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7 Brilliant Christmas Present Ideas for Travellers

Travellers, they’re notoriously difficult to buy for. Most of them are trying to minimise their possessions not add more to the pile. Some travellers might even have hippy ideals about not having any presents at all – but what kind of a Christmas is that?!

“It’s all about experiences, maaaan.”

Christmas Presents

Having said that, there are a few essential possessions below that no one, home bod or traveller, could shake their head at. Including me. If you need my address, just shout.

1. Flip Flops!

It had to be number one, of course. But don’t just get any old flip flop, take a look at Gandys flip flops. The guys who created these, Rob and Paul, were caught up in the tsunami in Sri Lanka on Boxing Day 2004, along with their parents. Their mum and dad managed to get their younger siblings up high before both both parents were washed away by the waves. At 13 Rob managed to pull Paul, 11, out of the way and the four children survived. It was the last time they saw their mum and dad.

They wanted to create something to help other people affected by that day and set up the Gandys social enterprise. I met Paul at Blogstock in August and he was a really sound guy who just wanted to help the charities they’ve gone on to support. Forget the Havianas, give the gift of Gandys this Christmas and not only will you make someone flippy floppy happy when they open them, you’ll also make someone’s life better when the money clears. They’re also 3 for 2 right now. Find out more about Gandys flip flops here.

Christmas presents

2. Tinggly gift experience

If your loved one is travelling in some far off land, a Tinggly gift is a great idea. Worth €100 the giftee can choose whatever they want to do from a list of hundreds of experiences around the world. They could spend some time in an ashram in India, go swimming with Thresher sharks in the Philippines or even check out a samurai course in Japan. The best thing about this present is that they don’t have to physically be there for you to give it. On your Christmas Day Skype chat just send them the link, and watch them read it and weep with joy.

Christmas presents

3. Scratch off map

Last year my mum bought me this Luckies Scratch Off Map, which I love, but I haven’t actually scratched anywhere off yet. It’s waiting for me to have some sort of fixed abode to keep it in.

If the traveller in your life has still managed to keep an address and a full passport, this is a great idea to keep them inspired.

Bargain piece of artwork at £15ish too.


Opens in a new tab so you can save it for after you’ve read through all these great gift ideas for travel bloggers.

4. Go Pro and accessories

I was lucky, and skilled, with my entrance form and I won a Go Pro back in October, from Papua New Guinea UK. I’m a finalist for their blog ambassador competition and have been sent a Go Pro to see what I can do.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on it as I’ve been away but I had a go with a friend’s the other day when we were snorkelling and it was so cool. I loved the footage and photos I got and can’t wait to get my hands on it when I get back. Today I’ve ordered myself a few little accessories to go with it, including a head strap, a selfie stick, extra batteries and a case to put it all in.

Ooo I’m going to make some awesome videos next year!

5. Packing cubes

Christmas presents for travellers

If your beloved traveller is about to go off on their expeditions, packing cubes are a great idea. I spotted someone in Belize with these and have since ordered myself some. It helps to organise and categorise your possessions so that you’re not pulling everything out of your backpack in order to find a certain something. A bit like a travelling wardrobe, if you like. Very useful and these ones are only £7.99.

6. Speaker

I’ve also bought myself a speaker today. This one in fact. My old one that I had for over five years was bought out for every occasion but since decided to pack up. When there’s a group of you using the laptop or you’re getting ready to go out I like to be able to play the tunes loud, so say hello to my little friend. Comes in all different colours and it’s a reat price for all the positive reviews too!

7. Good quality beauty stuff

I’ve never been that into beauty and hair and make up and all that, but I’ve just spent over £100 on stuff to take with me on my travels next year. Not sure if it’s my age or what, but I just want to be able to put the good stuff – basically Dermalogica and Kerastase – on my hair and face. The better the quality of the product, the less you need, so the less space it takes up and the longer it lasts. That’s how I justify the splurge anyway. I reckon the traveller in your life would love a good moisturiser and conditioner.

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What’s top of your list for Santa this Christmas then? Anything good?

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