

You can find Jayne’s life over on GirlTweetsWorld.com, and check her out on all the social medias too: @JayneyTravels

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