So She Travels: The Podcast

So She Travels is the podcast for women who love to travel and want to hear from ‘ordinary’ and inspirational ladies who’ve managed to make adventure a big part of their lives.

You can expect tips on living as an ex pat, getting a job in travel, working as a tour guide, using travel to cope with grief, safety tips for women, toilets abroad, and travelling with babies. Also, how to travel solo when you’re in a relationship, budget travel, dating abroad and visiting traditionally ‘dangerous’ countries.

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So She Travels female podcast

So She Travels Podcast

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Podcast for women

– I wanted a podcast that talked to the most vibrant and interesting female travellers of today.

– One that gave the reality of what it’s like to travel as a women, the good and the bad.

– And that features advice for wannabe travellers on a budget, with achievable travel ideas that get us out as much as possible.

– With travel advice from women who work full time, who have children, who have responsibilities at home and who’ve overcome personal difficulties to get out there and travel.

So, I decided to make it myself.  

The Guest List

Women, Travel & Why We Should Go For It [PODCAST]

So, last episode of series 1 of the So She Travels podcast, before I start a busy summer of travel myself. I wanted to record a final episode for the series, with just some thoughts from the adventures and stories of the incredible women I’ve talked to these past few weeks. I’ve been totally inspired by everything I’ve heard, and after almost two mo[...]

How to Start a Travel Podcast in 28 Clear Steps

Back in February I started a travel podcast: So She Travels. I wanted to chat with some of the most interesting female travellers I knew, and encourage them to tell their story to inspire others to get more travel in their lives.I'd been wanting to start a travel podcast for a while – over a year in fact. For whatever reasons me starting the podcast neve[...]

'Dangerous Destinations' & Perceptions, with Becki Enright

Becki joins me on the So She Travels podcast to chat about visiting so called ‘dangerous’ places around the world. She's been to Palestine, North Korea and Iran, and is currently in Tibet. NORTH KOREA | ‘DANGEROUS DESTINATIONS’ | PERCEPTIONSShe's a travel blogger at and her whole ethos is to travel to change perceptions. Sh[...]

Plus Size Travel Tips, with Kirsty Leanne [PODCAST]

Kirsty Leanne is the number one blogger to turn to for plus size travel tips. She’s been a travel blogger since 2015 and is the founder of the #PlusSizeTravelToo movement. Kirsty’s just back from sunny Lanzarote and joined me to talk about what it’s like to travel when you’re plus size, and her top tips for choosing swimwear, and for travelling[...]

Travelling With Children, with Monica Stott

Prepare to be very jealous of Monica's campervan adventures in Australia with her partner Sam. They travelled the East Coast together for a few months, then worked on an island, driving, meeting people, partying in Sydney – and then working again. Honestly, it sounds like it was an amazing time in her life.Monica started her blog ov[...]

Tips for Travelling in a Couple with Karen Sargent

There's so much advice out there for any females travelling solo, but what about travelling in a couple? Karen and her husband Paul have travelled together for over 10 years, and got married in Italy last year. I wanted to know how they made all that work, if she had any advice for couple travellers and how they've learned to travel so well together. "One o[...]

How Many People Have Downloaded My Podcast?

A few people have asked me this. And the honest answer is: I don’t know.I have no idea how many people have downloaded an episode of So She Travels, or even subscribed.Sure, I could look it up and add them up from iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher but I don’t actually want to.It’s not obvious to see and I kinda like it that way.[...]

Ladies! Solo Hiking Tips, with Kathi Kamleitner

Kathi Kamleitner – from the Scotland travel blog – is one of the only women I know who does extended camping and hiking trips solo. So, I asked her on the podcast to see if she could convince us (me?) to take a hiking trip ourself. Listen (or read on) to hear her tops tips for anyone who wants to explore the world, or their country, by hiking [...]

Emily Luxton on Shy Travel, Latin America Advice & More [PODCAST]

Ok, we're getting into the swing of the So She Travels podcast now right?Have you ever known anyone inspired to travel by playing video games as a child? Well here's Emily Luxton. She's travelled to almost 50 countries and lived as a digital nomad for years. As well as utilising travel to overcome her extreme shyness – so shy she couldn't even or[...]

Wandering Quinn on Spiritual & Vegan Travel in India [PODCAST]

So, next up on the So She Travels podcast, I'm chatting with Ellie Quinn from the travel blog, WanderingQuinn.She quit her job in London to go travelling and spent her first four months in India. Following her Instagram Stories has been a fascinating insight into India life, so I wanted to ask her what it was really like to travel India for so long.A[...]

HeleninWonderlust on Africa, Tours & Volunteering [PODCAST]

Ooo the difficult second episode. Is it like the difficult second album?Not when I've got Helen in Wonderlust on board!One of my favourite bloggers / women / friends / people Helen agreed to come on the So She Travels podcast to give us her advice on the best of all things Africa. She's the founder and director of Rock My Adventure Tours – a small gr[...]

JayneyTravels on Her Career in Travel & Australia Advice [PODCAST]

Welcome to the new So She Travels podcast! Listen to the first(!) episode of the So She Travels podcast to hear travel blogger Jayne Gorman's journey from, 'I wasn’t that interested in a big rock' to recommending Uluru as one of the top 3 places to see in Australia. Three years living as an ex pat in the country seemed to have changed her mind! Jayne Gorma[...]

My New Podcast: So She Travels

So, did you see my little not so subtle announcement on Friday? I'm starting a podcast – exciting! I wanted a podcast that talked to the most vibrant and interesting female travellers of today.I’ve been searching for a travel podcast that stepped away from romanticising solo female travel and gave the cold, hard reality of what it’s really like t[...]

So She Travels Directory

Everything we’ve discussed on So She Travels so far…

Expat life, a career in travel, pregnancy, volunteering, leaving your job, hiking, periods, working full time, sustainable travel, vegan travel, zero waste travel, grief travel, shy travel, travel with young children, leaving the kids at home to travel, travel as a couple, responsible travel, plus size travel, travel to difficult destinations, travel confidence, body confidence.  

So She Travels podcast

Me doing my podcast

We won’t be over glorifying adventures, or travelling under someone else’s steam, but we are normal-ish women who’ve worked out how travel can feature more prominently in our lives.

Each week my guest and I will choose a destination, a few topics, and roll with it.

For this first series I’ll be talking to my favourite female travel bloggers, not about blogging, but their travels. And mainly, their travels before they became travel bloggers.

The next series, if there is one, who knows?!

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And once you’ve listened to the show, make sure to give the So She Travels Podcast a review on iTunes. It’d really help me out if I can get in the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section, which I’ve learned is the Holy Grail in the podcast world.

Do you know of anyone who’d be great for the podcast?

Someone who writes or speaks about female travel a lot and has some inspiring stories to tell? Let me know at [email protected] I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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