Travelling With Children, with Monica Stott

Prepare to be very jealous of Monica’s campervan adventures in Australia with her partner Sam. They travelled the East Coast together for a few months, then worked on an island, driving, meeting people, partying in Sydney – and then working again. Honestly, it sounds like it was an amazing time in her life.

The Travel Hack

Monica started her blog TheTravelHack.com over 10 years ago now, while working in Oz. She managed to pick up a sweet, easy job allowing her to follow her passion of writing. And it’s the writing that’s led her to live an extraordinary life travelling the world, and bringing all her followers along with her. 

Vietnam with Sam

She’s since had two babies, with another one on the way, and has kept up with work and travel with them in tow. I talk to her about her top tips for travelling with children, as well as her plans for the future, and her love of her home country of Wales. 


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Travelling with children

Listen to the So She Travels podcast with Monica Stott and you’ll find out…

– How she managed to pay for her dream Australia trip with Sam. 

– The importance of working and using your spare time well to save for travels.

– Where she went in Australia, and where she managed to get work.

– How she actually managed to come back from Australia with money. 

– Her true thoughts on solo travel. 

– How travel is going to change with a third baby on the way. 

– Her top tips and tricks for travelling with children. 

The Travel Hack and children

“Literally for the first few years he’d be just as excited to go to Aldi as he would Dubai. If you wanna take them take them but don’t think they’re going to have any kind of cultural experience.” – Monica on her son, George. 

– The Instagram illusion vs the realities of motherhood. 

“Remember, in the grand scheme of things, it’s probably only three years where it’s difficult to travel with them. It feels like such a long way away but it’s not really in the grand scheme of your life.” – Monica 

– Working in travel when you have children, and dealing with the guilt. 

– Why she loves Wales so much, and where the best spots to visit are, and the best foods to try. 

Me and Monica Levi Igloos

“If you get the weather I genuinely wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

– And all her life and travel advice from a travelling and working mum mum who’s been there, and done it. 

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