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What’s Inside the Coachella Wristband Box?

The Coachella wristbands have arrived!

What's in the Coachella Wristband box?

At Glastonbury you swap your ticket for a wristband at the gate, at Dour Festival we had a simple print out and the same again for Field Day. But, for Coachella you get a 300g box, filled with goodies and the promise of an OTT experience in two weeks time, so long as you follow all the wristband rules that is, and trust me there are a lot of them.

Coachella wristband

A Welcome Guide

The 34-page Welcome Guide lays them all out for you, along with camping tips, parking advice and a description of all the food and drink stalls you can look forward to. There’s also a whole page on how to activate your wristband correctly. No pressure.

Coachella Welcome Guide

A ‘Create Your Own Coachella Snail’ set

At Coachella they have this massive snail that goes around the main arena leaving a weird residue behind. It sounds very odd, but in the Coachella wristband box they give you a set to make your own. Sure this will be a fun activity for the Coachella road trip we have planned.

Create Your Own Coachella snail

Tips for Coachella

A ‘Coachella’ sticker

One for the car window on the road trip.

What's in the Coachella Wristband box?

A calendar set

I guess to remind ourselves of the good times long after it’s over.

What's in the Coachella Wristband box?

The wristbands

With all the rules and regulations on these I was a bit nervous to take it out of the plastic packet, but I had a little play to see how it would look on my wrist…

What's in the Coachella Wristband box? More on Coachella

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