11 Best Places to Eat in St Kitts

I went to a lot of restaurants in St Kitts, I tried plate after plate of the Kittitian food and so I think I’m well placed to advise where you should be spending your dollars, and calories.

Let me present to you, where to eat in St Kitts. 

This St Kitts restaurant guide will show you the best places to eat on the island, to make your trip all the more special. 

St Kitts places to eat

Food in St Kitts is all about fish, seafood, rice and beans. Great for me – I love the whole ‘fresh out of the ocean’ Caribbean vibe. With a week of scoffing my way round the island to choose from, here are the best places to eat in St Kitts, with a suggestion of what to eat there too.

Best Restaurants in St Kitts

Here are all the best St Kitts restaurants, including what I ate there, and what I’d recommend.

1. Wahoo Bagel at Gallery Café

What to eat in St kitts

The Gallery Cafe walls are decorated with the work of the owner, Rosie Cameron. Here you can enjoy cakes, breakfast, teas and coffee.

Located in the centre of Basseterre it offers a cooling and relaxing respite from the Caribbean heat outside.

Food in St Kitts

Here’s my Wahoo bagel.

It’s a local fish, caught and smoked by the owner’s daughter’s (Leah) friend and served in the cafe. It had the texture of smoked salmon, without the strong flavour. Nicely seasoned, this was one of my favourite breakfasts on St Kitts. 

2. Sushi Balahoo in Basseterre

I seem to remember this sushi taking some time to arrive, or maybe it was because I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, but either way, when it did, it was yum.

Just make sure you’re on some sort of island time and not in a rush to get out of there. 

Sushi in St Kitts

We ate at Ballahoo in Basseterre, just a stone’s throw from the water and overlooking Piccadilly Circus in the town. Along with the signature Balahootini cocktail this sushi roll went down very nicely.

It was so nice to eat fresh sushi while we were in St Kitts. Great to taste a range of St Kitts cuisine too. 

3. Ceviche at Arthur’s

What to Eat in St Kitts

When the ‘ceviche’ arrived, I was disappointed, I’m not going to lie. This Kittitian ceviche looked very unlike the traditional ceviche I was after. It was made from the local delicacy, Conch, which I thought I’d try for holiday’s sake.

With the perfect setting on the beach, looking out to the ocean, I could tell it was as fresh as it could possibly be, totally flipping my initial disappointment on its head.

How about this place for fantastic suggestion of where to eat in St Kitts, hey? Niiiiice! 

Shame about the weather on the day we visited, but hey ho. 

Food to eat in St Kitts

While we were at Arthur’s a local fisherman arrived with a wheelbarrow full of fresh lobster and fish, proving just how ‘ocean to table’ the seafood in St Kitts actually is.

You don’t get that in England! 

Eating lobster in St Kitts

4. Go Vegan at Ital Creations

Food in St Kitts

We took a much needed break from the indulgence of rum and lobster with a vegan meal at Ital Creations.

It’s kind of like a road side cafe, mixed with a pop up street food place, combined with a super eco-friendly / sustainable / farm to table/ vegan farm.

St Kitts food to eat

Married team Yaya and Juda Fari own and run the place, and locals pop in knowing they’re going to get a full plate of healthy food there’s no need to feel guilty about in any way.

We had rice, salad, and lentils, served with a super healthy moringa smoothie, all made from produce off the farm. One of the best restaurants in St Kitts if you’re trying to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. 

There’s more to do in St Kitts than eat!

Check out my guide to some of the fun things you can get up to on the island to keep you busy. 

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5. Salad at Reggae Beach Bar

St Kitts food

Sometimes it’s the restaurant that makes you love a particular food experience, sometimes it’s the food – and sometimes they come together in a holy matrimony of perfection that makes the experience truly memorable.

Reggae Reggae Beach salad

My chicken salad at Reggae Beach Bar was huge, and all the more delicious after 30 minutes spent jet skiing the ocean.

Everything just tasted fresher in St Kitts, chicken included.

I felt like this was a real St Kitts beach restaurant experience. Loved it! 

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6. Canapés at the Airport Lounge

Food in St Kitts

Well, would you look at me?

I flew out of St Kitts via the private airport terminal. This meant I had Champagne and a delicious selection of canapés on arrival at the YU Lounge St Kitts, as well as a private transfer to the aeroplane door.

Of course, this made the food taste even better. Small but perfectly formed.

The best airport food I’ve ever had! 

7. West Indies Buffet at Ocean Terrace Inn

Eating in St Kitts

I stayed at Ocean Terrace Inn for four nights and on one of these, they were putting on a West Indies theme buffet at The Verandah Restaurant.

As visiting bloggers, my group was invited into the kitchen beforehand to see the food in preparation.

I’m always dubious of buffets abroad, having been very sick a few times thanks to the food being out all day. It was good to see that all the food was freshly made, and to try the local delicacies.

