What to Do in St Kitts for 7 Different Types of Traveller

If you’re wondering what to do in St Kitts, let me take you through the best things I did on the island for inspiration.

I found my seat on the plane leaving St Kitts Airport and crashed out. So out of it I even missed take off. Tired. 

There’s so much to do in a week in St Kitts that I’d say it’s the perfect Caribbean island for any type of traveller. The 7 days were packed – admittedly when I say ‘packed’ I did spend at least two afternoons lazing on the beach, and rum punches somehow flowed into my glass every day, but y’know, busy busy.

Horse riding St Kitts

St Kitts is the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation to recover from said adventure, and there are so many good options for food there’s no way you’ll go hungry on the island either. In fact, there’s every possibility it was the huge red snapper lunch at Boozie’s Beach Bar, followed by snacks in the airport’s private lounge (accompanied by Champagne) that comatosed me before the flight even set off.

Trying to describe everything I did in a week in St Kitts is going to take quite a few posts, but here are a just some of the tried and tested reasons why St Kitts would appeal to more than just the ‘beach lover’.

1. St Kitts for Arty Hipsters

If you’re any part hipster you need to check out the bar at Belle Mont Farm, but more on that under Luxe Lovers below. You’ll love it, seriously.

If the day’s too early for those kind of shenanigans visit mother and daughter team Leah and Rosey at The Gallery Café. Rosey’s legendary art gallery has incorporated Leah’s baking skills perfectly, to create this cute little cafe – the perfect spot in the Basseterre capital to relax with a carefully made brew.

I had an iced coffee sat at the counter while Leah told me about her life growing up on the island and prepared my Wahoo fish bagel. Her friend catches and smokes the Wahoo and she serves it up fresh off the boat. It’s kind of like smoked salmon but less greasy. I’m a fan, especially with the expert seasoning.

For lunch, seek out the Ital Creations strictly vegetarian roadside farm. Here you can pick up a healthy feast for around $10 – all of which is grown by these guys, Judah and Yaya Fari, right on the farm. This food was delicious, and honestly, try the smoothie, tastes incredible and is all good for you!

2. St Kitts for Luxe Lovers

View from Belle Mont Farm

If ever I were to become a famous writer who couldn’t walk down the street anymore, Hemingway style, then Belle Mont Farm would be where I’d hide out. The cottages and villas here are the ultimate in luxury. That pool there, that’s not a public one, it’s in the privately rented villa. Woah right?

Belle Mont Farm sprawls Kittitian Hill. From the distance you can see the properties cut into the mountain face, which when you’re there creates a beautiful space of privacy, separate from the other cottage and perfect to get some space. The ‘cottages’ I saw had infinity pools, huge beds, outdoor terraces, pull down projection screens as TVs and, my favourite, outdoor bathrooms.

Belle Mont Farm bar

The dining hall looked out over the whole of the east side of St Kitts, offering incredible views to enjoy a glass of Champers by, or rum punch.

I loved the bar here. A hipster haven with cool bar stools, exposed brick and a rim of radios above the bar. Creative.

3. St Kitts for Water Babies

St Kitts for water babies

The day we got the catamaran was definitely my favourite. Glenford and Sean from Blue Water Safaris took us out snorkelling, to a spot complete with a shipwreck where we saw a few fishies, and a turtle.

Then on we went to St Kitts’ partner dual island Nevis, where we added to the copious amount of rum cocktails consumed from the free bar on board with a Killer Bee, Nevis’ signature cocktail. It was a cool surprise to visit Nevis, on the journey back we cranked up the music volume and sat in the breeze of the boat, loving life.

Of course St Kitts has some stunning beaches too. For four nights we stayed on Timothy Beach at the Timothy Beach Resort where you could go sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, or just swim and sunbathe, like I did.

Reggae Beach was my favourite one though. It’s here that Laura from LittleTravelBee and I went jet skiing, which was awesome. It was such a good way to see the coast of the island and to thrash about with no one else out there to cause any bother. We were the only ones out there cruising Cockleshell Bay.

St Kitts Reggae Beach jet skiing

I’ve jet skied in Croatia, Australia and Florida now, but this jet ski felt studier than I remembered, and went a lot faster. I definitely made the most of it.

You could also do flyboarding here, I really wanted to give it another go, and some of the other guys went out in a glass bottomed kayak. They also offered paddleboarding – so much to do, so little time! 

4. St Kitts for Animal Aficionados

Animal Lovers in St Kitts

You can help save the turtles with Gary from the Sea Turtle Monitoring Network. Every night he goes out there from midnight to the early morning to help the loggerheads successfully nest. Every. Night. If you want to help a fellow turtle lover out you’re more than welcome.

St Kitts horse riding

I rode a horse in St Kitts, for the first time in about 20 years. Named Bento, he was a nice fella, bit like me in that he couldn’t go far without wanting to eat, but I soon got to grips with the fact I had to yank his head away when he tried. Really need someone to pull my reins like this.

Riding with Scott from Trinity Inn Stables was the perfect leisurely and lovely way to spend my last morning in St Kitts. We rode up to the High Mountain Rain Forest to get stunning views over the island.

