Wandering Quinn on Spiritual & Vegan Travel in India [PODCAST]

So, next up on the So She Travels podcast, I’m chatting with Ellie Quinn from the travel blog, WanderingQuinn.

She quit her job in London to go travelling and spent her first four months in India. Following her Instagram Stories has been a fascinating insight into India life, so I wanted to ask her what it was really like to travel India for so long.

Also, we chat veganism while travelling, how to be friendly to the planet when you’re abroad, and, how spirituality has affected the way she’s travelled.

Ellie Wandering Quinn

Ellie is a travel blogger at thewanderingquinn.com. She and I knew each other online and then met on a press trip to the Christmas Markets in Basel, Switzerland. Bit different to the depths of India! I enjoy following her adventures online for her honesty and candidness. She’ll tell it like it is, but fairly and with some insightful research too.

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So, I wanted to know…

Why Ellie left her cushty life in London for a life of travel, and whether she had any regrets.

What is it like to just pack up your life to go and live somewhere else.

Why she chose to start with India for five months.

ellie quinn wandering quinn

How her belief in ‘Manifesting’ relates to travel, and what it really means.

How she manages to fit yoga and meditation into her nomad lifestyle.

What it’s like travelling India for so long alone.

If the image people have of India, matches the reality.

Any problems she’s had on the road, and she overcame them.

How travelling India as a vegan is working out for her.

And how travel matches with her sustainability goals.

Also, we talk about her independent travels in India – where she’s been and her favourite places.

Her top safety tips for travelling in India and how to cope with the cultural staring.

Also, her packing tips, which totally saved me on my India trip. I was packing shorts and summer wear, when what I needed was jeans and jumpers.

We also talk about her new site IndiabyBackpack.com – a practical guide to travelling India.

And more!

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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter and make sure to check out her YouTube videos too.

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