The Best Isle of Wight Weekend Itinerary for Adults

This Isle of Wight weekend itinerary will help you plan your time on the island day by day.

I loved my weekend on the Isle of Wight with my boyfriend, Ben. There’s so much to do in three days on the Isle of Wight, and it’s all so close together. To drive, the island is only an hour across, and it’s only 30 minutes top to bottom. You can see and do a lot in a short amount of time. 

Good, because there’s lots to do!

I’ve already taken you through the 58 top things to do on the Isle of Wight, but let’s see how they all fit together to spend a brilliant weekend on the Isle of Wight. All these photos are from a weekend in September – proving that Autumn is a great time to book a weekend trip in the UK.

Just don’t forget your raincoat… 

Isle of Wight for couples

After a busy and hectic summer with friends and festivals, we decided a weekend trip to the Isle of Wight (just a ferry crossing from us in Portsmouth) would be the perfect way to relax and enjoy an easy adventure. 

We stayed at Nodes Point Holiday Park in St Helen’s, with Parkdean Resorts. I’ve been working with them to remind myself, and you, just how great a weekend in the UK is, and why I absolutely believe a break here, can be as fulfilling and exciting as one abroad – and you don’t even have to deal with the airport. 

– Post in collaboration with Parkdean Resorts


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Weekend on the Isle of Wight

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Day 1 of your Isle of Wight weekend itinerary

Nodes Point Holiday Park  

Walk around Osborne House

isle of wight weekend

From Nodes Point Holiday Park (see where to stay, below) it’s a 30-minute drive to Osborne House. Osborne House is one of the absolute must see places on the Isle of Wight, it’s known as Queen Victoria’s Palace by the Sea. 

She and Albert came here with their children to spend the summers and relax. And she came after his death, when she was in complete mourning. 

The house is impressive, of course, but it’s the gardens and beach that really give Osborne House must visit status on any weekend to the Isle of Wight. You can see where Queen Victoria used to sit on the beach, and some of her paintings too. 

the gardens of Osborne House

I’d advise looking round the house first, then getting some lunch or a snack at one of the cafes or the terrace restaurant and continuing on down to the beach and gardens. I think you’ll probably spend around four hours here – more if you want some ice cream on the beach. 

From the beach you can see across to Portsmouth so make sure to give me a wave! 

Osborne House is open from 10-6 every day – book in advance to guarantee its place on your Isle of Wight weekend itinerary.

Explore Shanklin’s cream tea and beaches

Spend the late afternoon in Shanklin. It’s a postcard perfect olde Isle of Wight town. Go and have a cream tea / afternoon tea at The Teashop. Cream teas are a big thing on the Isle of Wight and I don’t think you can really say you’ve been unless you’ve had one. 

There are some nice boutique shops in Shanklin to look around, or you can check out Shanklin Chine, Shanklin Beach and the Esplanade too. There’s plenty to keep you busy for an afternoon in Shanklin. 

Kynges Well for dinner 

This was a bit of a rogue choice for my boyfriend and I on our weekend to the Isle of Wight. I’d spent a lot of time researching the best restaurants on the Isle of Wight beforehand, and this hadn’t come up. It was actually Ben who found it on Google and so I followed along. 

I’ll admit, it wasn’t until the main course that I was totally sold. From the outside Kynges Well looked like any other normal pub, the same inside.

And then I was a bit disappointed with my prawn starter – basically 5 mediocre prawns and a dip for £7 – but the main course. Oh my days. 

I had pork medallions in a tarragon sauce with mushrooms and it was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately no picture as I had to dive in, but you’ll have to trust me on this one. If you don’t go here when you visit the Isle of Wight I’ll be disappointed in you. The desserts on the next table looked pretty epic too – but I was done.

Then it’s only a 14-minute drive back to Nodes Point in St Helen’s.

Mermaid’s Gin Distillery 

Mermaid Gin Distillery Isle of Wight

Or, you can pop into the Mermaid’s Gin Distillery on the way home – just a few minutes’ drive from the park. A must on any Isle of Wight itinerary. Unfortunately they’ve stopped doing the distillery tours by the evening, but you can have a drink where the good stuff is brewed. 

You can always pop back when the tours are running. Good reason!

Total driving time for the day = 1 hour 20 minutes 


Day 2 of your Isle of Wight weekend itinerary

weekend on the isle of wight

Click for the day two Isle of Wight map

Kayaking with Tackt-Isle Adventures 

Start the day off on St Helen’s Beach with a kayaking trip with Tackt-Isle Adventures. I was super nervous about being cold and wet, and not fitting the wetsuit, but, I’m happy to say they have all sizes of wetsuits, spare shoes, windbreakers and I was perfectly happy out on the water on my two-hour kayaking experience. 

kayaking on the isle of wight

We kayaked off of the beach, through Priory Bay and round to Seagrove Bay. It was great. Our guide was super friendly and happily told us all about life on the island while we paddled away. 

