My Personal Shopping Experience at Heathrow Airport

On the way to my brother’s wedding in Samos I signed up for a personal shopping experience at Heathrow.

Totally felt like a celeb, and along with the Champers, the whole experience turned out to be the perfect start to my trip.

So, seeing as you don’t have to be a celeb, or millionaire, or even want to spend loads, to sign up, I thought I’d tell you exactly what to expect from Heathrow’s personal shopping experience, so you can think about booking it for your next trip.

My personal shopper

Personal shopper experience at Heathrow

I met my personal shopper Anjana at customer services, as you exit security in Terminal 2. We walked down to the personal shopper room, via WHSmith where she bought me some water. As you can see in the video above, she opened the room to one wall lined with display cases, showing off the latest Paul Smith and Miu Miu designs. These change regularly to suit the seasons.

I settled in and Anjana showed me the clothes she’d picked up from John Lewis. Terminal 2 has a small selection of shops, but you can request brands for your experience from any of the other terminals. The personal shopping experience is also available at Terminals 3 and 5 too.

I’d already mentioned in the pre experience survey that I wasn’t really interested in the super expensive brands. Sure, it’d be fun to try stuff on, but I knew I wouldn’t buy them. There’s no obligation to buy a thing, but rather than just trying a bunch of unattainable clothes, I wanted a more practical experience with actual suggestions on what would genuinely look good on me. And I could buy.

Watch my Heathrow Personal Shopping Experience on YouTube


  1. Did you tip the personal shopper? If so, what is the right amount to tip? I’m planning to use personal shopper on my next trip.

    1. I didn’t. And I don’t think you’re meant to. I’m not definitely sure on that but I think they may get a cut of what you buy. There was no mention of this though.

  2. Sounds like a good experience and something a bit different if you’ve got time before a flight! Good there is no obligation to buy anything either! Nothing worse than feeling pressured to buy stuff that’s too expensive and you don’t really want! Love the shades!

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