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Festival Fashion Packing List

One of the biggest parts of going to a festival is the fashion. Once you’ve sorted out what you’re taking to eat and how you’re going to sneak your alcohol in you’ll need to give your festival wardrobe some serious thought.

It’s all part of the fun right?

Festival fashion

Festivals like Coachella are pretty much all about the fashion, and then comes the music. Photos of Vanessa Hudgens, Cara Eyebrows, Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth looking beautiful in their tiny shorts and tshirts are printed worldwide. As the first major music festival of the year it sets the trend for the festival fashion year to come. So if you want to be bang on trend, look to them.

Alternatively, if you just want to create a festival capsule wardrobe, then check out the following advice…

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Festival Fashion Packing List

fashion for festivals


Of course, this whole list is weather dependent. The guaranteed hot desert weather of Coachella is going to need completely different footwear to the questionable seasons in one day at Latitude Festival for example.

Either way I’d recommend you take some comfortable sandals, and of course I like to take a pair of flip flops too. Havaianas are definitely my favourite.

If you’re going to any festival in the UK you’ll (probably) need some wellies on your festival packing list. And, if the seasons are in between and you don’t fancy bearing your soles to the muddy ground or feeling trapped in some high wellies then get yourself a comfy pair of trainers to keep you comfy as you walk the grounds. Personally, I like hiking boots, or super comfy studded black Western-style boots – for the fashion.

You can always change into your hiking boots when it gets dark.

If it’s trainer and welly weather, don’t forget your funky socks. And take plenty of them. In a world where it’s difficult to feel clean, a fresh pair of socks can do wonders.

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The thing is with festival fashion, no matter how pretty and cool you try to look, you need to think about the practicality of your outfit. A pair of trousers or shorts are best for minimal time in the toilet, for sitting on the ground between bands, sitting on people’s shoulders and raving into the earliest hours too.

Multifunctional, practical and cool, that’s what you need in your festival trousers. A pair of jeans would do just as well, and denim shorts are pretty much an absolute must for festivals.

BUT playsuits and dungarees are just cool. Personally, I just don’t see how short skirts are practical – but is that just me being old? Floaty long dresses are a great idea – hides a multitude of sins.

And always, always pack a pair of leggings and tights for if the weather should quickly change.


A few cool tees, a hoody, and a dress or two is all you need, really.

The best idea for your festival fashion packing list is to keep what you take to a minimum and make sure it all matches with each other so you’re not foraging around in your tent searching for the right top. You can just pick it up and go.

If you really want to keep your festival wardrobe to a capsule, think about just wearing denim and black or white, and then take a few accessories to add some colour in.

Always, always take layers to pile on for when the weather inevitably turns. Remember that festival raincoat


You’ll definitely want to take a bag or two with you to store any warm clothes, cool clothes, food and drink as you go. A fringed bag is always a good idea, although if you’re planning on taking a lot into the main arena then a rucksack might be better as you’ll be wearing it all day. Gotta watch that back…

If you can, go as simple as possible. I mean, the dream festival fashion bag situation is just a bum bag. Take the bare essentials, keep them close to you and keep them to a minimum – that way you have less chance of losing them.

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I love a good pair of sunnies. In fact they’re basically the sole reason I want to have laser eye surgery. Take a few pairs of sunglasses with you, they can totally transform your look quickly and easily.


Did you ever really go the festival if you didn’t put something ridiculous on your head? From flower crowns, to pirate hats, to trilbies – it’s fun to expand your festival fashion horizons with some headwear.

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