Tips for Travelling in a Couple with Karen Sargent

There’s so much advice out there for any females travelling solo, but what about travelling in a couple? Karen and her husband Paul have travelled together for over 10 years, and got married in Italy last year. I wanted to know how they made all that work, if she had any advice for couple travellers and how they’ve learned to travel so well together.

“One of the things I struggled with when I travelled on my own was that you were experiencing something really beautiful and you had no one to share it with” – Karen

Travelling in a couple

Karen and Paul also run one of the UK’s top responsible travel blogs. I wanted to find out more about what we should be looking for when we book our holidays, to make sure we’re not harming anyone, or any thing.

Check out this week’s So She Travels podcast to learn about her journey to responsible traveller, with Paul at her side. 

Travelling in a couple


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Karen’s Tips for Travelling in a Couple

Totally paraphrased by me btw – listen to the podcast for the full edit!

“1. Work out how to best deal with each other

Know each other’s traits, good and bad – then work with them and use them efficiently. Be prepared! 

2. Be happy to do stuff on your own

It’s important to give each other that space to do your own thing. Make sure you take time out to appreciate each other even more when you come back. 

3. Rock, Paper, Scissors

The secret to happiness travelling in a couple is Rock, Paper, Scissors. (LOVE THIS!)

4. Be in places that force you to say hi

We’ve booked private rooms in hostels in the past, so we have the opportunity to meet other travellers. You just have to be a bit more mindful.”

Thoughts on couple travel

I was reading an article last night about travelling in a couple, and I wanted to see if Karen agreed. I put the points to her and asked for her wealth of experience in reply. 

Why Couples Who Travel Together, Stay Together – LifeHacker

“Whenever Paul and I travel together, a long time or just a weekend, it just brings us back together. We rebond almost – there’s a common goal. We’re exploring together.” – Karen

More about Karen

Karen is a trained psychologist, and her biggest passion is working with women to help them fulfil their potential, and feel good about it. She runs the Sisterhood Project. A group for women to join, and take on challenges to help them manage their day, their work and their mind. Karen talks about this in the podcast, have a listen and then you can apply to join her: Sisterhood Project on Facebook.

As a freelancer, she works full time for nine months of the year, and travels for the rest. This was always her goal, and dream. And she’s done it!

Travelling gave her the courage to go for it after she moved from Malta to London. Great for her, it’s worked. Good job she didn’t have to do the Plan B – listen to the podcast to find out what it was going to be! 

Responsible Travel

One of the main reasons I invited Karen on, was to find out how we can all become more responsible travellers.

“Travelling in a way that doesn’t harm anyone, exploit anyone, or any animal, or the environment around you” – Karen 

“We don’t want people to feel judged, we just want them to be more aware” – Karen

Link to the Global Help Swap volunteering directory

Check it out for free volunteering experiences, and advice on choosing a volunteering experience. Essential reading for anyone who wants to make sure their volunteering project is a good one.

Check out Karen’s blog at Global Help Swap

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