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Cool Blogs About Glastonbury from the Interwebs

Glastonbury Festival started in 1970 with humble beginnings. Held the day after Jimi Hendrix died, “word got around” and it grew into a two-day cultural phenomena. It’s now one of the most influential music festivals of all time, every year.

Glastonbury is now an epic 5-day journey that it pays to be prepared for. Here’s what the internet has to say about the festival to help you prepare for an awesome Glastonbury next year.

A bit of country

The music at Glastonbury is legendary and old Micheal Eavis always tries to get a good mix in there. This year it’s Kontroversial Kanye, but last year it was the legend that is Dolly Parton. Check out the Huffington Post to view her live performance of Jolene. That outfit. Only Dolly could pull that glitzy number off.

Celebrity fashion

The slebs love Glasto. Cheating their way to look good with their winnebagos and VIP area. I’d love to give it a try: one day. The Elle UK blog reviewed the celebrity festival trends and style that went over and above the usual shorts and wellies. Use the inspiration!

– My Top of the Cheap Festival Fashions

Surviving Glastonbury

Festival Glastonbury

It can be a challenge to stay clean at Glastonbury every year. Knowing how to find a spot to use the restroom, what you do when it rains, how much to pack, and other survival necessities are constant considerations. The Western Daily Press have compiled 13 tips to survive the mud and still enjoy the festival.

That’s assuming you’ve already checked out my Glasto survival tips?

Packing for Glasto

I’ve written the definitive Glastonbury packing list, no need for anyone else.

Glasto toilets

Noisy reviewed the toilet conditions at Glasto. Fair warning, this post is grim, but it does offer a glimpse into what you might encounter should you go. “Chewbacca chunks” made me lol, or at least smile a little.

Blog posts about GlastonburyEat like a king

Ah, now here’s a topic I haven’t covered yet. I do remember eating an incredible salt beef bagel at Glastonbury, totally hungover. Nothing else really stands out though to be honest.

Apparently Glastonbury has some pretty epic food choices. Don’t remember. The guys over at Sabotage Times have the lowdown on all things food at Glastonbury and what to bring with you. Check out this article from for even more Glasto food detail from 2014.

Best food at Glastonbury

Crump Eats is run by a London native and she knows here stuff. Here she gives insight into some of the most excellent food options available at Glasto, prices and all.

Best Food for Festivals


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