Day 4 and I’m the Sanctuary Chef

Getting into the rhythm of the place today, although not the early mornings. Massively proud of myself for cooking a vegan dinner for 11, as I may have mentioned on my Facebook page

6am Wake up feeling rough as. No meditation for me. Sleep is my sanctuary.

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7:30am Get up. Sleepwalk to yoga on the roof terrace. Feel long, lean and ready for the day after.

The Sanctuary outside

8:30am Was told to do 5 minutes on the mini trampoline a day. Gets your body going. Or something more scientific that went in one ear, out the other. Do it to Olive, You’re Not Alone. Tune. Definitely got me revved for the day.

9am Another smoothie. I heave. Manage to hide it. Last to finish.

10am Use the hot box, as I like to call it. You sit in it, face out, turn it on, and it’s like a mini sauna. Or like you’re a child robot. Love it. Blast out some Jessie Ware tunes in the bathroom and sit for 20 minutes.

10:30am Enema Part II. Feel good after. Not so much at the time. Emotional stuff, sticking a tube up your bum.

1:30pm Spent two hours helping to create a vegan lunch for 11. Actually really enjoyed it and learned how to make healthy sauces that are 100% natural. That can replace my ketchup love. Maybe.

2:30pm Escape to the beach.

3pm Booked a surf lesson for tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back into it. On the way to the surf shop caught another of my fellow Sanctuary-ers tucking into a taco. Busted! Wouldn’t tell on her. Or make her feel bad. Just happy with the smug feeling inside.

5:45pm Another meditation on the roof terrace. As soon as they start I itch, I fidget, I wriggle and a million thoughts come into my mind. I don’t think a meditative life is for me.

7:30pm Dinner. Leftover veggies. Only 5 of us tonight. Quite nice actually to get to chat like normal, rather than about Radical Forgiveness, or some other crazy motion.

8pm Watch a documentary about raw food. Was actually interested to see it but turns out it’s just some annoying dude’s home video about his kids. Keeps using the same shots and gets all agro about what other people eat. Would hate to know him. Or be like him. Definite turn off.

9pm Had enough. Go to bed.

10pm-1am Another night of not sleeping. Nightmares. Itching. Thoughts of scorpions and their pincers, although someone here told me the effects are hallucinogenic, could be interesting. I lie in wait.



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    Great posts!

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