5 Cool Things I Want to Do in Iran (oka Persia)

Did you know Iran was once known as Persia?

Simply, ‘Iran’ is ‘Persia’, in Persian. It changed in 1935, apparently because of the Iranian ambassador to Germany, who came under the influence of the Nazis. I’ll let you read more about the name change here. Sounds very political for me to understand, let alone explain.

Persia, or Iran, is in my top 5 of countries I’d like to visit right now. Azure Collection have asked me to think about the lost countries I want to visit, and Persia definitely tops it.

Things to see in Iran

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Those countries that once were, but have now been given a different name. Ceylon to Sri Lanka, Abyssinia to Ethiopia, Hawaii into Hawaii (but as part of the US), Siam to Thailand – it’s kind of fascinating really.

Might be a weird thought but it’s also interesting, logistically, to think of all the stages that go into a country changing its name. How does that even start. What about all the maps of the world? Now dated.

So out of all the countries that have gone through a name change, here’s why I’d choose Persia – or now Iran – as my trip of choice.

5 Cool Things I Want to Do in Iran

Cool things to do in Iran

1. Visit the Nasir ol-Molk Mosque

Mosque in Iran

The light streaming through the windows of the Nasir ol-Molk Mosque is such an iconic image of Iran, I feel like it’s used in all the marketing. And it totally works on me. I want a photo of the moody inside with its colourful windows. Also known as the Pink Mosque it’s one of the most photographed in Iran.

2. To road trip the Chalus Road

The pictures from the Chalus Road in Iran totally make me want to go. Up in the north of the country the steep roads snake down the mountainside, there are tunnels carved in solid rock, and natural springs to fill up your water from.

3. Go shopping at the markets

Shopping at Iran Markets

The markets of Iran look amazing. Whether it’s Tehran, Shiraz, or somewhere smaller and more intimate I’d love to go and spend a few Iranian Rials. Spices, headscarves, rose water, precious stones, and yay, a Persian carpet. Everything you need to really show off that you’ve been to Iran.

4. Party / sleep in the Varzaneh desert

Apparently this is where the Iranians come to party, right in the middle of the desert. Of course I’d like to do that but I’d also like to sleep under the stars. It’s one of the most remote parts of the city

5. To eat!

Cafes in Iran

Iranian food looks amazing. So many breads, and dips, and sauces. I want to try it all. Kebabs, eggplant, rice – these are a few of my favourite things. I think I could definitely get along with the Iranian way of life when it comes to food. Did make me a bit sad to find out they were no longer making Shiraz wine in Shiraz, but I’m sure I’ll find something else to occupy my tastebuds.

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