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I’ve Bought a House!

Woohoo! Adulting at its finest!

And a happy birthday to meeeeee – well, that’s not till next week but the celebrations start today, seeing as I’VE BOUGHT MYSELF A HOUSE as a little present this year. Yeah, went all out.

It’s a little terraced beauty in Southsea, just a touch further away from the sea (as in a mile) that I am now, but it’s ALL MINE.


Back in July I suddenly decided that the time had come, and I wanted my own place to do my own thing. I kinda alluded to it in that 10 Things to Do When You’re Left Behind post, and so started the motions of looking at places.

I didn’t get very far as my new home was only the second place I looked around.

Lurrrrved it.

Wanted it.

Got dad down to check it out.

Put an offer in.

Got a ‘nahhh mate’.

Put another one in.

Had it accepted.

Waited FOREVVEERRRR for the solicitors.

Didn’t think I’d get a mortgage as a self employed freelance travel blogger.

But now I’m a homeowner.

And I’ve got those responsibilities you hear so much about.

And I lived happily ever after.


I’m ever so slightly paranoid about security and as the listing is still up I don’t want to show off a real picture just yet. Safety first, security second. This is the level of decor we’re dealing with though.

I’ve got vision.

My home belonged to Phyllis, so I’ve learned from the never-ending documentation. She lived in it her WHOLE life. I like that. What that means though is that right now it looks like something from the 50s. Artex ceilings, carpet patterns to make your eyes bleed, wallpaper five rounds thick, much of it peeling off, dark squares where pictures were hung, polystyrene ceiling tiles, a serving hatch going from the kitchen to the lounge (height of 50s sophistication), and it’s never had the internet installed. I KNOW! First job.

‘In need of modernisation’
– my estate agent.

Plans for MY NEW HOME

So, it’s down to me to pimp that place up. Bring it right into the 2017s, or 18s. I’m gonna rip up all the carpets (spotted some sexy floorboards underneath last time I was there), flick off the perilous polystyrene ceiling in my room and set up VickyFlipFlopTravels HQ ASAP.

FG Properties


Well excited to gut the place and start again, although, when I say that, the current budget for the entire redecoration stands at around £250. So, it’s going to be a slow but satisfying process. Second hand furniture shops are now my favourite hang outs.

I’ve got the home decor Pinterest boards on the go to sort my plans, ideas and inspiration. I’m thinking ‘Coastal Villa meets Scandinavian meets Industrial meets the Outdoors meets My Travels’ – all in two bedrooms, an office, a lounge, kitchen, dining room and conservatory.

Totes emoshe

It feels weird that it’s mine, that I’m now a home owner. A few years ago I was ready to buy a house, documentation all in, and then life happened and I ended up going travelling for three years instead. Much better decision. When I moved to Southsea in March 2017, buying a house here was in the plan, but I wanted to actually live here first, to see if I even liked it and to see which areas I could imagine myself in.

As you know, I blummin love Southsea.

Update in March


NEVER, did I ever, ever, imagine that setting up my blog over 5 years ago would give me the means to buy a house, by myself. I’ve been hoarding the cash away for the last few years, until the time was right, and now I have my own little piece of England to decorate and live in exactly how I want. And have friends round. And have BBQs. And decorate for Christmas.

So that’s it – my life as a digital nomad is firmly behind me, and the joys of owning a home are mine to reap!

And I’m going to be sharing alllll the updates here.

I’m about to go all ‘budget home decor’ on this blog…

MORE ADULTING: The Best Pension for Us Self Employed

I get the keys on Friday – woohoo!

Gilda Baxter

Monday 9th of October 2017

Congratulations! I will be looking forward to your renovation posts?


Tuesday 10th of October 2017

Thanks Gilda, I'm excited to have something to show you :) been busy this weekend though!


Saturday 7th of October 2017

Sounds amazing.

Be careful with the polystyrene tiles. My mum had me help her ripping ours off when I was a child, its only recently I've discovered asbestos might have been involved. Same wiith artex installed before the early eighties.

Adulting huh :)


Tuesday 28th of December 2021

@Vicky, ive just bought in southsea and its all artex ceillings:-/ How do i flick it off? is it hard work, how/what tools do i need?


Monday 9th of October 2017

So weird how people in the past did these weird things to their ceilings! Managed to get rid of 50% of them over the weekend. Off to do some more tonight! Just want them out of my house. I've had a really good weekend working on the house, but yeah, I can see how the novelty will wear off :).


Thursday 5th of October 2017

This is sooooo exciting! Congratulations!! Can't wait to come and visit! Talking of which Lucy and I are heading past Southsea in a couple of weeks... we might pop in for a cup of tea!


Thursday 5th of October 2017

Errr what the?! YES, you need to! When are you around? What are you doing down here? Isle of Wight? Please come and see me! :)


Thursday 5th of October 2017

Ahhhhh SO EXCITING!! I bet it was cheaper than buying in London too. Congrats!


Thursday 5th of October 2017

Haha, yeah! Just a little. Don't think I'd ever be able to afford to live in London. And now I don't have to! Thank you. Very excited to move in and make it my own :).


Wednesday 4th of October 2017

Amazing news Vicky!!! Massive congrats you adult you!

C x


Thursday 5th of October 2017

Thank you! I know, I feel like such a grown up with all these jobs to do and things to sort out. Good job I'm loving it. Can't wait to decorate!