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Ladies! Ever Considered Becoming a Ski Instructor?

When skiing first became a sport it was considered to be for men only, and women were encouraged to ice skate. 


ski instructors women

Fast forward to 2018 and the likes of Mikaela Shiffrin, Frida Hansdotter and Michelle Gisin are picking up gold medals for skiing and encouraging us ladies to pick up the poles too. I love a bit of skiing – nothing like it for an all day adrenaline rush.

If you’ve tried it, and enjoyed it, how about getting good enough to teach others to do the same? 

How about a season as a ski instructor? The industry has plenty of space for us ladies to get involved.

1. You’re in demand

According to research, each year the amount of women becoming powderhounds is rising and so are the selection of women-only classes and camps, like those at She Shreds in Mount Cain and the Backcountry Babes’ trips. That means resorts are on the look out for more female instructors, which means more choice of employment for you. You can really consider the area and type of resort you want to be based on, rather than settling.

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Check it out for more info on how to be a certified ski instructor.

2. So many travel opportunities

Anyone with wanderlust is always looking for ways of travelling that don’t mean having to work as a waitress all year round back home. Like a camp counsellor or holiday rep, becoming a ski instructor is another way to tick off a destination like Canada while earning at the same time. Once you’ve got your CASI levels 1 and 2, you can head to the likes of Whistler, Banff or Jasper to work the winter before hauling your now incredibly toned thighs around the rest of the country. Or, of course, New Zealand, Japan, the Alps or Antigua.

But judging from my recent trip to Canada, that’s where I’d go.

3. Great exercise

Ski instructors women

On that note, a season of non-stop carving, whether it be by coaching on the nursery slopes or the teaching the more skilled skiers on the blacks, means you’ll have a Beyonce level of toned thighs, and the bum muscles to go with them. 

4. The money

You can expect to earn from £10 an hour as a female ski instructor. And while that’s not exactly gonna keep you in Moet, food and accommodation are usually covered as part of the package. That means your pay can remain relatively untouched so if you stay away from the Apres, it is actually possible to save.

If you’d like to supplement your ski wage, side hustles like babysitting and bar work are potentially an option too.

Bluehouse Skis knows the industry quite well so check out their skiing guides and tips for more info. 

5. Safety for solo travellers

If you can’t convince your friends to go travelling and you’re planning to venture off alone, working as a ski instructor is a smart move. Although you’d technically still be travelling alone, with lots of other people doing the same job and starting at the same time, making friends is much easier and you feel a little safer.

Plus, if you choose Canada where English is widely spoken then you don’t have to contend with a language barrier.

6. The fashion

ski instructors women

Imagine being able to wear a comfortable onesie to work every day… well, as a ski instructor you could get one of those comfy all-in-ones, complete with retro colour combination.

Another added bonus? Stuffing your hair in a hat or under a helmet each day means you don’t have to worry about your tresses for months, and you’ll get an extra 10 minutes in bed.

7. Amazing office views

Waking up to Alberta’s Lake Louise, Quebec’s Mont-Tremblant or Ontario’s Blue Mountain every day in Canada, would be absolute dreams. Say hello to one serious Instagram upgrade.

8. Adventure

Canada is known for its epic alpine skiing, but it also has some other activities like heli-skiing, cat-skiing, and backcountry skiing. That means, aside from becoming the best teacher ever, you can also add a new ski-ll set to your repertoire (#lols).

9. Transferable skills

Italy skiing

Your family may be quick to point out that being a ski instructor sounds like a bit of a jolly, but arm yourself with this response and they’ll soon be on side. Communication, patience, time management and dedication are the crux of a ski instructor’s role and these are all transferable skills. Even with the easiest of clients you’ve got to be responsible and so when that reality alarm starts ringing and you have to enter the grown-up world of full-time employment, you’ve got some great interview content.

10. Respect

Add a ski season in Canada to your life history at social occasions, and you’ve got yourself some serious respect each time you drop that into conversation. Make that dream become a reality ladies! 

How to become a ski instructor
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Interested in becoming a ski instructor? It’s not actually as difficult or demanding as you may think. Generally speaking, you will have to participate in at least 4 weeks of training on an instructor course, before sitting an exam to gain your teaching certifications.

There are even instructor courses available which combine instructor training with guaranteed paid employment – these are known as ski instructor internships. The ski instructor internship program, operated by WE ARE SNO, is a great example of a all-inclusive instructor training course which will see you trained, qualified and employed as an instructor in a top class resort within your first winter. Each season hundreds of passionate skiers and snowboarders choose ski internships in Canada as a great way to travel, work and make friends.

To be eligible for a ski or snowboard internship, you need to have legal right to work in Canada (or be able to get a Canadian Working Holiday visa):

– Under 30 years old

– From UK, Ireland, Australia or other countries offered WHVs

– Have at least 3 weeks skiing experience

You wouldn’t need any previous teaching experience, but it helps.

Check out WE ARE SNO’s website to learn more.


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