Top 5 Cheapest Destinations to Travel in 2020

I’m here to help you with the cheapest places to travel in 2020, to help your travel budgeting and holiday inspiration for next year.

Money is usually the biggest thing that stops us travelling as much as we want to, along with commitments and work of course. I can’t help there, but I can help with highlighting some of the cheapest places I’ve travelled to over the last few years. 

Travel doesn’t have to be super expensive though, you just need to book your trips wisely and do your research on where you’re going. Japan, Dubai, the USA and Monaco are out the window, but look where else you can go with your hard earned cash.

If you’re looking for a cheap holiday, then have a look at these suggestions.

Cheapest Places to Travel in 2020

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Cheapest place for skiing…. Bansko, Bulgaria

cheapest place to travel bansko

I’ve been to Bulgaria before, to the capital Sofia. It was cheap, I loved the price!

So, in January I’m going back to Bulgaria, to Bansko, as it’s well known as one of the cheapest places to ski, IN THE WORLD.

I’ll be skiing down the northern slopes of the Pirin mountain, and enjoying cheap Rakia as I go. 

Let’s look at the stats, and the prices you can expect to pay in Bansko in 2020. 

3-day lift, skis, boots and poles: €132 / £113

Beer: €2 / £1.50

Average medium priced meal: €5 / £4.50

8/10 hotel accommodation per night: £8 each, absolute bargain!

Cheapest return flight from London, a month from now: go to Sofia, from Stansted from £39!

You can look for the cheapest flights on JustFly. Just click through to check the prices. 

Cheapest place for sightseeing… Lucknow, India

cheapest places to travel 2020

I loved Lucknow in India. I had a hectic trip, as I only had a day, but you could totally spend a few days exploring more of the city. There are so many beautiful old buildings to explore, which only charge a few rupees to get in, or even free. 

The building in the pic was free to get in, and was stunning inside. 

I’ve found the top sights in Lucknow for your travels here, I’d recommend at least three days. A visit to Lucknow would be a great addition to any northern India tour. And in general, India is cheap for us Brits anyway. 

Rough attraction cost: Less than £2

Beer: £1

Average medium priced meal: £3

8/10 hotel accommodation per night: £7 each, bargain!

Cheapest return flight to Lucknow from London, a month from now: Go to Delhi for around £350ish, and then it’s a £30 flight from there.

Cheapest place for extreme sports… Pokhara, Nepal

cheap places to travel

Pokhara in Nepal is definitely one of my happy places. It’s also one of the best cheapest places to travel in 2020.

The area is popular with backpackers and wellness aficionados, as well as extreme sports lovers. You can do activities here that would cost you a fortune elsewhere. 

Pokhara is also known as the gateway to the Annapurna mountain range, including Everest. It’s where many treks begin, and is based around the wonderful Lake Pokhara.

I loved how cheap it was Pokhara. Check out my guide to the prices in Nepal here, and you’ll see what great value Pokhara is.

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Pokhara is also the most popular place for doing an Everest helicopter ride and you can make your way up there in just xxxx, saves on the hike!

One of my biggest travel regrets is not doing the hand gliding off Pokhara. I totally should’ve but was feeling skint at the time, after having to pay twice for my India visa. This is one of those once in a lifetime experiences, you just have to do. Go to Pokhara, and do it, for me! 

Also, the hike up to the Peace Pagoda is amazing too. Aaannnnnd I’ll stop, but check out my top things to do in Pokhara to give you a better idea of why I think Pokhara is one of the best cheap places to go in 2020.

Rough hang gliding cost: £50 for 30 minutes

Beer: £1

Average medium priced meal: £3

8/10 hotel accommodation per night: £2!

Cheapest return flight to Pokhara from London, a month from now: Go to Kathmandu for around £500ish return, and then it’s a £140 flight from there, or you can take a bus, which is way cheaper, like I did.

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Cheapest place for city feels… Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

top things to see in Ho Chi Minh City

I love Vietnam. I’ve written a lot about Vietnam on this blog, just because I’ve spent almost two months there, and love how different and exciting it is. It was also the first place I went in Asia and so will always hold a special place in my heart. 

There’s so much to see for free or super cheap in Ho Chi Minh City. The palaces are only a few pounds to get in, and even just walking the streets is wonderful. Food and drink is great value, and getting around the rest of Vietnam is cheap and easy too.

If you want an interesting and cheap place to visit in 2020, I can’t recommend Vietnam enough.

Check out my awesome two-week itinerary for Vietnam to give you more ideas of just what you can do with a few million Vietnamese Dong (you’re a millionaire with £40 here) and two weeks of your time.


How Much Will I Spend in Ho Chi Minh City

The Ultimate 7 Day Itinerary for Vietnam

Rough attraction cost: £2-4ish

Beer: £1

Average medium priced meal: £2

8/10 hotel accommodation per night: £5!

Cheapest return flight to Ho Chi Minh City from London, a month from now: Fly to Ho Chi Minh City direct for around £400ish.

Check out my video about what to see in Ho Chi Minh City

So much of it is free!

Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more travel inspo too

Cheapest place for beach life… Siargao, Philippines

Me in Siargao

For the ultimate in empty paradise beaches, beach huts and incredible waves to surf, then Siargao in the Philippines is your one. The Philippines has become more and more popular over the last few years but  Siargao even more so thanks to the palm trees, easy living and Instagram ready backdrops.

I went in 2017 and loved what good value it was, and just how much you got for your money. Also, there’s plenty to do for free as its all beaches and outdoor living. You really don’t need to spend much in Siargao to have a great time. 

Whether you’re there for the surfing, or just for the beach chill, then I’d totally recommend you hire a moped to get you around, and to explore more of the island. Top tip for you there. 

Check out my video about what to see in Siargao

So much of it is free!

Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more travel inspo too

Beaches: free! 

Beer: £1

Average medium priced meal: £3

8/10 hotel accommodation per night: £10!

Cheapest return flight to Siargao from London, a month from now: Fly to Cebu for around £560ish, and then get a flight to Siargao.

Budget travel for 2020

Saving money on travel

I’d recommend you start saving now for your 2020 holidays.

Budget, make a separate holiday account, and keep a pic of your dream destination as your phone or computer screensaver. Choose somewhere that’ll give you an incredible experience for your money.

You can do this!

cheapest places to go 2020

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