Throwback to My September 2018

This month though…

Lying on the beach

It started in Athens Airport, with a 4-hour layover to get my flight to Samos. Randomly with absolutely no communication my brother and (now) wife had booked the same one. We only realised a few days before. Not totally randomly to Samos of course, we were island bound for their wedding on the 8th September.

Matt and Xanthi’s wedding

And the next two weeks that followed were brilliant. Filled with love and family and friends and memories and the beauty of Samos. There were about 30 of us from England, the rest being made up of their friends in Barcelona where they’ve lived for a few years, and his wife Xanthi’s family and friends from Samos. Ended up being a wedding for around 150!

Such a beautiful day. I’m going to write all about it very soon but just know that I feel very lucky to have been part of such an amazing two weeks and to have been able to share it with my family, boyfriend and some of my oldest friends.

Exploring Samos

Also, Samos is awesome. More on that little island, soon!

And then to Africa…

I was only back for four days and then I was off to Zimbabwe. ‘Bit different’ as the train conductor kept saying to me as he checked my Heathrow ticket and asked where I was going, ‘bit different… by yourself?’ 

I told him yes, just to wind him up a bit, but in fact, I was meeting my awesome friend and Africa lover Helen. We met at the backpackers hostel at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Very surreal.

Exploring Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

And since then we’ve met up with her tour guide Jessi (they run Rock My Adventure Tours together) and had a brilliant 10 days travelling over to Zambia and then through the country via karaoke in Lusaka, an experience under the spray at Victoria Falls, a big night in Livingstone and a fun few days in Lilongwe. Oh that game drive where we saw elephants and lions was pretty damn cool too.

Me in Luangwa National Park

We finished the month off at the Lake of Stars Festival. A relatively small festival with 4000 people. Such a cool vibe, and really fun watching the new bands. Bar that last two hours where we were caught in a crazy sand storm with gale force winds whipping the sand around my face. It HURT. I was dramatically reconsidering all the life choices that had led me to that moment and vowing to spend more time on my sofa.

After a good sleep, mind balance was restored and life was great again.

Travelling with friends

I’ve had such a great time travelling with Helen and Jessi, and to be honest never would’ve done this trip alone. Having friends around has made the hostels and 12-hour bus rides waaaay better.

Solo travel will always have a special place in my life, but travelling with friends is just all round BETTER for me right now.

Best posts of the month

Personal shopper experience at Heathrow

Oo it’s been a quiet month on the blog. I didn’t want to work at all when I was in Samos, and then I’ve tried to use my computer as little as possible in Africa. Here’s what managed to get up on the blog in September though.

Reviewing the Readly app – LOVE this app. Basically you get to download ALL your favourite magazines for £7.99 per month. Been a complete boredom saver on this trip in Africa!

My Personal Shopping Experience at Heathrow Airport – I signed up to an awesome experience at Heathrow. Made a video and everything. Definitely an interesting way to pass some time in the airport.

Watch my Heathrow Personal Shopping Experience on YouTube

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52 Coolest Things to Do in Kerala – I had a great time in this part of India a few years ago, and so wanted to collate some of the best things you can do there. Good planning for your next trip!

Travel Bloggers! What to Do When Clients Don’t Pay – the most annoying part of my is definitely trying to get paid for projects I’ve worked on. Just lately it’s got even worse so I put together this guide to help any fellow travel bloggers get the money they’re owed!

21 Awesome Trips to Take Before You Get Old – little bit of travel inspo for you. A dangerous to do list!

Next month: October

So I’m still in Africa until the 9th, in Malawi. Nine days to have the Best. Time. Ever. because, after this, I HAVE NO PLANS!

I know, shocker. 

Haven’t been in this situation for at least 5 years, if not longer.

I’ll be leaving Malawi skint (can’t believe how much this trip has cost), at least a stone heavier (chips and chicken all round for every meal, including breakfast) and have pretty much drank every day – just a beer of two most days – for 5 weeks.


So the second half of October will be all about healthy habits for me. With no plans for the rest of the year this is it. No excuses. Time to take control of my food intake and exercise… after the 13th October though.

My birthday on the 11th!

Plans are low key, just as I want them. Literally dinner with my boyfriend on the Thursday night and then Friday he has the day off and we’re planning on going cycling, somewhere. That’s about it. Sounds perfect.

And from then on it’s all about saving money, getting fit and working on my goals for the year that aren’t gonna get done if I don’t get started now. 

Gotta go…

Right, there’s a paddle board with my name on it. I’m in Cape McClear in Malawi, and it is LUSH. Must go and and explore!

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