Tackt-Isle Adventures is less than 5 minutes’ walk from Nodes Point, so you can go back and refresh before your afternoon of fun. 

West Wight Alpacas 

Head to West Wight Alpacas for lunch. They have a pizza oven here, and from experience I can tell you they’re pretty special. They’re also massive so get a box to take home if you need.

i walked an alpaca

But, either before or after lunch, depending on how hungry your kayaking trip has made you, you need to walk an alpaca. I’ve done the ‘walk an alpaca’ experience twice on weekends on the Isle of Wight, it’s that good. They’re so cute, and mildly tempered, and feel amazing, and funny – they’re the best. 

Both times I’ve had awesome guides too – ready to tell me anything and everything I’ve ever wanted to know about alpacas. You can do short walks, or long, and save time to wander around the farm after too.

Off the Rails for lunch 

If you didn’t eat at West Wight Alpacas, or, you love trains, I strongly recommend visiting Off the Rails. The award-winning restaurant is themed around old railway carriages, and is set on the old railway line in Yarmouth. The restaurant looks out over Yarmouth Marshes and Mill Copse.

Isle of Wight Off the Rails
Off the Rails Isle of Wight

We ordered the ultimate fish finger sandwich each, which was epic on our Isle of Wight trip. Just look at it! 

Isle of Wight Needles 

To me, the Needles are the iconic image of the Isle of Wight. The Needles landmark features three stacks of chalk rising out of the sea off the coast of Alum Bay on the west of the island. There’s also a lighthouse here. The name comes from the fourth stack, which was shaped like a needle, but unfortunately collapsed in a storm many years ago.

Whether you have 3 days in Isle of Wight, or you’re looking for an Isle of Wight 2 day itinerary, I’d definitely recommend you venture out to see the Needles.

Needles Isle of Wight

There’s a whole area for tourists built up around the Needles, featuring an ode to Marconi and his telecommunications innovations, a chairlift down to the beach and a fun park area for kids with a 3D cinema, a few (tame) rides and some amusements. You can also watch sweet making and glass blowing. 

Needles Isle of Wight

There is a Needles cruise that runs from Yarmouth but last time I was there the sea was so rough, it wasn’t a good idea to go out. Check the weather and book in advance though for your Isle of Wight weekend.

Compton Bay 

On the way back pop into Compton Bay to see the dinosaur footprints on the beach. The Isle of Wight is known among the dinosaur loving community as prime fossil ground. New fossils, and even new dinosaur breeds, are still being found.  

Again, it was too windy during our September weekend on the Isle of Wight, so we just sat in the car and admired the view from the warmth. But, you can go down on the beach when the sea is out and explore where dinosaurs made their mark millions of years ago. 

Isle of wight beach compton bay

This is an absolutely stunning drive by the way, so get your tunes on and get ready to go full snap happy tourist (if you’re the passenger).

Pull into the Albion Hotel on the way back for a quick look at another beach – although, don’t turn your back on it in breezy cold weather – I got a very unwanted shower. As did the photographer with all his equipment stood next to me. The winds here can be ferocious.


If it’s Friday or Saturday you can go to Off the Rails for dinner, otherwise you will have to think further afield.

The Garlic Farm is on the way back. Here you can buy as much garlic as your heart desires, or have a meal. I’ve not eaten there but I’m assured it’s fantastic, and it’s one of the most popular restaurants on the Isle of Wight. 

cole platter crab and lobster

I’d recommend going nearer home though, and trying out the Crab and Lobster Inn, in Bembridge. We had a fantastic meal here – crab thermidor, and the chef’s cold platter. It’s a really nice pub, with a beer garden and stairs down to Bembridge Beach. 

It’s only 13 minutes’ drive from Nodes Point too. 

Total driving for day 2 = 2 hours 48 mins 


Day 3 of your Isle of Wight weekend itinerary

isle of wight itinerary

Click for the day 3 map of the Isle of Wight

Ventnor for breakfast

We went to Cantina, which was ok. I’d found it on Google, but as we walked around some more I realised there were a lot better places nearby.

I’m just a bit bitter because I’d ordered pancakes which I thought would be a stack, but ended up being more like cake and ice cream, for breakfast. The sausage roll I had to satiate my hunger afterwards was absolutely delicious though. 

Cantina pancakes

Maybe just a coffee and sausage roll from there next time?

Or, check out Tramezzini next door – as we walked past people were wolfing down big bowls of delicious looking breakfast. If you have 3 days on the Isle of Wight you can have a good look around at the breakfast possibilities and decide on your favourite.

Ventnor Beach 

Beach at Ventnor Isle of Wight
Me in Ventnor

After breakfast / brunch, you can take a walk down to Ventnor Beach and have a look in the shops and restaurants. Make sure to get a snap at this viewpoint before you get to the sands. I mean, don’t I look special in my yellow coat there?

