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How to Do a Home Allergy Test With Klarify.Me

Spring is coming, and with it: seasonal allergies.

Are you sniffly in the spring?

It’s so weird how allergies can start later on in life. You dismiss your sniffly nose as cold, or because you’ve just cleaned, or a bit of dust, and then you notice it more and more, and it dawns, maybe you have an allergy.


La Legato Beach Resort
– I’m not made for housework

I’m definitely allergic to housework. As soon as the bleach and cleaning sprays come out I’m sniffling all the way through.

If you feel your allergies are more serious though, you might want to get them checked out. This can be related to sniffles, or food, or skin irritations too.

Well, it’s definitely NOT a good time to go to a doctor right now, so how about trying one of these allergy tests at home?

Skin prick allergy tests

With a simple prick test you can easily test yourself for allergies at home. This will help you to work out what’s triggering your symptoms.

Klarify Me skin test

Skin prick tests are one of the most common diagnostic tools for people with allergy. It doesn’t mean you have skin allergy. Your skin is simply used as a canvas for the test.

Even though you might have symptoms in your eyes, nose, lung or gut, a skin prick test can still show a reaction to your triggers.  And the reaction on your skin can then be measured and compared.

Skin prick tests are done when allergy is suspected. A skin prick test may help to identify the triggers, or “allergens” that could be causing your allergy symptoms. Information from a skin prick test can help your doctor develop a treatment plan for your allergy.” 


These can also be really useful if you’re not registered at a doctor, or if you’re a digital nomad, or an ex pat.

You may need to still speak to a doctor afterwards, but at least a home allergy test will put you on a clearer path, and possibly make it so you can wait a bit to see them. An accurate diagnosis of allergy requires both a test and a consultation with your doctor.

Home allergy tests have been working to reduce the effects of allergies for over 100 years. They have a strong scientific background and offer two different tests you can order online.

Home allergy test

– A DIY home test for grass pollen, dust mite and cat sensitisation.

– The other is a home to lab test which considers your body’s reaction to 280+ allergens. This includes pollen, pets, mites, insect stings, moulds & yeasts and food. Do this one, send it off, and within three weeks you’ll receive a comprehensive report to discuss with your doctor. For a child under the age of 12 you need to get this test performed by a doctor.

The tests start at £149.99 and you can find out more on the website.