What is Latitude Festival Like? The Latitude Festival Review…

If you’re wondering whether to go to this year, and want to know what Latitude Festival is like – let me take you through 12 reasons why a Latitude ticket is a great idea…

Latitude Festival is such a happy memory for me. It was my first trip after quitting my job to be a freelance travel blogger and despite being worried about going to a festival on my own I actually had a brilliant time. I’m planning on going again this year, hopefully with a friend this time seeing as I’ve been banging on all year about what a good festival it is.

It’s such a cool place, with so many things to do away from the main music stages too. Here are 12 glimpses into the world of Latitude Festival, and why I think you should go this year.

What is Latitude Festival like?

Totally based on my experience of Latitude Festival a few years ago.

1. The clientele is more chilled

Relaxing at latitude festival

The people at Latitude just seem to want a ‘nice day/weekend out’ rather than the carnage you experience at other festivals. This guy was just reading his Dostoevsky (that’s a guess) while Sohn was doing his best on stage. What better weekend soundtrack to some me time hey?

Although, I can’t ever imagine reading a book at a festival, but Latitude Festival caters for all!

2. The sheep are really cool

reasons to go to latitude

The sheep at Latitude Festival look like magic sheep from a different land. They wander freely around the famous Latitude sign while all the festivalgoers coo over them and take photos, just like I did.

Obviously the colours are sheep friendly btw!

3. There’s an awesome line up

Why Latitude is so good

In 2014 the line up was incredible – Black Keys, Asgeir, Sohn, Woman’s Hour, Robyn – so many greats. This year’s Latitude line up is looking pretty good too. I’m working my way through the line up now and Wolf Alice are sounding pretty good, more surprises to come I’m sure.

4. The woods are magical

Reasons Latitude is so good

Go exploring at Latitude Festival and you’ll find little sheds as performance spaces dotted throughout the forest. The best ones can be difficult to get in to and when you do they’re boiling, so just stick to the magical woods around – this way you can also tune your ears into the different talks too. They’re so pretty at night.

5. It’s easy to get to the front

Is Latitude any good?

All these photos are taken on my phone, not some zoom camera. I was right at the front for all the acts I’ve listed for point 3 and it wasn’t even a sweaty battle to get there. Everyone is so chilled at Latitude that they’re genuinely horizontal. You can easily get to the front and hang over the bars for your favourite act, if you like.

reasons to go to latitude festival

6. Greenpeace sell cheap water

why latitude is so good

And tasty cakes. AND Marmite sandwiches. Top tip for you – head to the Greenpease stall in the kid’s area and you’ll find water about half the price of the rest of the festival. And the money goes to charideee.

7. Barely a queue at Latitude

Reasons why latitude festival is so good

I can’t remember queuing longer than three minutes for anything at Latitude. I walked right in, found myself a spot to camp right near the entrance and never had a problem when I was in the festival grounds either. Oh, that’s if you don’t count the toilets in the campsite (ridiculous queues) – but I had my Travel Johns for that.

What is Latitude Festival like? Super chill.

8. The Latitude comedy tent is brilliant

is latitude festival any good?

I’d never been to a festival with comedy before, or at least never been to the comedy part if it was on. I laughed my way through Latitude though. Dara O’Briain – what a guy – and Josh Widdecombe, Roisin Conaty and Milton Jones were also brilliant. Chuckled my little flip flops off.

9. You can get educated

why latitude is so good

They have a late night science tent, which was brilliant. I learned all about physics things and chemistry things that have obviously left my mind now, but thanks to the guys from the Festival of the Spoken Nerd I was temporarily more intelligent than when I arrived and I don’t think you can say that about many festivals!

10. No drinking rubbish

why latitude is so good

Latitude is one of the most eco friendly festivals I’ve been to. We were given a beer cup on the first day and then used that for the rest of the festival – or you could swap it in every time you bought a drink if you wanted. This meant there weren’t the usual plastic cups all over the floor you normally see at festivals. Great idea. And I got to keep the cup. It’s now proudly on the shelf in my cool traveller bedroom.

11. It wasn’t about what you looked like

Exploring Latitude Festival

You know festivals like Field Day (hipster), Coachella (lace) and Glastonbury (Ray Bans and Hunters) – they’re all about looking right and fitting in with the vibe. At Latitude people were there genuinely to have a good time and enjoy the acts rather than looking the part.

12. More than just the music

Exploring Latitude Festival

Latitude celebrates the arts rather than just mainstream music. Latitude creator Melvin Benn wanted to create the ‘UK’s first multi arts boutique festival’ for culture lovers. There’s a poetry tent, an indie film screen, a literature tent and drama and dancing from London theatre groups. There was so much to do, but without it being overwhelming like at other festivals I’ve been to.

why latitude is so good

There’s also a new area called Solas where you can unwind in the ‘midst of mesmerising art installations’. Or ‘treat yourself to a massage or seaweed bath, practice yoga or simply watch Latitude go by from your secret spot’. There are also two new areas and hot tubs too.

Ar yesss. Hopefully See you there!

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  5. What a great images ! The travelers can get idea from the topic. Thank you very much for the information.

    1. Latitude is a great festival no matter what you’re age. I reckon it’s one I could keep going to till I’m old and mouldy 🙂

  6. I’m always saying Latitude Festival looks more like my cuppa tea, and reading this just reinforces that! I can’t be doing with all this pushing and shoving at festivals nowadays (yeah, I know I sound more 84 than 24.) x

    1. Oo me too Emily. These kids today trying to bosh me out the way with their elbows and crazy dancing. I just like a nice refreshing drink and to stand in the sun watching some live music – too much to ask?

    1. Yeah, in Europe there’s a festival every weekend, it’s crazy! I often think how I should do a month of festivals, or something, but then I realise it would probably kill me so best not 🙂

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