My two weeks in Cuba in 2013 has been one of my favourite trips, ever. It’s a place I’d always wanted to go and it definitely didn’t disappoint. So good for me, I’m going back!

This time it’s with my dearest mother. We’re going to drink Havana rum mojitos on the beach up in Veradero for a week and spend a day or two exploring the city too.

Chilling in Havana

My mum is very excited. She’s actually never flown longhaul before and is a bit nervous about the toilet on the plane flushing her down (seriously). I’ve explained to her that longhaul planes are a lot better than Ryanair and easyJet, And we’re flying with Virgin Atlantic anyway, who have nice planes with at least an inch of space. Hope it’s as good a plane as the one I flew to Montreal on – it was a new one with a really good version of Tetris on the entertainment system, had a great time!

Day trip to Havana

I’m excited to show her round the Havana I loved way back when, and to drive round the city in one of those cool cars. I’m also excited to do nothing as I plan to disconnect (Wi-Fi is rubbish in Cuba) and make the most of the beach and the fancy hotel we’re staying in. Maybe I’ll even make a start on one of those books I keep buying on my Kindle and never even getting round to downloading, never mind reading?

So yeah, that’s where I’ll be for the next week if you want me.

Hasta Luego!

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