Your Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa Review

An overnighter at a spa is one of the best ways to feel like you’ve had the rest of a beach holiday, without the expense, hassle or time of having to leave the UK.

Let me show you why in this Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa Review!

A few weeks ago I went to the Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa in Bagshot, Surrey, for a relaxing day and night, with an 8-course menu at their Latymer Restaurant for dinner. I was invited to come and experience the spa, in return for a review of on my blog.

Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa Review

View of the Pennyhill Park

Of course, the award-winning spa was amazing, more on that, but one of the best things about Pennyhill Park was that it was 45 minutes from Heathrow Airport. As in, from my room at the spa to the departure lounge at Heathrow took 45 minutes on an early Friday morning via Uber (and £25).

I was off to Hamburg for the MS Dockville Festival and I can wholeheartedly confirm, after years of early airport starts, Pennyhill Park is a much more relaxing alternative to the airport hotels.

So that’s the location, as for the experience…

My arrival at Pennyhill Park

Pennyhill Park and Spa

After being greeted and shown up to my room we were met in the casual Themis restaurant with a bespoke smoothie each to complement the answers we’d given on a pre-visit questionnaire. Mine was green – I was nervous I wasn’t going to like it. That week of heaving at breakfast smoothies on my vegan week in Mexico flashed into my mind.

No need to worry though. I slurped the whole lot up like an oreo malt milkshake from Byron Burger. Delish.

Review of Pennyhill

Darren, the long time manager of the spa, explained how it all worked – a lively mixture of members and visitors – and that he’d carefully selected a treatment for us too, again, based on the questionnaire (make sure you think about what you want when you fill that in!).

For me he’d chosen a ‘Deeply Nourishing Gold Facial’:

“Let your skin be deeply nourished in a layer of gold. Allow your skin to soak up our luxurious products enriched with caviar and pearl. Enjoy a relaxing facial, scalp, hand and foot massage and then leave with truly exquisite skin.”

After a quick tour of the luxury 5-star country house, the treatment rooms, thermal experience area, the eight indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the relaxation area and the biggest changing rooms I’ve ever seen anywhere, it was time for the treatment.

The Gold Facial at Pennyhill Park Spa 

My beauty therapist was lovely. It was only around 3pm-ish but I was so, so tired. I hadn’t slept well the night before and then was up early to get some work done before travelling up from Portsmouth. As soon as I entered the room though, I instantly relaxed. So relaxed, I felt the need to warn her that I was probably going to fall asleep. And I did.

I was lay on a waterbed, she was playing the soothing sounds of a spa, it was dark and she was gently massaging my face. I mean, how was I supposed to resist that sweet allure of sleep in those conditions?

In my waking moments I know that she had some sort of device that vibrated gentle electrical pulses into my face and that she put a face mask on, which peeled off in some sort of thickened up glory. I remember her asking if she could massage my feet – if course it was a yes – and I think that was the exact moment I dropped off.

She finished and I was so relaxed and not quite with it, she suggested I go and relax in the darkened chill out room next door with a glass of water. I was sad it was over.

Pennyhill Park Spa

I only had about an hour to explore the spa so tried to fit in as much as possible. I didn’t want to waste all the treatment she’d put on my face but also wanted to sit in the steam room.

Difficult choice right?

I sat in one for 15 minutes without being disturbed by anyone else. Think I fell asleep in there too. It was such a beautiful day that most people were sat around the pool outside. I swam in the indoor pool with the underwater soothing music, went in another sauna and then took the plunge, literally, and dipped into the 12C pool to freshen up before going back to my room to get ready for dinner.

My 8-course dinner at Latymer Restaurant

Pennyhill Park and spa

Oh gawd that 8-course dinner.

From Welsh Lamb to Red Mullet and that chocolate dessert. All topped with champagne and wine pairing with every course. I was in lovely company with my new blogger friends, and the service was excellent. I actually thought it was good value for all that drink and fine dining for £75, and absolutely delicious.

Review Pennyhill Park

The waiting staff were lovely, super attentive and good fun when we were trying to get our photos. A few of us had spotted the cheese board on the way out and so, obviously not done with an 8-courser, decided to see if we could sample a few cheeses by the fire in the lounge.

The answer was yes, and so we (blogger friends Angie from silverspoonlondon and Laura from HeroineinHeels) drank Champagne and ate cheese next to a roaring fire, having a lovely time.

My room at Pennyhill Park

Pennyhill Park and spa

First thing that grabbed my attention as I walked in the room was the autumnal vine leaves decorating the window. It was August but the orangey and red tones tapped on the window and created a beautiful frame to admire the view. The grounds are huge, in fact it’s one of the biggest spas in the country, making it very private.

My room was in the main building, about three floors up, and from the window I could see a few tables and chairs set up with people enjoying their afternoon aperitifs. This was apparently the spot for the photos for the many weddings that happen at Pennyhill Park every year.

Bedroom Pennyhill Park

Of course the next thing to inspect was the bed – I’m happy to say that I had a very restful night’s sleep, despite having to be up at 6am. Usually I’m too paranoid that I won’t wake when I have to get up early and so don’t sleep very well. Not here. I made full use of that midnight to 6am.

As for the rest of my room, there was a TV in the shower, which was odd, although I’m sure some people would think brilliant. I loved the shimmer of the floor, the modern design, which blended into the more traditional design of the bedroom, and the size and desk looking out the window. I think I could spend a week here and be very happy.

Pennyhill Park and Spa

Pennyhill Park Spa

There’s a full on fitness programme at Pennyhill Park, they’re always updating the therapies, classes and ideas and they’ve always got the latest beauty products in for the regulars and newbies to try.

I can definitely see myself coming back here, but next time I’d maximise that 3pm till 2pm the next day check out and make the most of everything the spa had to offer. I just want to sit in that jacuzzi in the sun!

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  2. This place looks lovely! I can’t believe it’s only a 20 minute drive from where I grew and I never realised! Maybe next time I go to visit mum I should take a detour haha

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