Ventnor Botanical Garden

Ventnor Botanical Garden is a pretty special place. With over 20,000 plants in 22 subtropical acres of grounds, there’s a lot to see here. We wandered around the Australian Garden, the Japanese Garden, into the greenhouse and around the shop and cafe too. 

Botanical Garden Ventnor

There’s also a quick way to get down to Steephill Cove just past the Japanese Garden. Probably a better way of getting down there than trying to drive down, which is what we did. That was a fun 10 point turn trying not to fall off the cliff. 

Ventnor Botanical Garden has all kinds of great events and classes year round, and cooking classes too. Take a look at their website to plan your Isle of Wight weekend around them. 

Afternoon Tea at the Royal Hotel 

Not far from the Botanical Garden you’ll find The Royal Hotel – one of the best places on the whole island for an Afternoon Tea. We went for the Champagne option and had a lovely time. It’s so nice and fancy in there, and you’ll really be treated to a special experience by the staff. 

The food was so good as well. Although, I’d strongly recommend not eating the second scone and taking it home instead. I was so full. Just can’t resist that jam and cream!

Appeldurcombe House 

Just up the road from the Royal Hotel is Appeldurcombe House. Now, I wouldn’t really say this was an absolute must do on a weekend on the Isle of Wight, but, it’s an interesting free attraction if you have the time. 

appeldurcombe house

Appeldurcombe House used to be one of the grandest houses on the entire island, but two world wars later and it really suffered. During the Second World War a bomb went off nearby and that was that. 

At the appeldurcombe house

The house is now an absolute shell of its former self but interesting to look around. It’s one of the many English Heritage sites on the island too. And in a great location for a little walk before your next feed. 

The Donkey Sanctuary is just up the road. I haven’t been yet, but it’s another one of those on the list for next time I’m on the Isle of Wight for a weekend. 

Ryde Beach 

Isle of Wight Ryde Beach

Just before you go for dinner have a little mooch on Ryde Beach. This is the first view of the Isle of Wight for anyone coming in on the hovercraft from Southsea, and it’s one of the loveliest beaches on the island in my opinion. Sandy, huge, and great views back to Portsmouth, where you came from (or maybe you came from Southampton?). 

If you have time, I’d definitely recommend spending longer enjoying some of the activities in Ryde – there’s so much to do there. 

Three Buoys for dinner 

Heading towards the top of the beach, past the lake, you’ll find the quieter end, and the Three Buoys Restaurant. Oh this place is so nice. You know when you walk in a spa and instantly feel relaxed? Well, that’s what I felt here. The waiter was absolutely lovely too (sadly closed as of August 2020 – try The Duck nearby instead).

Three Buoys dinner

We had a bit of a feast here, seeing as it was a late lunch. Those oysters were special, and Ben’s burger – yum. With Isle of Wight tomatoes, fries and garlic bread on top – this was my favourite meal on the Isle of Wight. And with Kynges Well and Off the Rails to compete with, they did well. 

From here it’s just a 14-minute drive to Fishbourne, where you’ll get your Isle of Wight ferry back to sunny Portsmouth. I used the Wightlink and was very impressed by the service. The new Victoria of Wight ferry is lovely, we ended up changing our ticket on the way back and they were fine about it, and the whole process was super smooth. 

Where to stay on the Isle of Wight

I stayed at Nodes Point Holiday Park on the Isle of Wight. Pretty much on St Helen’s Beach it’s in an idyllic location with lodges, safari tents and static caravans looking out over the bay, as well as spaces for tents and motorhomes. 

Lodge at Nodes Point

We stayed in a Culver View Lodge, which had three bedrooms, space for six people, a kitchen, lounge and hot tub. It was in such a good location, both for the many things to do on the Isle of Wight in a weekend, and also for the ferries. 

me and ben at nodes point holiday park

Within the grounds was a swimming pool, a kids club, a shop and a restaurant and coffee bar too. It’s a perfect location for a holiday with enough facilities and amenities for if you just want to stay on site, but also a good location for getting out and about too. 

If you have an Isle of Wight 2 day itinerary, you’ll be in a perfect location here for easy access to the ferries. And if you have three days on the Isle of Wight then you can sit back and relax here!

MORE places to go Glamping on the Isle of Wight or for adventurous weekends in the UK.

Weekend on the Isle of Wight

St Helens Beach Isle of Wight

We had a fantastic weekend on the Isle of Wight. So much so, I’m already planning my next visit. The fact you need to get a ferry over only adds to the charm, you’re still in England, but it’s an adventure away! 

I was on the Isle of Wight courtesy of Parkdean Resorts. I’m helping them to show off the best of Britain.

All thoughts my own, and I’ve been to the Isle of Wight many times under my own steam. It’s a great place!

If you’ve got a favourite spot in Britain, or you love the Isle of Wight too, then share your posts on social media with #BestofBritain, and tell the world!  

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