Your Questions About Glastonbury: Answered

Ready for the next Glastonbury? Every year I’m inundated with questions about what to take, what the grounds are like and what the best time to get there is. I decided to write a little round up post, but if you have any more questions about Glastonbury just let me know in the comments section at the end of this post.

Questions about Glastonbury festival

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Questions About Glastonbury

Are you allowed to take alcohol into Glastonbury Festival?

Yes. You can take your own into the campsite and into the main stage areas. People were coming in with wheelbarrows and trollies weighed down with cans of booze. As long as you’re not planning on selling it and going over the top you can bring in as much as you want. No need to sneak alcohol in, like at other festivals.

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Can I take a campervan to Glastonbury? 


I’d love to do Glastonbury with a campervan. It’d be absolute dreams to have my own toilet and shower to retreat to. Also, a proper bed. And a fridge! 

It’s definitely one of my life goals to stay in a campervan at Glastonbury. You don’t actually have to buy your own campervan for this either. Check out Goboony for campervan rentals. Book with them and you don’t have to deal with the upkeep of a campervan, yet you can pick and choose your weekends when you want one. Also, you don’t have to deal with it being on your drive all year for the rare time you use it. 

Goboony motorhome

They have rentals all over the UK, so you can choose the option closest to you. Local owners put their campervans on for anyone with a driving licence to use. 

Remember, you will need a campervan pass for Glasto though, which is sold separately to your ticket. 

Did you see any celebrities at Glastonbury Festival?

I was stood right next to Romy and Jamie from The XX to watch Beyonce in 2012 – it made my life. That was it for celeb spots on the ground though I’m afraid. There are probably loads milling about though. Make sure you take some dark sunglasses for the snooping possibilities, if you do happen to spot one.

Glastonbury is one of the best festivals in the world, so of course even the celebrities want to go!

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What do I need to take to Glastonbury?

I’ve written a whole Glastonbury kit list, but as long as you have some money and your ticket you can literally buy everything else you need in there. But, don’t forget to check out my Glastonbury Essentials post, just so you’re ready.

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Glastonbury essentials

It’s my first time at Glastonbury; I’m scared of the toilets, the crowds and the mud, in that order.

No need to be scared.

  • The toilet situation was a lot better than at other festivals I’ve been to.
  • It’s only crowded at the front of the stages and in the smaller tents later on. You’ll be able to find as much space as you need to thrash out those moves.
  • The mud is actually quite fun, if you have the right attitude.

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Glastonbury questions

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Seriously, how do I survive Glastonbury?

The most important thing you can take to Glastonbury is a good attitude. Have fun and keep a smile on your face and you’ll have a great time. As soon as any member in your party starts getting grouchy or grumpy it’ll spread to everyone – don’t let that person be you.

If it all starts getting a little overwhelming just take a minute to remind yourself that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who nearly smashed their computer screens in trying to be in your place, and take note of the Glastonbury advice here.

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What can we do if the weather is bad?

When I went to Glastonbury in 2012 we had thunderous showers for two days and it gradually got better until we had glorious sunshine on the final day. You can deal with whatever the weather throws at you, trust me, just invest in some comfy wellies and sunscreen.

Keep an eye on the forecast and just be ready for all weathers. Be prepared!

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How can I stay clean and fresh at Glastonbury?

Ooo big question. I’ve written a whole article about beauty tips for Glastonbury. Next time I go I’m going to take a solar powered shower. Along with some baby wipes and toilet roll it’s all you need. There will always be someone more feral than you; don’t worry.

There are ‘salons’ and ‘beauty booths’ dotted around the festival where you can get your nails done, your hair washed and other beauty-like activities. Normally I’d say I couldn’t be bothered with all that, but that hairwash on day four made me a new woman, I tell ya!

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Questions about Glastonbury

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Can I bring my baby to Glastonbury?

