Eating London. Literally. Well, Shoreditch.

In all my time of living in London (6 years, 3 months, 17 days to be precise) I’ve never done a food tour. I’d never felt the need – I’d already found far too many places to find food all by myself.

But I like eating, I like London, so when Eating London asked me if I wanted to try their tour, there was no need to think for too long. 

Eating London Tour

Eating London Tour

On a sunny August Thursday morning I met the group at a coffee shop in Spitalfields to gorge my way around Shoreditch. We would be spending the day eating at all the best places the Eating London boss had carefully handpicked from more than 200 eateries in the area. 

Eating London Tour

I’m not going to spoil the surprise, or the hard stomach-expanding work of the team, by revealing the ten stop offs but I’ll let you know what I ferried away into my piggy little mouth in the space of just three hours…

Bacon sandwich, fish and chips, curry, cheese, cider, beer, bread and butter pudding, chocolate torte and salt beef bagel.

I went home and had to have a little sleep afterwards. 

Any good?

It wasn’t just the food that was incredible. Our Eating London tour guide Emily gave us loads of insider information on the area too. I learnt all about the prostitutes, the Jews, the soup kitchens, the film sets, street art, Jack the Ripper, the crafty government, building plans, building scams and what it’s like to run these tours every day. She was great.

Eating London Tour
At first I wasn’t sure about £65, but the amount of food you get to try, knowledge you get to reap, facts to splash out next time you’re in Shoreditch and new great restaurants you have in your repertoire, its well worth it. 

Its a good job I  didn’t have breakfast that day. I’d advise you not to eat the day before either, or the one after come to that. Alternatively, you don’t actually have to eat everything on the tour, apparently.

Pish tosh. 

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