5 Things Inside the Coachella Wristband & Ticket Box

The Coachella wristbands have arrived! Our Coachella ticket boxes are here, so to celebrate I thought I’d take you through what’s in there, in anticipation…

What's in the Coachella Wristband box?

The arrival of the Coachella box proves that this festival likes to do things a little differently from most!

At Glastonbury you swap your ticket for a wristband at the gate. At Dour Festival we had a simple print out, and the same again for Field Day.

But, for Coachella you get a 300g box, filled with goodies and the promise of an OTT experience in two weeks time, so long as you follow all the wristband rules that is, and trust me there are a lot of them. The iconic Coachella wristband is a simple yet powerful accessory that encapsulates the incredible spirit of the festival.

What’s in the Coachella box?

With everything from the Coachella bracelet, to the Coachella Welcome Guide – here’s what you can expect from the Coachella wristband box.

Coachella wristband

1. The Coachella Welcome Guide

The 34-page Coachella Welcome Guide lays them all out for you, along with camping tips, parking advice and a description of all the food and drink stalls you can look forward to. Also, a little insight into all the great things to do at Coachella that year. There’s also a whole page on how to activate your Coachella wristband correctly.

No pressure.

You definitely need to do this before you go to Coachella though, so there’s no faffing at the gate. One of my many Coachella tips you need to follow!

2. A ‘Create Your Own Coachella Snail’ set

At Coachella they have this massive snail that goes around the main arena leaving a weird residue behind. Well, they did the year we went. It sounds very odd, but in the Coachella wristband box they give you a set to make your own.

Sure this will be a fun activity for the Coachella road trip we have planned.

Create Your Own Coachella snail

I feel like every year they’ll have a new novelty thing to create in the Coachella wristband box, just to get you excited for the festival. We didn’t end up making these till we got to the USA, but a fun thing to talk about anyway!

Tips for Coachella

3. A ‘Coachella’ sticker

One for the car window on the road trip from the Coachella box. You can stick this wherever you like – laptop, window at home, bike, anywhere. WE saved ours for the back of the car for our road trip driving there.

What's in the Coachella Wristband box?

Great way to show other drivers where you’re headed, and get in the Coachella mood!

4. A Coachella calendar set

I guess to remind ourselves of the good times long after it’s over. Nice though, and nice touch, but neither of us ended up using our Coachella calendars after to be honest.

What's in the Coachella Wristband box?

5. The Coachella wristbands

With all the rules and regulations on the Coachella wristbands I was a bit nervous to take it out of the plastic packet, but I had a little play to see how it would look on my wrist.

What's in the Coachella Wristband box?

The Coachella wristbands are more than just a way to get in; they’re a tangible symbol of the festival experience. Each year, the wristbands are designed with intricate details, reflecting the theme and aesthetic of that particular edition of Coachella.

Coachella wristbands are not your typical paper tickets; they’re durable, woven fabric bands that are not only difficult to replicate but also serve as a keepsake for festival-goers.

The organisers pay meticulous attention to detail, incorporating the festival’s theme, colours, and logo into the wristband’s aesthetics. This design becomes a coveted festival fashion accessory – fellow attendees proudly wear their wristbands long after the festival concludes.

The wristbands, often adorned with vibrant colours and artistic patterns, become a statement piece that sparks conversations and serves as a badge of honour for those who’ve experienced the magic of Coachella.

The wristbands also play a crucial role in enhancing the festival’s logistics. Equipped with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology, these wristbands serve as a secure and efficient method for managing entry and ensuring a seamless experience for attendees. The RFID technology allows for quick and hassle-free entry, reducing wait times and contributing to the overall efficiency of the festival operations.

Coachella wristbands also contribute to the festival’s sustainability efforts. The durable and reusable nature of these wristbands aligns with Coachella’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. Unlike disposable Coachella tickets, which contribute to waste, the wristbands are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the festival experience and can serve as a lasting memento for years to come.

How to get tickets to Coachella

This was the timeline for getting tickets to Coachella the year I went…

Coachella Festival Tips

January 4 – sign up so I’m ready and will get any announcement emails. Look around for more information – unsuccessful and only have message boards to go on.

January 9 – wake up to an email saying the line up is out and tickets go on sale 6pm GMT TOMORROW! Facebook friends, share the good news of the Coachella line up and tell them to be ready.

January 10 – feel nervous all day, been dreaming of going for years. 5:45pm comes around and at work. I have two screens so on one I had the countdown screen with a Facebook chat to my other two friends behind it on a tab. On my main screen I had the gateway page into the site and just kept refreshing it.

For some reason I couldn’t log in to the account I created so I wrote out my card details and address into a Word document to have ready.

There was still 30 seconds to go and my hands were shaking, I clicked refresh and it worked! It let me in 30 seconds before they were due to go on sale. I acted fast. I had to wait in the queue for about 5 minutes, talking to my friends as I waited. They were in too.

The screen kept flickering and my heart would jump thinking it was going to the payment screen. Finally it did. The copy and paste document was a brilliant idea. I was all paid and checked out 1 minute later. Relief. I phoned my boyfriend and we waited for the confirmation email to come through. Boom. In my inbox.

Told my friends and they weren’t past the queue yet. Disaster! I got them to fire over their details and had a go for them – I was straight in there. Their account worked although didn’t automatically fill with the payment data they’d already loaded which was annoying. No stopping me though. I quickly got them to send it over and two minutes later, they’d got their confirmations too.

In the end getting a ticket to Coachella was pretty simple – so long as you are ready and waiting for the whole of January to act on their email.

If you’re planning to get a Coachella ticket, here are a few key things to note

  • You can’t change weekends
  • No refunds or exchanges
  • You can only order two per billing address
  • If you want to camp you need to buy a festival pass and a camping pass, but obviously you can’t have a camping pass without a festival pass.

Coachella ticket box

Tips for Coachella Festival

There you go, everything you’ll find in the Coachella wristband box. Bit more exciting that just picking up your Coachella wristband on the gate, isn’t it?!

DO NOT FORGET to pack your Coachella wristband in your Coachella packing list!


  1. Major jealous of this one – Coachella has been on my list for the last three years but convincing my friends to fork out has been tricky. Can’t wait to hear about it!

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