‘Dangerous Destinations’ & Perceptions, with Becki Enright

Becki joins me on the So She Travels podcast to chat about visiting so called ‘dangerous’ places around the world. She’s been to Palestine, North Korea and Iran, and is currently in Tibet.


Dangerous destinations

She’s a travel blogger at BordersofAdventure.com and her whole ethos is to travel to change perceptions. She wants to travel to those ‘misunderstood’ places, that most people would normally turn away from, to show others the truth. We chat about media perceptions, how mud sticks on a destination, and how one thing going wrong in a small part of the country can affect tourism and understanding on a global scale. 

“There’s a fine line between saying, I want to go to Yemen, and I want to go to Iran.”

“I’m sad I never got to go to Syria ten years ago, when I was gonna go”.

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Travelling to ‘dangerous destinations’

Becki loves a challenge, she’s been to some of the most interesting places around the world. After travels in Mongolia, China, and through the Caucuses, it would take a lot to kill her spirit. And, as you’ll hear in the podcast, she’s definitely faced difficulties along the way. 

Dangerous destinations

She’s endlessly curious and puts a huge amount of research into whether to visit one of these so-called ‘dangerous destinations’ or not. 

“Is it a war zone or is it just somewhere that has a bad perception?”

“Instinct is everything”

‘Influencers’ and media responsibility 

Becki and I discuss the current wave of bloggers and Instagrammers going to difficult destinations and talking about them as if they’re the next big thing, with no acknowledgement to the dangers or history of the destination. Or even, a basic understanding.

“When you’re an influencer you have a responsibility to give a rounded view”

She’s one of the few travel bloggers I know of who really goes into the history and politics of a destination. I wanted to know how she managed to stay on top of the news.

“I’m not a qualified historian. All I’m telling you is this is the history I know and what I’ve got off the ground. It’s my job to encourage people to see a destination in the best way possible.”

Travelling responsibly 

In her travels Becki will always try to support the locals. She works with G Adventures, and had travelled with them for years before. A company like G Adventures helps to make sure your money goes to the right place and reduce the social impact. 

“When you’re paying a tour company a lot of money, there’s something great in people seeing the money is going to a greater good”.

Living in Austria

Dangerous destinations

After all the crazy adventures, Becki’s chosen Austria as her home. As well as ‘changing perceptions’ of dangerous destinations, she also wants to change what you imagine of the more traditional destinations too. She’s showing off Austria to be more than Mozart and the Sound of Music. 

Living normally in a different country is the “ideal balance” of travel and home. 

Why she travels

“You end up meeting beautiful people, who’s cultures are a flip on your own and that’s why you travel.”

“It’s an encouragement, and to step out of their comfort zone. The world is not that off limits. Our job as travel writers is to talk with people, not at them.”

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