Those little golden balls are called Johnny Cakes, and are a speciality on the island. To make them you just deep fry unleavened bread with a little coconut added. They are eaten like we eat potatoes and bread, either way works perfectly.

It’s nice to make the most of your hotel restaurant on St Kitts – mainly because you don’t have any dramas in getting home!

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8. Feast at Ottley’s Plantation

St Kitts Bassterre

Ottley’s Plantation is a great place to spend a day, and / or night. The grounds were once a sugar factory and plantation inn, but now they’re home to a huge guest house, swimming pool and forest. The owner took us round on a forest walk – did you know that trees produce rubber? 

No, I didn’t either.

Every day’s a school day when you’re travelling, I’m telling you.

Prawns at Ottley's Plantation
Ottley's Plantation

We had some incredible food here, so much I’m not sure how we actually fit it all in. Cakes, fruit, huevos rancheros, prawns and mango toast, all down the hatch.

Followed by a dip in the pool. Had to ignore my primary school swimming teacher’s warnings to never go swimming after a heavy meal. This is St Kitts baby!

If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation on St Kitts, Ottley’s Plantation is where you’ll find it. Check out their rates to stay over. 

I would.

9. Burgers and cocktails at Salt Plage

best places to eat St Kitts

The Salt Plage is a super cool bar right on the beach serving burgers and cocktails. This is a place for the fabulous people of St Kitts – and us.

You can walk the pier and there are different coloured benches and blocks to sit on to admire the view. If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant on St Kitts, this is the one. 

Places to Eat in St Kitts

Be warned that the electricity goes off at no notice, you’ll get your dinner when it’s ready though. All the more time for cocktails!

10. Breakfast at Timothy Beach Resort

Places to Eat in St Kitts

We stayed at Timothy Beach Resort for four nights as part of the press trip I was on. I had a lovely chalet, with lounge and outdoor space. Included in the deal was a breakfast in the oceanfront restaurant every day.

The perfect opportunity to make my way through the menu, sampling everything as I went!

11. Curry at Palms Court Gardens

Places to eat St Kitts

Just next to the Ocean Terrace Inn where we were staying was Palms Court Gardens. As you can see, we could look out over the capital of Basseterre and the sea as we ate.

I particularly liked the statue of a girl taking a selfie, so modern, so me.

They just managed to fit us in before the wedding they were setting up for that afternoon. What a place to get married hey? 

I went for a chicken curry – tasted all the better for looking out over that view.

That’s it! All my favourite places to eat in St Kitts. Enjoy!

– I went to St Kitts as a guest of St Kitts Tourism.

St Kitts Restaurant Week

If you like the sound of the food on St Kitts, you could time your trip to coincide with the St. Kitts and Nevis Restaurant Week. Usually around July, keep your eye on the listings to get the dates for next year. 

Places to eat st Kitts

The food court on St Kitts is well worth visiting during the St Kitts Restaurant Week, and any time for that matter.

The best St Kitts Restaurants to try include:

  • Chihuahua’s (Mexican),
  • Shawarma King (Greek/Med)
  • Jam Rock II (Jerk/Carib)
  • Spice of India
  • Kay’s Three Meals (Breakfast)
  • Rifa’s
  • Neville’s Eatery (Carib)
  • Jerk Pit (Jamaican)
  • OMG! Just Desserts.

It’ll be just by the Rams Cash n Carry on Bird Rock.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the best places to eat in St Kitts, always happy to help!


  1. I had some amazing italian food delivered to me, best pizza in St Kitts. I’ll leave there number here just in case anyone is feeling homesick

  2. This SO out of date although it says it was updated in January this year! Gallery Cafe; Ballahoo; Airport Yu Lounge; OTI; Ottley’s Plantation; – looks like to be mentioned was a jinx. Glad many of my favourite places were not mentioned LOL

  3. You forgot to go to Sprat Net’s! Best lobster and pizza on the island, their ribs are fantastic too, but not as good as Cathy’s on Timothy beach

  4. I liked Carambola for sushi, great atmosphere, right by the ocean. Marshalls was also really good, good service and yummy food. We also visited a new cafe at the port Zante -Ti Amo, it’s a tiny hidden gem. Loved the owners and they made fresh gelato and nice sandwiches.
    Oh and the Burgers at spices mill were pretty delicious!❤️

    1. So many great places to go in such a relatively small area. I LOVE sushi so next time I go I’ll have to try Carambola – sounds great!

  5. You forgot Serendipity which is a fabulous place to eat. The food, atmosphere, ambiance and staff are A class. Unless OTI have improved, their food didnt live up too expectation and was always overpriced. Ballyhoo use to be good. What about Marshalls,; Carambola. I guess it all depends on the individual what their use too. Im a patriot living in the UK and a regular visitor to my birth country. Keep enjoying my veautiful island ?

    1. Hmm sounds like I missed out some good places there. Unfortunately I was only there for a week and so couldn’t get round everywhere. Just another excuse to visit again some time! Thank you for the suggestions.

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