Yeah! I’d definitely take mine, if I ever had one. There’s a whole family-friendly section and you see quite a few people pushing around strollers. It’s a great atmosphere for you to introduce your baby to and the when the baby grows up they’ll think you’re the coolest mum/dad ever.

Terrorism at Glastonbury:
Why We Can’t Be Scared

What time should I get to Glastonbury?

Hmmm, difficult. I arrived at around 9am on the Wednesday and had to queue for a few hours to get in. My brother arrived in the afternoon and just strolled right in there, I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to this one and it depends a lot on which entrance you go to and the current crowd situation.

Glastonbury questions

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Can I get out to go to the supermarket?

I’m not entirely sure, but to be honest I wouldn’t bother. You can keep going in and out on the first day to get stuff from your car so pack up as much as possible. It’s a complete waste of precious Glastonbury Festival hours to be going in and out to save a few quid on beers. There is a makeshift stall or two on site that will sell toilet rolls, essential food, drink and even a first aid kit as I found out last year. Don’t waste your time going to Londis when you should be soaking up the festival atmosphere.

What shall I wear on my feet?

Deciding on your footwear for Glastonbury is one of the most important decisions you can make. I’m going to be taking some ankle wellies and some hiking boots too. I find the full size wellies quite uncomfortable, and if I decide I need them I’ll just buy them there.

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What should I do with my tent and everything after?

The most festival friendly and eco friendly thing you can do is to take everything you bought in with you, out again. The Glastonbury slogan is ‘Leave No Trace’. What is just a field for the rest of the year becomes the size of a small town for the festival period, with more than 250,000 people on site. Even if everyone just leaves one piece of rubbish the place becomes an absolute rubbish dump.

Take it all with you, or if you have to, leave it at an assigned spot.

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Questions about Glastonbury

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How good is Glastonbury?

I can guarantee you will have one of the best and most memorable weeks of your life. Go hard and for as long as possible.

How will I get over Glastonbury when it’s all finished?

Good question and I’m glad I asked. Here’s your guide to how to get over the Glastonbury withdrawals once it’s all done with.

I love Glasto. See you there!

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Glastonbury questions

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  1. Hi Vicky if going for the day do you have to camp and is that free ? Or can you leave I know probably won’t be too much fun but be my first time at Glastonbury is their transport taxi etc

  2. Very helpful article! I soooo want to go this year!

    By the way, you should add Rock Wertcher to your list of festivals. It’s very good one (in Belgium)

  3. I am enjoying your Glastonbury posts, I am going with my sister next year and we are extra excited! Thank you for the amazing Glastonbury advice!

  4. Hi Vicky! I’ve been reading all your posts about Glastonbury in order to get prepared for the 2014 edition and they’re great! But as I am planning to go alone, carrying my own stuff and by bus, I was wondering if it would be ok for a girl to do that. What is your opinion? Also I would like to know a bit about how to keep safe the belongings you don’t carry to the stages.
    Any tips will be enormously helpful!
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hello Belisa, great to hear you’ve been enjoying my posts, thanks for stopping by. You can definitely do it alone – you’ll probably have to take less stuff, but that’s fine. Just don’t take any more than you can manage, and you can literally buy anything that you’d need while you’re there so don’t stress yourself out trying to carry it all. You’ll just have to carry stuff with you if you want to keep it safe I’m afraid. I can’t imagine how many phones etc get lost at Glasto, just keep an eye on everything and keep it strapped to you! Hope this helps.

      1. I went on my own last year (I was eighteen at the time) and it was *the* best time of my life. So much so that I’m going alone again this year. There’s a bit more freedom, you can sort of just wander around and do as you please, see who you want when you want.

        The only downside is when you get back to your tent, still buzzing from the headline act and Shangri-La antics and there’s no one to turn to and say ‘THAT WAS AMAZING’. I just called my Mam. You’ll make friends for life. I’m writing a belated blog post about going it alone on my tumblr.

        Just go and it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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