Songs about lions – what better way to get excited for my big trip to the Serengeti National Park in t-minus 24 days?

The Lion King is my most favourite film and story of all time. I remember going to see it –

Oh my god I just had to check the year and the release date, June 15 1994, is the exact date I’m going to Africa! I go on June 15 2012!

– at the cinema and have watched it hundreds of times since, including on Broadway, at the West End, and on 3D. I’m ridiculously excited to see Simba, Mufasa and the crew for real in the wild so I thought I’d put this little playlist together to celebrate some other folk who love lions as much as I do…

  1. Bruce Cockburn – Wondering Where the Lions Are
  2. Van Morrison – Listen to the Lion
  3. Bob Marley – Iron Lion Zion
  4. Tones on Tail – Lions
  5. The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  6. Elton John – Circle of Life
  7. Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers and Bears
  8. Dire Straits – Lions
  9. Gregory Porter – Be Good (Lion’s Song)
  10. The Doors – Lions in the Street
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