The Festival Accessories You NEED This Year

Music festival accessories are a huge business now. Look around at any festival and you’ll see that it kinda looks like an explosion in a glitter / crochet / feather factory (depends on the festival). “Festival fashion” is a whole new season in itself, and obviously, I lurrve it.

Festival accessories

It’s great that you can just wear your normal clothes, and then pimp them up a bit, with some well chosen OTT festival accessories, or, you could just go all out.

Dressing up in ridiculous festival wear, from wigs, to mermaid leggings and glitter hair pieces, tiny hats – I mean, why not?

The top 10 festival accessories

  • 1. Jewellery
  • 2. Bandanas
  • 3. Headwear
  • 4. Glitter
  • 5. Body jewels and tattoos
  • 6. Masks
  • 7. Sunglasses
  • 8. Bumbags
  • 9. Nipple covers
  • 10. Capelets

Your festival accessories

Accessories at a festival

1. Festival jewellery

You can dress up any outfit with an OTT festival necklace. Think Emma Watson at the Oscars – she looked amazing didn’t she? How about these fringe earrings from Pull & Bear or the wrap choker from Miss Selfridge?

Earrings for festivals
Choker for festivals

ASOS Sterling Silver Ring, £14

2. Festival bandanas and headscarves

Bandanas at festivals

One of the easiest and cheapest festival accessories around, bandanas, or headscarves, have been a festival essential for years. They’re not even just for fashion at some – at Coachella there was so much dust when I went that the clever people wore them over their faces as protection. I, on the other hand, spent the following week unable to breathe properly with all the dust in my lungs, and my friend had to have the week off work.

We soon worked out why everyone was wearing bandanas.

Festival headscarf

ASOS head scarf, £6

festival headband

ASOS Plaited Knot Headband, £6

Great for faces, heads and wrists, buy a few humble bandanas to get you through the weekend.

3. Festival headwear

Festival accessories

Metallic Floral Headband, ASOS, £8

Accessories for festivals

Statement Gem Filigree Crown Headband, ASOS, £15

Festival accessories

Bloom Flower Chandelier Band, ASOS, £30

Festival headband

Multirow Hairband Chain, ASOS, £30

From wigs to unicorn horns to mystical creatures headpieces, the range of festival headwear you can buy now is insane. My friends and I had wigs for Glastonbury last year, but I’ll admit, we felt stupid and they were very annoying. I’d say stick with the headbands for ease of wear.

The more subdued among us can make do with some fox ears, but if you wanna go all out, why not pick up some little battery powered lights for your huge horns?

4. Festival glitter

I love glitter.

There’s been a big drive recently, or so the radio tells me, for the glitter to be biodegradable as it’s getting in our water systems and fish are dying from glitter consumption. Which coincidentally, ever since I’ve heard of it, is exactly how I want to go too. But that’s my choice, and unfortunately the fish don’t have one, so let’s help them out with some biodegradable glitter options.

Have a look at a few tutorials before you go to see what you want to do with the glitter. Or, just chuck it on your face and hope for the best. The more the better in my view.

5. Festival body jewels and tattoos

Festival body jewels and tattoos work best when they’re combined with the festival glitter, I think. Take a look at those tutorials to find the best look for you. When it comes to festival tattoos, that ‘more is better rule’ definitely flips. Just choose one or two well placed ones surrounded by glitter. Much more effective.

6. Festival masks

The whole mystical masquerade ball idea is popular for festivals right now – in fact, I’m going to one at the How the Light Gets In Festival in May. And one of the best festival accessories to choose for those kinda parties is a festival mask – also hides a multitude of sins by day three.

Loving this tree goblin mask, or jump on the bandwagon with the unicorn trend and go all out. Also, that wolf one is less than £2 – bargain!

Or, think Venetian and go all classy Italian on the festival. There are loads to choose from, super cheap.

7. Festival sunglasses

Even if the sun never makes an appearance festival sunnies are an essential.

This is your chance to wear the biggest, most ridiculous ones ever. I’d advise getting one crazy pair of festival sunglasses, and one good. A few years ago I bought these ridiculous kaleidoscope sunglasses from Amazon^, because of the kaleidoscope theme at Wilderness Festival, and then basically couldn’t see out of them at all so could only wear them a few minutes at a time.

Fashion victim.

festival sunglasses

Pink sunglasses from ASOS, £12.99

Aviator sunglasses for festivals

Split aviator sunglasses from ASOS, £12

Luckily for me I had another pair of festival sunglasses in reserve. Go cheap – guaranteed to be one of the first things you lose / break.

8. Festival bumbags

Brilliant – love a festival bumbag. Bumbags just makes it so much easier to keep all your stuff to hand, and not to worry about it being on your back or your side and banging into everyone.

Again, you might as well get an OTT number, and you can always use it in airports the rest of the year. So handy having your phone, money and passport to hand while all the other crap we seem to carry is in your backpack.

Bumbags for festivals

Rainbow Crystals Bumbag, £14.99 ASOS

Bumbag for festivals

Herschel Supply Bumbag, £30, ASOS

Use a bumbag at a festival and you’ll feel so free. Trust me.

9. Festival nipple covers

Ooo you wouldn’t catch me in these – catch me death – but I’ve noticed that they’re becoming a lot more popular at festivals over the last few years. Guess it makes it quicker to get ready anyway.

Some sort of festival head dress, nipple covers, pair of shorts, festival bumbag, and you, are good to go. Apparently. Just keep in mind when you’re ordering your size that it literally, might get a bit nippy out there, so make sure you’ve got some good coverage going on.

Lots of cool designs to choose from online though!

Whatever you decide to go for to complete your look this festival season, make the most of the opportunity to look ridiculous. Dressing up is one of the best things about festivals! 


  1. “Catch me death” hahaha!
    I want that miss selfridge choker tie. Love. It.
    And totes agree about bumbags, or as Leyla (and Americans) calls them “fanny packs”
    It’s so freeing mine is black and has tassells so it’s rate good for a shimmy! Xxx

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