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The Place of Peace – Business Class

Are you starting to map out an itinerary for a summer vacation with your family or a work trip? An important and basic step in this process is choosing the mode of transportation for your trip. If your choice is versatility and safety, i.e. airplane, the next step to successful travel arrangements is choosing a fare for your ticket.

Economy Class vs business flights

There is an eternal struggle between economy class and business flights, because most passengers find it hard to decide what is more important: their comfort or financial benefit.  Economy class is suitable for those who are ready to spend several hours in a sitting position without movement and high level of comfort. If you are planning a short flight and want to listen to music in headphones, economy class is suitable for your desires. At the same time if you are expecting a long trip during which you want to have a good rest or even work, then business class is the right choice for you.

Types of people recommended to fly in business class

Often passengers can not decide which fare to buy for their air travel. Especially if the flight lasts 2-3 hours, most people think there is no need to spend more money for business class. In fact, this is not always the case, especially if you are one of the following types of passengers:

  • You have a need to work during the flight. If your deadlines and work load level do not leave you with 3 hours of free time on the plane to relax, you need the high concentration and internet access that only business class can offer. Try talking to your employer. He may offer to pay for your ticket himself (especially if you are flying on a business trip).
  • You are planning a long trip with small children. If you want to fly to a vacation paradise with your family, but the flight lasts 5 hours or more, for the peace of mind of your family and other passengers, take business class tickets. TV with cartoons, Internet, the opportunity to sleep on a soft bed, delicious food and drinks – the secret of obedient behaviour of your children, which is very difficult to guarantee in the overcrowded economy class.
  • You have problems with your neck, back, muscles or joints, then a better option for you would be a higher ticket price in business class than a much higher cost for your treatment. Since the seats in economy class are narrow and have almost no angle for your back, you will feel unpleasant side effects after traveling on a cheaper fare. So it is better not to save on your health and buy a ticket in business class.
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If you belong to any of these types of passengers, then the best solution for you is to buy a ticket in business class. Remember: even a few hours of travel has consequences for your work, physical and mental state, so do your best to make these consequences pleasant.