Solo Female Traveller Safety, with Alice Teacake [PODCAST]

Alice is one of the most adventurous solo travellers representing the awesome women of the UK right now. She’s taught English in different countries, her travel blog teacaketravels.com is one of the leading solo female travel blogs out there and she’s just generally an all round awesome person. Her excitement and enthusiasm for travel is infectious! 

Solo female traveller safety

In today’s So She Travels podcast we’ll find out how a chance meeting with someone on a train meant she packed up her psychologist life and jetted off to South Korea to teach English, all within three months.

That started an epic adventure across continents, allowed her to explore herself and the world more than she ever imagined, and to have the freedom to set up her brilliant travel blog.

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“Highlights [of the blog / life] include driving solo on my bike across Vietnam, driving from the UK to Mongolia on the Mongol Rally with an all female team, being a burlesque dancer in Shanghai, exploring Bangladesh solo, getting stranded on Taiwanese islands and learning martial arts in China with a shaved head. It’s a good life!”

– from Alice Teacake 



Teacake Travels solo female travellers

Alice and I talk about…

– How to get started in teaching English, and why…

– How she went off to South Korea with just £500, leaving her job, and a boyfriend, behind.

“I would hear about 6 life stories a day, I picked up so much during that time. Things people wish they’d done… regrets… it really was an amazing job”

– Alice on being a psychologist. 

– On how she did the Mongol Rally. Starting in the UK in a Toyota Yaris and driving through 21 countries, including the Stans, Iran and Turkey over three months. Annnd then she drove back again through the Northern route.

(if anyone wants to do this btw, hit me up!)

solo female travel Alice Teacake

– What it was like to travel through Iran a few years ago, compared to now. And the denial of getting into the States after being in Iran.

– Learning to be a burlesque dancer in Shanghai, from Anna Fur Laxis, the best. How the burlesque class helped her self confidence.

– Any turning points in her life, that set her on her path? Listen to find out her life key summer.

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– Other ways to build your travel confidence, and how to push yourself.

– The excitement of travellers to step outside their comfort zone.

– Where she’s going on her next trip.

– Why she wanted to go travelling solo, and said no to friends who wanted to join.

– Whether you should travel solo too.

“I believe travel is such an amazing tool. It will just improve you in so many ways. It’s helped me socially, it’s helped me in so many ways… I could just do a whole list.

If it’s stirring in your tummy that travel might be for you, jump on it.”

– Alice

Alice Teacake Travels

– How women can stay safe abroad.

– Being sexually assaulted in India and how knowing Ju Jitsu saved her life (here’s the link to Alice’s FREE Ju Jitsu course).

“I really feel that Ju Jitsu is my tool box. It’s something that you’re never going to lose. You have the inner skill already and you know you can handle yourself.”

– Alice

– Travel scams, and the famous one she fell for at a really difficult and challenging time in her life.

– Knowing when to come home from travel and the importance of knowing when to quit, and to have the confidence to go back again.

Solo female travel safety

– Why she still travels?

“Please never let one bad thing overshadow your sunshine. You choose how you interpret that event. Never let these things get the better of you.”

– Alice

– Whether to travel forever, or settle…

“Am I healthy, am I happy, is there room for improvement?” – Alice

Alice’s best advice for South Korea?

Watch EatYourKimchee!

5 travel questions for Alice to answer

I’m a confident solo travel blogger nowwww. But, I thought I would delve into past Vicky’s mind and ask a few questions I would’ve worried about in the past to see what Alice recommends I should do… make sure you listen to find out her answers!

1. 20 year old Vicky. Spent the whole of the previous university summer working in an office, and then spent it all on a week in Ibiza, and driving lessons. Wants an adventure next summer but has no money, what should she do?

2. 22 year old Vicky. Finished uni but too scared to go away for a long time in case she misses out on jobs and opportunities for journalism graduates. What should she do?

3. 26 year old Vicky. Made redundant in the recession. No money. Lives in London. What should she do?

4. 29 year old Vicky. 5 year relationship just ended, booted out of his family home, bored of work, confused about life, sensitive and nervous yet excited at the new turn in life she’s been given – worried about being lonely on the road. What advice do you have?

5. 34 year old Vicky. Full time demanding job, in travel. Likes to stay at home, but also loves the thrill of an adventure. Unsure about whether to follow the usual life path she’s resisted and do the whole marriage and babies thing, or live that sweet no responsibilities life she’s enjoyed so far. What do you think? 

Alice teacake travels

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Pakistan is going to be amazing!

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Safety for women abroad

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