Emily Luxton on Shy Travel, Latin America Advice & More [PODCAST]

Ok, we’re getting into the swing of the So She Travels podcast now right?

Have you ever known anyone inspired to travel by playing video games as a child? Well here’s Emily Luxton. She’s travelled to almost 50 countries and lived as a digital nomad for years. 

Emily So She Travels Podcast

As well as utilising travel to overcome her extreme shyness – so shy she couldn’t even order in a restaurant – Emily has managed to use her travels to help cope with the grief of her mother dying when she was 18. Emily and I actually live together so back in December we decided to crack open a bottle of wine and get her on the podcast.

“Going travelling by myself for the first time was terrifying.” – Emily

Her bravery and coping strategies are inspiration for us all, and of course, being Emily, Harry Potter makes his way in there too.

Introduction to the Great Emily Luxton

So She Travels Podcast

“Emily and I first met back in 2015 on a press trip in Spain. She’s a fellow travel blogger at emilyluxtontravels.com and lived in London at the same time as me, but we never actually met. Since then our lives have freakishly paralleled. So much so, we now live together in Southsea, Portsmouth.

It’s been a happy union for the past year, and one that meant we could have this chat, me in a dressing gown, before we went out to a 90s party in town.

Emily has overcome crippling shyness, and heart-breaking grief at a tender age, to travel the world sometimes solo and sometimes in a group. So I wanted to talk to her about her coping mechanisms, where she’s been, her travel dating stories and why she wanted to come home from travelling the world indefinitely…”

I wanted to find out…

Emily Luxton

How a person goes from not being able to order in a restaurant in Weymouth, to being able to travel the world solo.

Her top tips for helping any other shy travellers to overcome the embarrassment and get out there.

Also, any fun dating stories?

I already knew there were, of course, but it was just a matter of teasing them out of her somehow.

“Lucky curvy, pasty me! When my mouth was full of omelette, he asked if he could kiss me. No, cabron, you can’t kiss me half an hour into a first date while I’m still eating!” – Emily, on her blog. 

Emily Luxton So She Travels Podcast

Why does she feel the need to push herself so far out of her comfort zone?

How did losing her mum so young affect her outlook on life?

“My mum was 44 when she passed away, no one expects that.

I was really sad and didn’t know what to do with myself. Travel has always been a really positive thing.

Making new memories and having new challenges to focus on really helped”.

Where are the best places to go in South America?

How much do you think a multi-month holiday to South America costs?

“You’re never going to hear ‘99% of people went to Colombia and had a great time”. 

“Take an open mind, say yes to everything, and have fun”.

What was it like travelling for so long?

Why did she eventually move back to England?

“Trying anything you really care about is hard – you have to do things for yourself”.

What are the problems with long term travel – why not do it forever?

And where would she go if I gave her £1000?

“After I started travelling – over the course of a few years, I find I became the person I was before my mum passed away. I enjoyed life a lot more, and I was happier and more confident. It taught me how much I was capable of and could overcome”. 

So She Travels Podcast

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