5. St Kitts for Outdoorsy Types

St Kitts for every type of holiday lover

If you want to see the outdoors but don’t want to work for it the Scenic Railway is the perfect option. Board the train at one end of St Kitts and ride all the way to the other with commentary and stunning views for the whole two hours, oh and unlimited alcohol too.

I’d strongly recommend bringing ear plugs as they turn that commentary up loud for all the old folk from the cruise ships, and make sure to order your daiquiris every time she comes round. I only managed to fit two in as she was a bit slow. Just some friendly advice for you.     

Rainforest Walk in St Kitts

If you like your outdoors activities a bit more adventurous follow O’Neil around the rainforest. He knows everything there is to know about that place and will take you on a magical mystery tour. Spoiler alert: he might be pushing 60 but I bet he can climb that 25-footish tree faster than any of your group. Only two out of our group of 10 even tried it, I was forbidden. No faith.    

You can also go ziplining in the rainforest.

6. St Kitts for History Buffs

Exploring Brimstone Hill Fortress in St Kitts

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park was the first stop on our St Kitts tour. And it was the perfect choice as you get cool views and you get to learn a little history about how St Kitts was established, protected and ran back in the day.

Of course, like most countries, the history is a little murky. Keeping it brief and on point, Brimstone Hill Fortress was built by slaves over 100 years. The site was once left to disrepair but the government stepped in to redevelop it as a dedication to the enslaved who made it what it was. There’s a museum there showing how life once was, and cannons lining the fortress too.

7. St Kitts for Sun Worshippers

Palm Court Gardens St Kitts

Palm Court Gardens had one of the best pool views I’ve seen, over Basseterre Bay. I would’ve loved to spend the day relaxing by the pool and drinking iced coffees here, sadly only managed an hour, but next time.

I loved this statue too, I’d like to think it looks a bit like me. Kind of.

St Kitts Timothy Beach

The beaches in St Kitts are of course, beautiful, but what I liked was that they’re so varied too. St Kitts is on top of a volcano so some beaches are black while others are the white sand you’d think of with the Caribbean.

If you wanted to laze about for a week on the beaches of St Kitts then you definitely could, but if you’re interested in more than just the sand and sea then I hope I’ve inspired you to explore the island more!

What to do in St Kitts

I’m guessing that when you think ‘St Kitts’ you’re thinking ‘beaches!’, ‘rum!’, ‘sun!’

Yep, spot on, but oo there’s a lot more to the Caribbean island than that.

I’ve made a video on what to expect from St Kitts, so you can decide whether it’s the paradise for you. Go on, click play.

Rough subtitles, for if you’re more of a reader than a watcher. You’re welcome.

“Life in St Kitts is chilled. Island time means there’s no need to rush for anything.

This, known affectionately as Piccadilly Circus, is as busy as it gets on the island.

Instead of rushing around, in St Kitts you can spend your days being as adventurous or as chilled as you like.


Zip lining in St Kitts

You can get your thrills from the zip lining, or the watersports on Reggae Beach. Jet skiing was incredible.

Enjoy a unique view of the shoreline of St Kitts and take a speedboat out to the nearby island of Nevis. You can have a drink while you’re there, and on the way.

Or see the lush island from the comfort-ish of a saddle.

Too much action?

St Kitts beaches

Well of course there are always the beaches. Look out for signs of the turtles on the sands, or relax on a lounger listening to the waves come in and out. And of course, make the most of the beach side bars.

Arts, crafts and nature lovers will find plenty to do at the Wingfield Estate, with batik workshops, history and lots to look around. You can also buy a rum to drink while you admire the view.

If you’re looking for somewhere cool to stay, that’s a little bit luxurious too, check out Belle Mont Farm. Timothy Beach Resort has apartments right by the water. While the Ocean Terrace Inn has amazing views over Basseterre, the capital city.


Boat trip in St Kitts

The scenic railway is one of the best ways to see the island. Two hours of exploration on an old train, complete with as much as you can drink from the on board bar. Two hours of dramatic views, and unlimited rum. Perfect afternoon!

You can learn more about the St Kitts rainforest with a guided tour.

You can taste some of the freshest lobster Kittitian dollars can buy, or laze by the pool at places that look like this.

There are some incredible views in St Kitts, whether it’s the satisfying view of the sands, what you can see from your hammock, a pool, another epic viewpoint, or your next rum drink being poured.

And if you want to finish your holiday to St Kitts in style,  and you’re really feeling fancy, check out the YU Lounge at St Kitts Airport. They have an executive wing, plus VIP check in, and a lift in a Mercedes right to the aeroplane door.

That was an experience I won’t forget!”

I was in St Kitts as an ambassador the tourist board and so all activities were sponsored. I’ll always give an honest opinion though. Promise. 


  1. Thank you for some ideas on what to do in St. Kitts. We will be going there next week and we will definitely check out a few of your suggestions. This was very helpful. Thanks

    1. Ah yes I did the ziplining – great fun! I’ll have to save the ATV excursion for next time 🙂

    1. There’s an amazing offer on right now with BA. If you fly from London you can get a week there with flights and accommodation for less than £600. Check it out!

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